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Richmond ?  

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I live in Front Royal , Va and I am picking up 54 (12.1 12.2 12.3) NBC from Richmond . Signal varies on HD100 sony, usually 90 s with the ocasional 100 ! I m lookin to get CBS but little or no signal so far. Arnt they on the same tower ? Using a RS vu-190xr with 7777 booster. Tryed to pick up the Dc stations but cant even get a analog picture clear.

here is my dist info

between 38:52:31N 78:17:10W and 37:30:22N 77:30:12W, as the crow flies:
104 miles (167 km) (90 nautical miles) (WOW) Dc is only 57 miles from me that info is from Richmond to me .

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Welcome to the forum!!

Click here to view a long, ongoing thread that we've had about Richmond. It should answer most of your questions.

The quick answer is CBS is on the same tower, but they still consider themselves in the testing mode. The only time they are online is on the weeknights when their is primetime HD programming, and on the weekends if there is an HD event.
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Thanks for the welcome!! But does it seem posible that if I get NBC at this range can I get cbs , without moving ant ? Because with the way im pointed right now Im set for the super bowl on ABC from Richmond /Blacksburg but would realy like to see the CBS Championship game ?

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NBC 12 is on a different tower than CBS in Richmond. ABC, CBS, Fox and PBS will be on the same tower. Are you getting ABC - WRIC? I'm surprised your getting the signals so well from where you are. That's great.
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The ABC I am picking up is Richmond/ Blacksburg ? I think thats it . But its gone today ! ; ( Keep getting short sparatic signals for CBS so tonite Iwill get small TV and take it out side to see if I can pick it up ! I wanna see the FootBall game !!! ; )

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WRIC is Richmond/Petersburg. We have been having some troubles with our network HD equipment & they sent it out to get fixed before the Superbowl. If your getting WTVR in Richmond, they should be up for the game tomorrow. They have been trying to get the NFL games on it seems.
What kind of antenna setup are you using to pull in these signals?
-Michael Park
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The ant Im Using is a RS vu-190xr with 7777 booster . Get this, had it mounted on the chimney and got nothing . Right now it on a 6 ft pole sittin on the ground, duct taped to a fence and get average signal of 97 to 100% !!!! Im thinkin that maybe the aluminum chain link fence must be helpin with the signal because at 90 miles I shouldnt be gettin these signals. Im also at a verry low altitude because im only about 500 yards from the Shannendoah River. Still cant find CBS thou ! Damit ; (

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You may be getting some kind of weird bounce off the atmousephere. TV signals can do so weird things sometimes. I used to be able to get WWL TV from New Orleans here in Richmond on a consistent basis in a house we used to rent. It wasn't the best signal but it was watchable. I think your right about the chain link fence.

Have you figured out if ABC is WRIC from Richmond?
We will have the Superbowl on in HD.
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WRIC ABC HD is back online with the HD signal from ABC. The decoder arrived this morning and is now back inline and functioning properly.

Darrell Cheney
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Wric-creative yes it is ABC DT channel 22 . I also am gettting NBC dt channel 54 . I get the occasional drop outs , one every 10 min or so .
This even happens with the signal meter pegged at 100 % . Why does the NBC leave a small 1 inch black bar on the right side of the TV ? Wasnt the awards last nite supposed to be in HD .
Ive all but givin up on getting CBS and FOX . Cant even get a signal from either , althou I have seen a couple quick jumps on the bar at night time. Are they opperating at full power because if I remember right NBC is
at a lower power than CBS and FOX ?

I want to try the Channalmaster 4228 to see if it would be beter but got a feelin Id just be waisting my money . They are a lot less directional right ? Just find it hard to believe I can get ABC because it is further away than CBS from me right ? Maybe CBS is fibbin about power output ; (

Also my NBC analog looks terible with CBS channel 6 being the clearest
analog station I recieve (scratching head ) ?

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Last nite ABC was skipping frames , no pixel break ups just a studder everyonce in a while . Anybody else see it or is it just on my end ?

Pioneer 643 hd5
Sony HD100

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