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Random forward jumps  

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can anyone cast light on this.
I use zoom (2.90 rc2) with cinemaster 1.5 video and audio (waveout audio) - all filters updated from Sonic's website. I have what I think is a stable configuration with no obvious problems but on a few disks the player will skip forward maybe 5-10 minutes. It does it without warning or aknowledgement (in fact it's so seamless that on a film with a cruddy plot you might not notice a chunk was missing).

The event seems random, when I rewind and replay the part in question it plays flawlessly. Some disks don't seem affected at all.

It happened last night watching K19 (twice) and my feeling is that it is getting a bit more frequent.

Zoom 2.90 RC2 with sonic 1.5 filters
Win2000 SP2
Ati 7500 with 6025 drivers
RME digi 96/8 soundcard

any insight gratefully received

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Do these disks support active branching so that multiple versions of the same movie are on the same disk? I've had some experiences before where the branching data was misinterpreted and it would jump to the worng places.
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If you mean directors cuts etc, than not to my knowledge.
I did though wonder if it was something along those lines. As I say the jump can be quite seamless - no loss of audio signal no nothing. Its exactly like an edit.

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