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Ghost Trails on 503 CMX?  

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Anyone notice ghost trails while using progressive scan DVD playback through the component video inputs? Is this due to deinterlacers in the DVD and 503 CMX? I have the Pioneer 47Ai DVD player.
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Turn off digital NR. More specifically, turn it down from High or Medium to Low.

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Thanks this solved it.
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How does one disable the digital NR? Is this in the normal menus or in integrator mode?

I was playing around with Video Essentials last night, and noticed that to the right of white text I could see a ghost image of the actual text in an abutting black region. This is especially visible on the test patten for setting black levels. I'm pretty sure it's not related to the DVD player, because text that is derives from the panel itself (e.g., text in menus from Pioneer) does the same thing.

I couldn't get this effect to go away regarding of contrast and brightness settings.

By the way, I noticed the interlaced and progressive modes result in different brightness, contrast, color, and tint settings to get the same picture. I assume this is normal, but confirmation of that would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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This is a Pio 503CMX "feature". Whenever there is a solid color rectangle on the screen, you will get "whitening" bands to the left and right of it.
Power is applied to horizontal rows of pixels. If there is a dark object which takes up a lot of that row, the adjacent pixels get an oversupply of the current - hence adjacent whiter whites. I called it a power regulation problem, but a Pio engineer says it is "normal" for Pios. I only notice it when websurfing or when there is a big central scorebox during sports. You can see it clearly if you use a PC and open MS Paint. Start with a 1280x768 white image and put colored rectangles in the middle. a Black rectangle will demonstrate the effect quite well. Look carefully at this image from my 503 with a MS Paint image displayed.
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Yep, that's it. So can it be fixed? It sounds like the answer is no from your message.

Thanks again!
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Is it only Pioneer plasmas that suffer from this problem? My 433MXE has it bad, I consider it to be probably the most distracting picture artifact present. I knew to expect it - the problem was noted by the first 503 owners.
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I've tried to look for it on other brands, but I haven't seen it. Attached is a zipped 1280x768 test jpeg. Bring up this jpeg on your plasma and see if the white is consistent everywhere on your screen or if the colored bands affect the white in adjacent areas. The effect is that the plasma looks very similar to the ghosting on passive matrix lcd screens.

Pioneer engineering is aware of the problem, but they told me they do not intend to address it on current or future models. So who knows. It is not all that annoying unless you are watching for it. Howard

ps- resize the jpeg to 848x480, 1024x768, 1366x768 etc depending on your plasma's native res...


piotest.zip 3.919921875k . file
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