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Originally Posted by steveken View Post

Wouldn't it be easier in the long run and a good investment to just buy all those old shows you like on DVD? Gotta figure after all this time they are cheap. Either that or just find them on the Internet somewhere and download them.

Therein lies the problem. Most of them were licensed for broadcast only. In order to release them on home video or streaming, they need to secure the permission of all the stars of the shows receiving residuals. I read that doing so is a tedious and costly process, and that is assuming the star agrees to let it be released at the same per subscriber residual rate. Its all about the money.

Besides that, I am lazy. I dont want to sit here and figure out that I might want to watch a Brady Bunch episode, then figure out which one, then try to figure out which streaming service has them, then switch over, and log on. Id rather just set the DVR to record the last 10 episodes of the shows I like, and when I feel like watching, hit the list button, and pick one.

Yea, the content is all probably out there somewhere. I'm just to lazy to look for it.

In a perfect world, we would have a full power station, running 4 or 5 full bandwidth 480p channels, and carry all of them. MeTV looks SO much better (DVD quality) on C band compared with the subchannel on the local.

I am really kind of surprised after all this time, that none of the locals (especially those like channel 42, or one of the religious broadcasters, hasnt picked up the G rated, family friendly AntennaTV.
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What do you think of the new TiVo Roamio? I think the name sucks, but the specs of the box sound real nice compared to the premiere I have. smile.gif
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Well, other than the speed (which is ok on my 4 tuner box), the only thing I can see that would entice me, is the fact they store the OS on flash now, so you can just drop a new large hard drive in it, and it formats and uses it. As for apps, I have plenty of boxes that do apps. Might upgrade if they allowed you to transfer lifetime from box to new box, but at $499, on top of the price of the box, I dont see anything all that exciting. Hell, they STILL dont have the HD GUI completed on the Roamio, let alone, the Premiers. And with the base unit, it offers a CHOICE between OTA and cable...one or the other. The 6 tuner versions dont have OTA at all.
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I can say for certain that I would thoroughly enjoy the speed increase on the new boxes. This damn Premiere that I have is dog slow at times. ESPECIALLY when anyone in the family makes the mistake of trying to use Netflix through it instead of through the Roku 3. Man, that thing takes FOREVER to do anything when that happens. LOL Luckily, we have all learned our lesson there. The speed just to pull up a recorded show is extremely slow as well. I wish there was a shortcut to go straight to it instead of having to go back to the main menu first. That would at least cut off a couple seconds wait.

I didn't know about it storing the OS on flash in the new ones. That is a really cool feature sure to speed it up. And I really like the idea of it handling the new hard drive on its own. The blessing and what-not of a new drive now is a major pain in the butt. I am glad the only time I had to do it was back on my DirecTiVo box years ago.

I agree about the apps. That is just a gimmick for the folks who don't know better. smile.gif Yeah, I can't believe they haven't gotten around to finishing the HD GUI either. That is just insane! They have had plenty of time to get that done!

I can say with almost complete certainty that you will NOT be allowed to transfer a lifetime sub over to a new box. If you were able to, I would definitely move it from my Series 2 to my Premiere. Man, I really need a new Premiere in the bedroom to replace that dinosaur. It really sucks how it has to work now with the DTA on it. Plus, I am tired of having to pay the $1.99 now for the DTA just to be able to use it. Plugging in RCA's from the RNG-110 next to the TV makes for a lot of flagged content if we ever decided to move content around. Just isn't worth the hassle.

I really like the OTA AND cable options on the base Roamio. That is the one I would get anyway. I have been thinking more and more lately about cutting the Comcast parasite that is their TV service. I am glad my HDHomeRun Prime and my Premiere have the ability to do OTA recordings if I were to do that. It would really suck to have sunk all that money into those devices just to have them be doorstops. Plus, it would give me an excuse to actually use the two tuners in my Windows box as well if I went OTA. I just don't feel like the hassle of setting them up in Media Center if they will have to run off a different source. Maybe it would be fine, I dunno. I just haven't gone through the hassle yet. With the amount of TV I get from other sources, though, I really wonder what the point of having any DVR's at all is. I really don't use them much at all anymore. Content for me is just too easy to get online anymore.
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You must not watch a lot of sports. Cable/satellite and a DVR is a must have if you want sports.
Now for run of the mill old programs, documentaries, nature shows, and reality tv...Im guessing
you could find enough of that to fill your day on OTA and streaming....at least until Comcast starts
enforcing their bandwidth caps smile.gif
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I only really watch the Cardinals games on channel 95 as far as sports goes. Considering the low quality SD resolution of it, it wouldn't be that big of a deal to use my Cardinals Nation membership and just listen to it online via gameday audio. OR, better yet, there is a website you can go to that has ALL the games that are playing each day linked on it so you can watch it in your web browser. The quality is about equal to what is on channel 95, so it is about a wash there. smile.gif And I really don't need a DVR for watching sports. I don't do a whole lot of pausing or rewinding. I just hit mute when the commercials come on. smile.gif And who said anything about streaming? smile.gif That takes up a LOT more data than how I get my shows. smile.gif I will admit, though, that my cap is met and sometimes exceeded by the way I go about doing things. It wouldn't take me much, though, to curtail what I do to fall within their limits if and when they start enforcing it again.
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Just to show how quick we can fall out of the tech loop...

Tonight when a barge ran into the I-30 river bridge, and all 3 downtown bridges were closed, I turned on the scanner.
Realizing I didnt have the State Police programmed into it, I went about entering the frequencies listed for them, but
found it didnt pick up squat.

A little research shows me they moved to a system called AWIN, which is APCO25 compliant (whatever that is), and is now digital.

Checked a few links, and found a new scanner to pick them up would cost about $500 after accessories like the programming cables, and a subscription to the programming web site. WOW.
Turned on my android phone, downloaded a free scanner app, and was listening in 3 minutes. How things change.
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Dave, refresh my memory, isn't there a way to take your DirecTV box down to a previous version of firmware? Specifically an HR25-100 that has bad 0736 firmware. Not mine, but someone I know on Twitter.
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*IF* the version on the box is a beta, then downloading outside of the beta window will reinstall the current national release.
If its currently on the national release, then there is no way to go backwards to the previous version, only install a beta with the next version being worked on.
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Oh, well, crap. I was hoping there would be a way to force it back. I take it the 0736 is national, or do you know? Anyway, the box in question hasn't been working right for 9 days now and the DirecTV folks haven't been much help.
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736 is national. If he can do it in the next 2 hours, he can download 0779 beta.

This site lists what is currently being sent out: http://www.redh.com/dtv/
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Turns out there is a bug in the latest firmware on DirecTV receivers if you have a Sonos. And of course DirecTV refuses to stop sending out the firmware until the bug is fixed.
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He cant use the TV speakers until Friday when he can download the next beta?
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I don't think he wants to do beta downloads. I think he is more wanting DirecTV to own up to the problem and actually do something about it.
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Well...that it what the beta program is for. He downloads it, and reports if it fixes his issue
. If it doesn't then they can work on it. If no one tests it, the next version might have the same issue. Just what on his speaker doesn't work?
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Anyone know besides ESPN3 online, what channel and/or satellite feed I can find the Razorback football game on tomorrow afternoon?
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The only time I know about things like that is when Comcast leaves one of those annoying PPV messages on my RNG-110 and I have to go clear it off. So, I am fairly sure they have it there. smile.gif
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I dont have any Comcast boxes. I finally found it on channel 1686 FSSHD. Hopefully it wont be blacked out.
Next weeks game is a PPV. Last year it was on an analog satellite transponder, but Im to lazy to drag out my old analog satellite receiver and hooking it up for one game. The PQ sucked anyway, last year.
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I have FSSAR1 on channel 95, and FSSAR1HD on 1650.

When I tune my tivo to 95, I get the cardinals game in sd.
When I tune my tivo to 1650, I get a black screen. Cable card shows "No tuned state"
Checking further, on the list of programs recording, it shows 1650 Cardinals Live (Blackout)

Have you ever heard of them blacking out the HD channel and not the SD channel?
I have the sports entertainment package as well as Digital Preferred.
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We don't have an HD version of that channel. I asked them (Comcast) about it and they said it doesn't exist and probably won't. I don't know where the TiVo got that channel. It shows up on WMC too if I remember right.
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Guess if it doesnt exist, that would be a good reason it wont tune in. Thanks smile.gif
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Anyone know what satellite the Razorback game is going to be uplinked on?
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Last year ARSN used G17 Ku band for PPV early in the season (G17 12091 V 13234). That symbol rate looks like 4:2:2 color encoding so you might need an Azbox or computer w/ proper codec to watch it (if it is found there with same parameters this year). Saw that ARSN charges $35 to watch their internet feed. WOW!

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Usually you can find stuff like this on vipbox.tv, but not this game. Others are on there.
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Originally Posted by dmatch View Post

Last year ARSN used G17 Ku band for PPV early in the season (G17 12091 V 13234). That symbol rate looks like 4:2:2 color encoding so you might need an Azbox or computer w/ proper codec to watch it (if it is found there with same parameters this year). Saw that ARSN charges $35 to watch their internet feed. WOW!


Yea, $35 to watch a game on the internet is a little wack for those of use who dont bleed razorback red and just want to watch the game.
I figure if they can charge such outlandish prices for college games, they should be providing the players with some compensation toward their degrees.

Ive got an AZBox, so 4:2:2 is no issue. Got the 4' KU dish set up and pointed toward G17. Will see what happens this year. Thanks.
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It's on G16 99W 3851 V 13234. It's on C band and it's not 4:2:2. It hasn't scrambled yet so maybe it won't. Ricks Satellite Wildfeeds is our friend.

Edited by dmatch - 9/7/13 at 4:08pm
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Thanks. Just tuned in. $35 and you still have to watch commercials...go figure.
Edited by Davenlr - 9/7/13 at 4:18pm
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It is actually on vipbox.tv right now. Just happened to look for it and it is there.
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What is VIPBOX.TV? I assume its a web site? Like ESPN3?
Game was awesome this year. They trashed the stretched SD format they used last year. This game was in glorious HD, and the quality was top notch.
Thanks DMatch. I got kicked off gofastmotorsports when I posted a review critical of the AZbox software, which apparently pissed off the Christian Rick Caylor who instead of helping through the bug (the box was just reverting to defaults and erasing all my scanned and set up satellites at random, for no reason), decided he didnt want negative press on his website. Rather than argue with him, I just started buying my stuff from another dealer.
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You're welcome Dave.

The hogs didn't play very well. They almost got beat.

VIPBox.tv aka VIPBoxOnline.eu is apparently in Europe (eu) and as such appears to be immune to the DMCA we have here.

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