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Great report. Especially the part concerning 16-1, 38-1 signals being among the strongest! PBS should be on the air by late summer from KASN's tower in Redfield. They are beginning construction and it should go fairly quickly.
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Originally posted by allenf
...PBS should be on the air by late summer from KASN's tower in Redfield.

AETN told me to look for them to be on the air "possibly by November"....

Allen, I thought KETS-2 was broadcasting from KATV's tower. You're saying their digital channel will be on KASN's tower? What's the difference in tower height? I was hoping they would be on the taller stick, since they're only going to be ~2.5kw....

macd: I'm glad you're able to get all those channels. It will be interesting to see if you can get KETS-DT when they get on the air, since they'll be the only digital channel in the lowband VHF spectrum (RF channel 5). The bowtie antennas don't ususally work well for lowband VHF channels 2-6.

If you can't pick it up, you can always add a big honking lowband VHF antenna, and run it to the VHF terminal of the CM 7777 preamp. You'll need to open up the preamp and change the internal switch from single combined input, to "separate" input.
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KATV didn't have any additional room on their tower for KETS-DT. Both KATV and KASN towers are basically 2000' structures. KETS-DT will be near the top of the tower. They have shifted the proposed height so I am not sure of the exact height. But figure somewhere in the top third of the tower. As a comparison- KASN and KASN-DT share a top mounted antenna at 1989'.

I've known the DOE for a while now and also know the fellow who is in charge of the project. They are both very competent and actually care about DTV. I would bet that things will progress rapidly now that they are started. Most of the delay to this point appears to have been budgetary (dealing with State and Feds), and a channel change. Things that could slow them down at this point include tower crew delays, weather, etc.
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Allen, thanks for the info. I was told that KASN's tower was much shorter than KATV's, but you should know :-)

Do you think that people in LR will be able to reliably receive KETS-DT @ only 2.1 kw ERP?

And have you heard if KETS-DT will be doing PBS network HD or just SD?
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The problem with lo band VHF stations (2-6) is that an efficient antenna for them is physically large. Combine that with impulse noise and you may have a problem. Another issue is that *most* DTV stations are UHF. Folks who haven't seriously tried to receive off-air signals for years are buying antennas that focus on the UHF band. Could be trouble. On the other hand, VHF tends to propagate further and have less terrain issues then UHF. I'll defer answering your question about reliability. I'm taking a wait and see approach.
I haven't heard anything from them concerning HD vs SD multicasts. Personally- I would be fine with them SD multicasting during the day to serve their education mission IF they would then go HD during evening hours at a decent bitrate. You got to think that there is a an awesome potential for gorgeous HD being PBS. Again- I'm willing to wait and see.

When are you gonna drop by for the nickle tour?
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Analog KTHV, channel 11 is currently carried on Comcast cable channel 12 in Little Rock. Channel 12 is also the channel assigned to KTHV for their digital channel. This has caused interferenced for some Comcast customers, so Comcast is moving KTHV from cable channel 12 to cable channel 10.

Hopefully, KTHV-DT will become a full power station after the move...
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Anyone have a date for KETS 2 to start HD transmission?
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Originally posted by hpb
Anyone have a date for KETS 2 to start HD transmission?

Sometime between now and November.... unless they get yet another extension from the FCC. I heard they already have their antenna installed on KASN's tower, so maybe it won't be too much longer.

According to this FCC site, they will be broadcasting at very low power; ~2kw ERP. They will also be on VHF lowband channel 5, which may suffer from impulse noise interference. I hope not, though.

You can contact AETN about their digital progress at:
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Originally posted by arxaw
Hopefully, KTHV-DT will become a full power station after the move...

Good news!

Yesterday, I spoke with an engineer at KTHV. He said they plan to increase their power on KTHV-DT, digital channel12 to the maximum allowed by the FCC. They will increase power within a day or so after moving from cable channel 12 to cable channel 10 on Comcast & Charter cable systems.

This should greatly increase their reliability and coverage area.
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Anyone able to receive KVTN, channel 24 (remap: 25-1)?

FWIW, I heard they're on the air, but at extremely low power.
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Hi guys,

I've been reading this thread for a while, but haven't jumped in til now. I don't actually have any HD at home yet, I'm just staying informed so I'll know what's going on when I do. Anyway, I'm an editor at KVTN, and we are on the air. I'm not an engineer, so I don't know exactly what our power is, but on the monitor in Master Control, it has been pixilating a lot, and this morning there was no audio. I don't know if that's any help, but I have been enjoying reading this thread, so I hope that I can contribute more in the future. Keep up the good work.
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Hi Rocky,

Please find out what power level KVTN is using and post it here.

It must be extremely low, because I have a very good outdoor UHF antenna + preamp (I can pick up your sister station in Hot Springs), but I can't get a peep out of KVTN-DT. If they are at a very low power, they may as well turn it off if no one can receive it. It's a waste of energy.

BTW, I'm in midtown LR, on a hilltop.
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We are currently at 4.7 kw, but the engineer I spoke to said we will be doubling that soon (I don't know how soon, next week maybe). Our transmitter is in England, so if your antenna is pointing west towards Shinall, it probably wouldn't get our signal anyway. Let me know what you can get (or can't), the engineers are interested in finding out that there actually are some potential viewers out there.
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I have 2 antennas. One is for Shinall, and the other one is for Redfield. The antenna I use for Redfield has a very wide beam spread and I'm using a high quality low noise preamp, so I should be able to pick up a station in England.... IF it was at a reasonable power level.

In the past, I had trouble receiving 4kw KARK-DT (until I "stacked" my Shinall antennas), and I live *much* closer to Shinall than England.

I don't think you'll get many viewers at that low power level & location, especially in the UHF band and a tower only 97 meters high, according to this FCC site. I doubt that there are very many DTVs in England, Scott & Rose City, which is your likely coverage area.

Increasing the transmitter height, and/or increasing power to a decent level would make reception in LR more likely. If they do either one, please post back. I'll do a channel re-scan and let you know if I can receive it.
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We do monitor it here at the studio, which is in west LR on Napa Valley. I don't know exactly what type of antenna they have the reciever connected to, but it can get all of the other digital channels. We do experience more dropouts on our own channel than the others, so I guess thats just our reception here. I'll try to keep you informed.
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Since you're also experiencing reception problems, that should be enough evidence that the transmitter power & tower are too low for reliable reception. Dropouts make impossible to enjoy digital TV. I get NO dropouts on any of the other channels, although KARK-DT 4-1 took a lot of antenna experimentation before I could reliably receive it. They're about the same power as KVTN-DT, but on a much higher tower, and closer in.

See if you can find out what equipment the studio is using to pick up channel 24. (antenna, antenna height, amp(?), tuner, etc.).

Does channel 24 show up as 24-1 or does it remap to 25-1?

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Tomorrow, KTHV is moving from cable channel 12 to channel 10, on Charter & Comcast cable systems in central AR. This will allow KTHV to increase their OTA digital channel (12) to full power. Before this move, they were not able to broadcast at full power, due to interference on the cable systems.

If anyone is currently having problems receiving KTHV-DT, please post here if your reception improves in the next few days.
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Anyone having trouble with KLRT-DT this evening? I am seeing macro blocking. Took a quick look at some monitoring gear I have access to remotely and things look fine. Still bugs me though. I rarely have trouble monitoring my stations here at home.
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According to "Allison" at channel 11, KTHV-DT (RF channel 12) is now running at full power. I get them at 100% on my Samsung TS160 using either antenna listed in the post above. They are experimenting with the signal strength levels and will be at full power for a couple of weeks. After that, they will likely drop back to 50% power.

Until now, they've only been transmitting at 15% of full power.

If you live quite a distance from Little Rock and can now receive KTHV-DT, please let the engineers at channel 11 know ( 501 376-1111 ), and also post your location here.
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I recently moved to west Little Rock and have the Samsung 160 and a Channel Master 3016 (suburban range antenna in the attic). For the past few weeks, I was able to pick up 4-1, 7-1, 11-1, 16-1, and 38-1 easily with very little drop outs. Last week sometime, I was unable to receive 16-1. It may come on for a few seconds every minute, but now nothing at all. I thought I'd found the best place to point the antenna, but now I'm not so sure. I rescanned the digital channels, and now both 16-1 and 11-1 are gone. I was having no problems with CBS until I rescanned. I watched CSI: Miami with no drop outs at all this evening. I know that these are the two strongest broadcasting stations, so I can't figure out why I cannot get these two, but can get the weaker stations. Maybe I can fiddle with the antenna some more and hopefully find all the signals again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Is anyone going to sign up with Comcast for HDTV?
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Originally posted by Tusk
Is anyone going to sign up with Comcast for HDTV?

Not me. I have DirecTV and an OTA antenna which gets the local HD channels perfectly, for free. DirecTV's a lot cheaper than comcast.
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The Little Rock TV transmitters are in two different places. Some are near Shinall (not Chenal) Mountain, and others are near the town of Redfield, 25 - 30 miles from WLR.

What's your nine digit Zip Code?
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I am. A comcast installer will be over at my house thursday morning.

I've been waiting for Comcast to offer this for a long time.
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What kind of deal are you getting? Do you have to buy all of the movie packages to get HBO and SHO? What about the cost of box rental?

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Good luck with comcast.

See this thread about their HDTV service.
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comcast hdtv is $5 a month. we were told that we would get cbs, nbc, abc, and you would get HBO HD and Showtime HD if you already had there packages.

The lady that I talked to also told me that they had plans to add one or two other channels shortly, but who knows.
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My zip code is 72227-6462. I just found it weird that I was able to pick up all the channels easily for a while, and now it's difficult. Thanks
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According to Antennaweb.org, you need to aim in 2 different directions, but if it's really hilly in your area, you may be able to point at a hill and pick up everything on a reflected signal.

Point West/NW for CBS, FOX, NBC
Point South/SE for ABC, PBS & UPN

(I'm about a mile east of you, in Leawood.)
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Originally posted by mjw1755
... Last week sometime, I was unable to receive 16-1. It may come on for a few seconds every minute, but now nothing at all....

I wonder if KTHV-DT could somehow be causing problems for you. They just switched to full power the last week of June.

Just a thought.....
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