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I just got a Toshiba 50HDX82 delivered. LOML is happy with the TV, but feels that with such a big TV, the components should be hidden. Naturally, after getting her approval for the TV purchase, I will hide them.

The 50HDX82 has an IR blaster output that it says can be used with Crestron IR gear. I'm not sure I want to go to that much expense. Would a simple Xantech (or similar) passive connecting block like the 789-44 work to split this output between four to eight emitters? Or do I need an amplified connecting block? I haven't found any information on how much power the HDX produces or the various IR emitters consume.

My understanding is that the toshiba hdx tvs basically pass any IR signals they receive through to the IR blaster output, so I should be able to control my other components if I can get the signal to them.

Is there a good FAQ around anywhere about how to do this sort of thing?

Thanks for any advice,