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Sorry that I must go to NC sat and miss the WCSC tour, I am not sure about who can carry what, but all the games were on HD from WTOC -CBS in Sav. Did FOX 24 change anything? have been getting it down here for the last few days.
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Sorry that you won't be able to make the tour.

I tried to pick up 24 this evening without any luck. I'm not sure what you're getting down there. Any chance it's not originating in Charleston?
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It was Fox 24-1, tonight I got 19-1 19-2 /25-1 25-2 /57-1 from Columbia.
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You must have a heck of an antenna ! I'm no more than 20 miles from the Fox antenna and get about 60% signal strength !
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I have a CM 1160 VHF/UHF w amp it is 190 in long on 36 ft tower. Also use a CM 9521 rotor that reads deg and can program 69 positions. So for I have located 21 stations. as far as Orlando Fl. 250 miles
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that's a pretty impressive set-up. i can't even pull in Fox here in Mt. Pleasant, but only have indoor antenna. If i had known you could pull in stations that far away before the Superbowl i might have put up something outside to get ABC out of Columbia.
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You should give it a try, ABC is 25-1/25-2 DO not use your ch scan when looking for other stations, use the add/del and try one ch at a time, this way you will not drop any you have in mem.
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Here's programming info from WCSC

Here are the games we have been assigned for Thursday and Friday, 3/27 and 3/28:

Thursday 03/27/03
7:10PM Kentucky vs Wisconsin
9:57PM Duke vs Kansas

Friday 03/28/03
7:27PM Texas vs Connecticut
9:40PM Syracuse vs Auburn

Neither of the games on Thursday are available in HD. On Friday, only the games out of the Alamodome in San Antonio are in HD.


I believe the game on Sunday from San Antonio might be in HD as well.
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I was hoping they would show the Oklahoma State game!!!!

((((((Sorry Kilgore....had to say it.))))))
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which of their two SUCCESSFUL national championship games were you hoping to see???
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Im new to the forum and am really lookin forward to the tour on Saturday..hope to pick some brains and learn mor about HD. I have a Hitachi HD tuner..have not bought a set top box..as of yet
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Hey guys I got this e-mail from channel 2 if anyone is interested !

The current plan is to start on-air testing on or around April 11. I would like to hear from you after we begin the test.

Thanks for watching Count On 2,

Jack Becknell
Operations Manager
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That's good news about Channel 2. I'm interested to see if OlJim will be able to get their signal, my guess is yes since he zoned in on Fox's.

We'll see today firsthand WCIV's progress (or lack thereof). I really would like to see some Stanley Cup action this year in HD.
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Thanks to Eldon and Mike for showing us the facilities yesterday at the tower. I learned a little bit more about how this all works and comes together. For all those that could not attend here's some items of note.

1) WCSC Engineers are aware of the drop-outs but haven't been able to trace their source to date. Seems the problem is sporadic and cannot be linked to a certain piece of equipment. They are still trouble shooting and hope to resolve the problem soon.

2) The war and CBS's coverage of it has caused a lot of confusion regarding what was able to be broadcast in HD for the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, this may carry over into the Masters as well pending our involvement in the war.

3) A tour of the WCSC's main station will be set-up for the near future.

4) A broadcast time for "Over Charleston" will also be set-up in the near future as well.

Might be posting some additional pictures from the tour on the website.

Have a good week,
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By the way..... WCIV does not seem interested in bringing HD to the Lowcountry. I understand that it is a financial strain, but at the same time the FCC did mandate the technology be made available (by 5/1/2001) and many of us have purchased equipment specifically to enjoy it.

Please contact WCIV's parent company representative at jfritz@allbrittontv.com and ask when they plan to begin broadcasting a high definition signal.

The last correspondence I received indicated their target date was late spring. I don't believe they can make that date and now I'm even concerned that next years Monday Night Football games might be in jeopardy.

Thanks for your help.
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Sorry I missed the tour but I got called to work ! Sounds like it was interesting ! And I'm glad to hear something about the drop-outs . I thought it as my antenna ! Because with a 90% or better signal I was getting drop - outs that's why I asked the question last week .

And as far as WCIV I've sent an e-mail a day to the 3 people on your webpage KTrout for the last 2 weeks and no one has responded yet ! Unbeliveable , I thought someone would atleast repsond and say something . I guess I will have to send 2 a day to those 3 individuals .
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Anyone have any drop-outs during the basketball game yesterday? I can't remember any. Also, my STB is providing programming info. Anyone else getting this as well? Eldon indicated that they weren't doing it at WCSC and that it must be info passed through by CBS.

Another observation, my center channel seems a little low at times during the Bball. Might just be a way my receiver is passing the 2.0, but wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? Crowd noise made play by play announcer hard to hear at times.

Have a good week. Have NCAA semi's on Saturday and Final Monday night to look forward to on 47. Do those honey do's early on Saturday.

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Originally posted by KTrout
Also, my STB is providing programming info. Anyone else getting this as well? Eldon indicated that they weren't doing it at WCSC and that it must be info passed through by CBS.

A friend of mine told me he was getting program info on his as well . I however am not because my HD box ( Zenith HD420 ) does not have the capability to do it .


Originally posted by KTrout
Crowd noise made play by play announcer hard to hear at times.

I noticed this too when I watched Friday . I kept turning it up but the crowd got louder and the announcers did not !
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I second (or third) the programming info on the guide (STB is Hughes E-86) for 5-1 and the low announcer's voice.

Actually, it really annoys me because my TV cannot "stretch" the SD Digital picture so when commercials come on I have to switch the channel to analog 5 so that I don't get burn-in from the black bars (4:3)...I may be a little paranoid, I know. Anyway I have to turn the volume up pretty high on 5-1 and then during commercials when I switch to analog 5 the sound is VERY LOUD (and clearer). It is not just your receiver.

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Update from Eldon. Also he points out a calibrator will be in town.


I just received a note from CBS about the Final Four. They tell me that the Final Four Show from 4PM to 6PM will be upconverted, then the games from 6PM to 11PM (approximate) will be in HD. They also said the game on Monday night from 9PM to 11:30PM will be in HD.

I have to be out of town for these games, so I won't be able to watch them. I hope the weekend goes well for everyone. On another note, Tony has asked that I forward the following about Gregg Loewen:

This guy Gregg Loewen is on a Calibration Tour and claims he is coming thru Charleston in the summer. I have seen his name on Home Theater Forum and other forums and he gets glowing reviews of his work. I contacted him and was wondering if you could pass on his web site on your next correspondence to other interested parties on your mailing list. http://www.lionav.com This guy is the real deal and would be a good opportunity for us to get tweaked.

I'll pass on audio observations to WCSC.

Anyone getting any responses from WCIV?

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I asked WCIV about their plans for HD and Jerry Fritz replied with this message "Thank you for your inquiry regarding WCIV's digital television plans. After some unanticipated delays, we are expecting WCIV's new digital transmitter to be delivered from the manufacturer within the next two weeks. Once it is in, we will commence installation with a target to be on the air by mid-May. We appreciate your patience."
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I got the same e-mail ! Glad someone is atleast answering them ! I know WCIV won't you have to go to the parent company which is pretty sad ! Good news is though we will get to see Monday Night Football this year !
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Im due to receive a Direct TV satellite pkg on Friday. Can anyone suggest a good installer? Im also thinking of buying a Terk TV-55 indoor/outdoor antenae. Anybody have anything good or bad to say abouth the Terk TV-55?
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I generally consider myself a positive person, but here's why I don't think mid may is possible for WCIV

In July I was told 1st Quarter 2003
In October I was told December 3, 2002
On December 6th I was told the equipment was ordered and they hoped for the end of January.
On January 20th they were waiting for delivery of transmission line, transmitter and microwave equipment and hoped to be on the air in a few months.
On March 4th "Late spring is our target".

We saw first hand at the tower that construction has not yet started.

Again, I don't mean to be so negative, but after getting the run-a-round............

I REALLY wanted to see the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year in HD and I guess that after communicating with the FCC about their channel change requests and trying to help out I figured it just might happen. Perhaps that's why I come off as a little bitter. Enough therapy.

Please prove me wrong WCIV. Need some help running conduit, hauling pipe around let me know. I'd like to help........I just want to watch a little Stanley Cup.

Do I sound pathetic or what?

Keep writing, it does make a difference.
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antennaweb.org shows WCIV live date as May 1 , 2003

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that's only because that is the date of the second 6 month extension that some stations were granted by the FCC. WCIV asked for an extension in December but didn't state until when.
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Forget the Terk 55 they are over priced junk. You can do just as good with a coat hanger.As for your Direct TV, easy to do your self.
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My Direct TV package arrives tomorrow...im so pumped. Probably wont be able to get it running till Saturday morning. Thanks for the advice on the Terk 55
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be careful when you hear oljim say something is easy
he's installed an automated 36' high antenna system down there in beaufort that could probably pick up a signal from the moon

he's right about the terk.
good luck saturday am.

on another note, we might have some news regarding WCIV. another AVS member will most likely be posting some news (hopefully good) soon.
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I am the proud owner of a new Samsung Ts-160 and a DirectTv subscriber had my install today and watch my first episode of CSI tonight in HD. The picture was incredible

I have a small combo RS antenna I bought a few years ago in the attic. I aimed it the other day in the general direction of the Awendaw towers and I got WCSC today at >95 signal strength. During the channel scan I also got FOX and UPN DTV stations as well. Some signal loss from FOX but i am getting about 63% signal.

I also have a Hughes Director in the bedroom which was part of the deal for the Triple LNB dish install. D* is fine on that receiver but had a D* had a problem with my access card for the Samsung (it was new!) and so I haven't seen HDNet or HBOHD, should be up tomorrow since D* is FedEx a new card overnight. Will report then.

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