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Well I went and got a small antenna from Circuit City to see if it works and i'm getting a 100% signal on WCSC . However the other channels I can only manage to get a 20% oh well . It looks pretty good on my end right now i'm watching the local news right now on the digital 5 - 1 station .
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Got WCSC HD on 5-1 and WCSC SD on 5-2. Eldon will get back to me with exactly what is going on with 5-2.

100% signal strength in Mt. P

Please e-mail Eldon with how channels are showing up on your STB and also give him signal strength. It's how we can help him figure out performance. And that helps everyone.

No HD material this evening - recommend CSI tomorrow night!!!
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I e-mailed Eldon about my reception and all . I went and got a Silver Sensor antenna from CC and i'm getting a 100% sig ! Bring on C.S.I. ! It's not strong enough to get the other HD stations that are very low power . Moving it around the house I have managed to get 70% on FOX .
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I'm in Texas but had my son enter 5-1 and get nothing. I think my antenna is pointed correctly (I set it before I left and gave up FOX/UPN since they are not in the same direction from my house). I am only about 8-10 miles away so I hope it is something simple I am not doing correctly.
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Check your personal e-mail
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Looks like I need to repoint the antenna for the correct location in Awendaw... Thanks
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HEY Guys thanks for the info.

I just remapped 5 which is (47) to 5.1 (programming) and also 5.2 which is the WX radar (Super Doppler 5000). I am showing a 94 signal strength on both, and I live W. Ashley about 5 SE of the studios.
For Information: I am getting a 92 signal strength on 24.1 and 36.1.

Thanks Channel 5 and a special thanks to Eldon for his communication to the members on the Charleston thread !!!!
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I have not been communicating with Eldon. Could you pass my numbers to him? Thanks HDSC
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Just to let everyone know I did another channel scan and I got 47 - 2 to show up for channel 5 . It's also running as 5 - 1 and 5 - 2 SD . I am at my wits end with Fox/UPN I can't get a signal over 52 ! I guess I might have to wait til they go full power to watch their digital programming .

HDSC if you would like to e-mail Eldon his e-mail is ebrown@wcsc.com .
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I am getting 5.1 and 5.2 here in Beaufort. I am about 70 miles from tower. I have a lot of wet trees but still have good signal.
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What kind of antenna are you using and how high is it? that is pretty good from 70 miles out.....
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I have been following this board, and particularly various threads about HD in Charleston for several months now. Want to thank you guys for the helpful info, and also let you know that I picked up channel 47 in St. George last night. For those that don't know, It's about 50 miles up I-26 towards Columbia. Just plugged it up to my existing large RS UHF/VHF antenna in the attic, and tuned to CH47. Got 5-1 immediately, with about 60% signal strength. Haven't tried the sub channels yet. I am using the Zenith HD-420 OTA only receiver, which I picked up from CC. They had several more open box units yesterday, if anyone's interested in saving a few coins.
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I have a CM Quantum 1160 w/amp and a CM 9521 rotor. Ant is on a 36 ft tower. I have found ant pointing is important with DTV. a few deg. can kill sig. This week I was able to get 2 stations from Jax FL 150 miles and 2 from Orlando 250 miles. The weather has a lot to do with DTV. I can get 3.1 3.2 and 11.1 from Sav all the time. The ones from Jax and Orlando are on and off. I just checked my map and I am about 79 miles from ch 5 tower
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Welcome to AVSFORUM! I know what you mean about "following the board" before posting. I am sure many will be interested in your signal strengths based on your geographic location to the towers. I can't think of a better first message than replying about your Charleston HD experience. It has been a long time in the making for those of us who have been ready to see HD for years.

JeffD: Thanks for the address!
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If anyone is looking for a UHF ant. try the Rat Shack U-75 for around $20. I could pick up the Sav stations 33 miles with it in my living room. As soon as the rain stops I will turn it around and see how it works on 5.1/5.2 I have it on the side of my tower 20 ft up pointed towards Sav.
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Good to hear about the great signal from WCSC! I am curious about others reporting 50-60 signal for the Fox / UPN low power signal. Is that strong enough to lock and receive broadcasts?


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I am about 1.5 miles north of the airport in Hanahan. I have a Hughes HIRD-E86 set top box and a channel master 4228 mounted on a twenty foot pole on top of my two story house. I am getting a 100 percent signal. I might get a non directional antenna and try that so I can get FOX/UPN also and all VHF signals.

The volume level drops a little compared to the Comcast signal. Changing between local cable and satellite the volume is mostly the same but the the digital 5-1 signal drops some. I need to adjust my Onkyo level down up from around 45 to 55. It shows as a Dolby D 2/0.

I am a pilot and I LOVE the doppler radar on 5-2. I had something similar with channel 101 on Comcast Digital but gave up that for the satellite with HD.

At first I had my antenna pointed in the wrong direction but once I got it pointed East and figured out how to scan for channels it worked great. I tried typing in 5-1 or 5-2 before doing the scan and it wouldn't work..
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By the Way,

Who do we contact to have the programming show up on the program guide from Direct TV?
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I must say CSI and Without a Trace looked wonderful tonight in HD ! My wife and I watched and she says to me " I can't tell a difference " I about fell on the floor . I kindly switched the TV to the digital cable feed when she wasn't looking . And a few minutes later she says " what happened to the picture ? It was clear now it looks grainy . " I let her in on the secret .
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planenut Direct tv can only give the info if station is on Direct TV. The local can put sched info. My Samsung T 151 has a guide button on remote, this brings up a list of all ch that is in my ch mem. I only get sched from 3.1 and 3.2 WSAV in Sav GA. They must send out the info with sig. With my STB I can see what in on 3.2 when I am on 5.1 or 5.2.
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my guide shows the programming for the local channels once I told the stb that it had an antenna connected. Programming shows up for ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS. FOX and UPN. Cable channels just show up as "regular schedule" without programming. I even get a 2-1 for a DT transmission from NBC that is not transmitting yet. Are you sure it doesn't have info from Directv about OTA local signals?
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every thing I have read it comes from local station and most do not put it on. I have 2 from Jax 2 from Orlando and 2 from Sav.The only on that gives program sched is Wsav in Sav. the rest just say no info. All the stations that are stored are listed in guide.. I can also get info from sat guide for neworks because I get ABC and Fox on sat from NY stations
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Random news:

Planenut has an update from Channel 2 that he will be posting soon I hope.

Also got word from 10137two that he saw a show that could be described as "Over Charleston" at 4 pm today and it looked great!!! He's asked Eldon about it, and when more info is available I'll be sure to let everyone know. I'm anxious to see it myself.

Of course the real question is why was that slackass at home this afternoon and not working???

On a more serious note, Eldon let me know that a tour of the tower and equipment in Awendaw would be possible in Mid March. So tentatively, I'd like to throw out Saturday the 15th at 1 pm. How does that sound??? Please let me know.

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I just received this update from Jack Becknell at Channel 2 today....

We are installing the system now. It seems like there is another new box needed
about every week, with a few more wires to add, software to install etc. We are
installing a few critical pieces, and when they are all in, everything fits,
everything works, nothing goes up in smoke etc. I'll have a better handle on the
exact date. I'll e-mail you in the next few weeks when we start testing the
tranmitter on-air, and use you as a test point if I may. I also have part of the
HDTV gear here, and it will be up pretty soon too.

Jack Becknell
Operations Manager
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Thanks for the news planenut !
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Planenut If you look ot the March Jacksonville update, they have some info about Drect TV and guide. Jim
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Tuned in WCSC digital last night just for kicks and giggles. 55% ON MY DISH 6000 from 87 miles out. Some dropouts, not really watchable here but the signal is apparently very strong. Using a CM4248 with CM7777 preamp.

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Regarding the guide:
Eldon has indicated that the guide information is very labor intensive, has to be manually entered every day and is not yet an automated process. Right now the concentration is on the correct operation of the equipment, which to date has been great. The HD source feed change is an automated process so we don't have to worry about the proverbial "switch" being thrown for the HD info by the station's engineers.

Thanks for the information. I'll pass it on to Eldon. I contacted an antenna manufacturer a long time ago because I was thinking about picking up ABC out of Columbia for the Superbowl and was told that 80 miles was about the limit for reception of a reliable DTV signal. Might be a little bit of a factor of safety in that number............

Et All:
Haven't had a lot of feedback on the Awendaw tour, just want to make sure people know about it. If you are interested please PM me.

Think we'll keep this February Thread through March since there's so much info on it.
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Hey Ktrout:
Can you edit the tread to include March? If not we can live with it. I thought it might be nice for any newbies who stumble on to AVSFORUM and are just getting into HD to see current information. Of course we are the pioneers who have hung by every FCC filing from Charleston in the past so a February thread in March is a minor thing. On another note: It is nice to see the numbers we have had on this thread and the interaction with the viewers and the engineers. We really are getting "HD IN CHARLESTON!"
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Just received word from an authority at WCBD's parent company that Channel 34 could be on the air any day now, but they won't officially announce it until after a couple of weeks of testing.

Sounds like I might start the occassional prime time Digital channel scan in the very near future. Maybe Thursday night during ER???

Anyway, I consider this news combined with the UPDATE Planenut got from the operations manager to be good news.

Might double our OTA selections.

Have a good week.
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