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Great news everyone, and it sounds like HD is looking good. I am curious about how the upconverted SD signal looks. Is it better than the current analog signal?
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Just thought you might like to know...I tuned in last night. 70% and no dropouts on WSCS digital.

Also, I own a house on Black River in Georgetown. I plan on setting up a DTV receiver there soon and hopefully I will have some good reception numbers to report from that location.

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Anybody else notice a switch to 4:3 signal during the last segment of CSI: Miami last night on WCSC? Appears that it jumped back to the upconverted analog, rather than native HD. I am wondering if it was the station, or my equipment...

Also, a comment on the HD quality, for what it's worth. I did not see the amazing difference that I hoped for last week during CSI, probably in large part due to my equipment. An LCD projector on a 100" screen does not like the many dark scenes in that episode. My next opportunity was last night, and I thought the sitcoms really highlighted the benefits of HD. I actually did some back and forth switching during Raymond, and it was easy see the difference.

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Was the 4:3 jumping you saw on CSI during the commercials? That was the only jumping that I saw and we will see that for a while (until they start broadcasting commercials in ATSC).

KTROUT - Is the WCBD 34 station coming on in HD (when available) or just digital? Do you know if they are going with the auto-switching to (and from) HD like WCSC?

AndrewG - The digital signal does look a little better than the analog, however I cannot watch it because it is 4:3 and I have no stretch ability with digital signals. I would not recommend anyone else watch the 4:3 digital signal without stretching it either --> BURN-IN!!
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Per an email from Eldon Brown, he suspects that the signal was switched to the upconverter for the local commercials, then didn't get the switched back to HD at the end of the commercial break. He was not sure, however. What I was refering to was not the normal change to 4:3 for commercials, but rather the fact that after one such series, it did not change back to 16:9.

I also am interested in any available update on WCBD, and would also like to know when FOX will go full power on the Awendaw tower. Anybody have an update? My analog reception of 24 is very poor, so even SD will be a step up, if I can pull it in.

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Does anyone know what the "cutoff" is for Signal Strength for receiving the digital signals with a good pic?

I know that it is pretty much an "all-or-nothing" with receiving digital but I am wondering what the cutoff is between "all" and "nothing"?? (30% ?? 40% ??)
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Ooops, my update on WCBD had their digital station as 34, it should be 50. Hey, it was late.

Anyway, WCIV's (ABC) parent company gave me a five word response to my build out status inquiry, "Late Spring is our target" I guess it's better than a four letter response, but not very committal.

WCIV's operations manager indicated a long time ago that their signal would be high definition when it goes on air. Since they are utilizing WCSC's transmitter I might tend to believe it. Good luck trying to find out something, might give austin a ping and see what he has to say about it now that WCSC is transmitting. Don't have a clue on the switching.

I also noticed the Thursday night CSI show wasn't quite as sharp as I expected, but got better with well lit scenes. I was only able to watch the first 20 minutes so didn't get a real good look at it. Some of the other sitcoms have looked better, JAG tonight is supposed to have good quality to it, so I will probably check that out as well.
Didn't watch CSI-Miami last night so can't comment on 4:3 switching. Although I did happen to notice that the program that came on at 8 pm was initially in 4:3 as well. Guess I'm not too clear on exactly how automatic the automatic switching is.
WCBD's parent company indicated they could be on the air any time now. Again a wait and see situation.

In regards to FOX....... my guess is that you should go ahead and start asking Santa Claus for it as a Christmas gift. The tower in Awendaw requires structural modifications before it can be equipped with full power transmitter.

That's all for now
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Daryal, you were correct, and Eldon sent out an email explaining the 'non-switching' switching of the HD signal:

Not sure if you got this or not, so here it is:

Several of you have noticed that we had a switching problem during CSI Thursday night. It was traced back to an operator error. We have a computer automation system that controls our analog switching from program to commercials and back to program. The "playlist" this computer uses is built by our traffic department each and every day as commercials change, and segment times of programs change. We do our best to make this playlist accurate to 1/30th of a second to avoid cutting off the start or end of material, and to avoid a lot of blank time between material.

We are using another channel of this same automation system to control the switch from HD to upconverted video for our digital side. Since we are only concerned with the transition into and out of CBS HD material, this playlist is much shorter (one page verses around 50 pages), and the master control operator is building these playlists each day. As we build each one, we are also building a template for each day for the operator to use next week, so as long as the programs don't change, they will only have to edit the times for the switch into and out of HD. Once these times are inserted and the playlist started, it all happens automatically. Unfortunatly, during CSI the operator forgot to enter that one transition time, so the computer didn't switch back to HD, and the operator didn't notice it. In his defense, this task is one more that has been added to his already busy schedule. We have changed the digital monitors in that room to try to make it easier for him to notice such problems.

I also wanted to let you all know that we plan to be working on our transmitter tomorrow morning. The replacement for the leaking pump is supposed to arrive today and be installed tomorrow. We will be off the air while this is done, and should be back up sometime in the afternoon.

Thank you for your patience,
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Thanks. I got an email from Eldon yesterday, and then the "broadcast" from him with the longer explanation that you posted above.

On another note, was JAG on Ch 47 last night? I walked in a few minutes after 8, looking forward to seeing it in HD, flipped on an analog TV, and saw Billy Graham. Was so disappointed (not that I don't enjoy his messages some time, I was just pumped for JAG), that I did not even check the HD signal. So was Ch 47 an upconversion of the crusade, or JAG?
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JAG wasn't on here but www.hidefguide.com listed it as being on at 8 pm, so I'm not sure if it was pre-empted here or not.
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No JAG on WCSC but it was on WTOC Sav.
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Just a few pieces of info that you may or may not know:

As an alternative to HIDEFGUIDE, here is the weekly CBS Primetime HD schedule. Programs shaded in tan are HD. --> http://www.cbs.com/info/hdtv/

All four rounds of the masters in 1080i on CBS (42 HD cameras!) Here is more info --> http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=234669
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Even though I am not a golf fan I will be checking this out in HD when it's on ! I bet this will be absolutely beautiful content for HD .
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Well I've got tickets for the opening round on Thursday at the Masters, so I'll let you know if it's just like being there.

Glad CBS officially announced it!!!
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Did any of you guys have signal strength issues last night (Thursday)?

I had "no signal" during prime time. Meter showed about 40-50%, verses a previous reading of about 60%. For those who were asking how much strength is enough, 50% seems to be the low end for my Zenith 420 receiver. I'm hoping this was weather related, but I can't be sure, as I did not use the system since Monday.
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I had signal dropout till about 10 PM, went to 5.2 and saw a big yellow and red glob between here and Charleston on the sweep.
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Thanks oljim. Times were screwed up last night, with W talking earlier, but I think it was past 10 PM and I still had no signal. I checked 5-1 and 5-2, but got nothing. Weather was real bad in my area. I have not fine tuned my system yet. Initially, I got lucky, it came right up when I connected the receiver to my existing RS antenna. Looks like some fine tuning/antenna aiming may be needed to minimize the effects of weather.
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Same here......40% signal after the 'W' speech and then turned back about 10:20'ish and it was fine.

Probably had something to do with Eldon's explanation of setting up the timing of the "automatic switching" to HD. No one knew how long the Prez was going to talk so he couldn't program it.....

That still wouldn't explain the signal strenght issue though.
Just a thought.
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I don't believe it was weather related. I normally peg out at 100 and had signal issues last night as well and I'm relatively right next to the tower.
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New date for tour of the Awendaw facilities is Saturday, March 29th at 1 pm.

Eldon has indicated he will try to bring a 42" plasma to the site for demo purposes.

Really haven't had much feedback on this, but Eldon is willing to take his own time to meet us out there. It would be a good chance to meet him and also discuss any technical questions you might have. It's not the air and space museum in Washington DC, but more than I expected.

Please let me know if you are interested. Those that have already PM'ed me please do so again because of the date change.

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I have a HDTV-ready Sony 40XBR800 TV, and digital cable from Comcast, but I understand that Comcast will not carry local station HDTV signals until perhaps next year. In the meantime, I will have to pick up local HDTV from over-the-air signals. My neigborhood has restrictions on outdoor antennas, so I will have to install an antenna in my attic. I live in a two-story house west of the Ashley. Does anyone know of a brand and model antenna that has been successfully used, in an attic installation, west of the Ashley, to pick up WCSC HDTV signal?

I looked on antennaweb.org, and they indicate that I will need an outside antenna, medium directional, to pick up the signal. But their recommendation is probably based on 100% certainty of success.

I have looked at the Terk TV55 antenna on the internet. Is anyone familiar with that antenna, and do you think it would adequately pick up you signal? Would appreciate information or opinions. Thanks.
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Everything i've ever read on here about Terk has been nothing but negative . I went and bought a Silver Sensor antenna from Circuit City it's an indoor antenna and have no problems picking up WCSC . I live in Goose Creek and get pretty much full signal strength with it . As far as picking up FOX and UPN that's a different story . I can move the antenna around and get maybe a 50 - 60% signal but that's about it . It's enough to get a picture and sound but alot of drop-outs . Go to Circuit City's web site and checkout the Silver Sensor , the local store is sold out at the moment .
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The FCC law about 8 yrs ago, they can not stop you from putting an outside ant or dish under 1 M Terk is over priced junk.
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Why is a guy from Florida posting here?

I grew up in Georgetown and my Dad and sister still live there. Having an HDTV and STB box for three months I've been all aglow with reports for them. My Dad's 10 year old Zenith 32" is dying (slowly, which is good), and he keeps asking if he should get an HDTV-so I follow this thread to let him know whats up. Unfortunately, his analog cable is so in and out, I'm afraid he'll hate a new set.

It looks like by Summer you guys may have all the majors up, and at full power-then I'll be heading up for an antenna primer (he's agreat engineer of things-but can't imagine getting all his channels over UHF). Plus, he should be able to get the Florence/Myrtle Beach stations, meaning two antennas, combiners, etc.

Everyone needs to beat your Fox affiliate with sticks-no, 480p widescreen isn't as good as CBS, but Nascar on a widescreen is great.

Having a resource like Eldon is great-the locals, even the independents are mostly at full power here, but tend to ignore enthusiasts, other than some employees who are enthusiasts to-even they are often taken by surprise at the actions of their employers.

If my Dad wanted to go on the Awendaw tour on the 29th, is there someone to contact to reserve a spot? or should he just show up? Where is the site exactly? (my memory of Awendaw is more of a signpost than of a town-no offense)

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Originally posted by rkdavis
I have a HDTV-ready Sony 40XBR800 TV, and digital cable from Comcast, but I understand that Comcast will not carry local station HDTV signals until perhaps next year. In the meantime, I will have to pick up local HDTV from over-the-air signals. My neigborhood has restrictions on outdoor antennas, so I will have to install an antenna in my attic. I live in a two-story house west of the Ashley. Does anyone know of a brand and model antenna that has been successfully used, in an attic installation, west of the Ashley, to pick up WCSC HDTV signal?

I live in West Ashley, Northbridge Terrace, and I used a RadioShack standard combo antenna in my attic to pick up locals when I had Dish Network. I think it cost $29. I have only heard bad things about Terk. Mostly that they are very overpriced and most designs are gimmicy but designed to be visually pleasing. For HD you would only need a UHF antenna, and they have one for about $22 for suburban/fringe which I am considering which should fit in the attic no problem (Outdoor Antennas for UHF-Only $21.99 Catalog #: 15-2160). For the money of a Terk you could buy a top of the line Channelmaster with a preamp. But I think the Rat Shack antenna will be your best choice, and if it doesn't work they will take it back.

Keep us updated with what you use, since I will be in the market as well very soon.

I also want to agree with the above post, the FCC law prevents home owner's associations from forbidding antenna's and dishes. Of course, I think there are other benefits to installing in the attic, especially installation and non-exposure to lightning strikes

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I'm kind of organizing the tour and there's no need to reserve a spot. you are correct in that there is not much in awendaw. I was planning on having everyone meet somewhere prior to heading to the antenna site since it's a little awkward trying to describe where it is. just keep checking this forum for information or send a PM with an e-mail address and I'll be sure to extend more information to you.

welcome, glad to see another participant. i'll have to agree with everyone else regarding the Terk products. i have read good things about the silver sensor and more importantly JeffD's is working well. Rat shacks return policy makes an antenna from there a pretty safe bet as well. 10137two lives in west ashley as well, but I can't remember what his antenna situation is.

thanks for the responses on the tour. please invite anyone you think might be interested, it's a very informal gathering, the more the merrier.
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by the way, my next "project" might be a fundraiser for the Dolby E decoders and Dolby digital encoder that WCSC needs to start broadcasting in 5.1

we'll see about that though, might be one of those never hurts to ask situations.
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I will send you my next SS check LOL good day for DTV I am locked on to 4-1-2 10-1 and 13-1 in Jax fl 150 miles Has anyone had any luck with the Sav stations? try DTV ch 15(11-1) and 3-1/3-2 ch39
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I just found this site and have read the current posts. Very interesting!! I am ignorant on the HDTV aspect. I bought a widescreen HDTV last year and would like to educate myself on what I need to add for HDTV. I have Dish Network, an external antenna, and run through a Harmon-Kardon amp. Suggestions on where to start?. I just called the store where I bought my TV and I believe that the salesman knew less than I do, if that is possible. All suggestions appreciated.

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Randy what TV do you have.
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