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and another... I will get better ones when I get a chance..
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and another one....
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and the last one... ..

these are just to show the adjustments.
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I noticed you dropped the two stiffening ears on the wallmount from the previous design? I had been thinking about punching a hole for the wire harness there. I'll need to plan again.

The powdercoat looks good, but I preferred white.


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Hi Matt..

The ears looked wierd...... and after doing some load testing it was just ridiculas to put them on. The way it is, I could stack multiple X1's from ceiling to floor with no bending, or if wall mounting from mount to floor with zero flexing. I may use a friends cosmos program to illustrate this in the future.

The color in a digital photogragh looks off a bit... If you look at the bottom of the X1 on the label it is a replicant of that color. I will post at a reasonable time what I am going to use for extention pieces. When I originally saw this material... I was going to use it for running wire to the X1. As it is flexible. Mississippi man is using it for a High ceiling drop and maybe you can also see it in that application.

The minimum order cost for powder coating is 450.00. Thats if you do one or a qty run. I showed these to a bunch of people and no one picked the spray bomb white finish. If you take a regular say spray bomb finish on steel and scratch it..even very lightly ...its toast.
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pics of parts on powder coat racks.
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Here is the other side.
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I have a low ceiling and would want to mount it as close to the ceiling as possible and from the ceiling. Are there any other options but the long pipe?
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how low is your ceiling...? This isnt a pipe... It is a cnc machined piece of solid 5/8 steel. If you mount it on the wall you can have any drop you want. If you want to have the knee joint with (2) 2.5" pieces that will produce a drop of aproximately 4.5" (you do not have to turn in the cnc machined steel knee joint pieces all the way) the additional 5/8 bolt will lock in your adjustment for horizontal adjustment. The knee joint allows you to make a vertical adjustment.

This isnt some tiny machine shop or build in a garage operation.

The laser cutter to cut the parts, the cnc machine to mill the knee joint, the powder coat paint system to prepare the part, apply the powder coat finish, were done on full production machinery costing in excess of 1 million dollars.

The cuts are perfect, the holes are perfect, the welding is done by a person with several certificates in welding, the powder coat finish is done with a specialty coating operation that finishes parts for Honda, the Hummer, to name a couple.
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Ok the paypal account is set up....for those that want to use it. The paypal account is a business account so you can use your Visa/Mastercard.

The email account to use is


Repeat on the pricing....

USA shipments
To all shipments via Fedex or UPS Ground....

$68.00 U.S. including shipping

There is no duty or brokerage fees.

Tracking number provided

For all shipments to Canada

$98.80 Cdn. Includes shipping by UPS or Fedex ground

For Ontario this includes GST and PST. For HST provinces (NS NB and NFld) this includes HST

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Mark me down as a buyer! I need three to start.

No, make that five.

Oh Hell, just keep makin' 'em for me.
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Ahh someone that appreciates that soon these will be as indispensable as duct tape.

Ken.... I will be calling you on Monday. I am not sure how many I should keep to go with the X1's I sell.
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I can see from the pics that's it's beautifully made. My ceiling is 7 feet high (old house). Room too long to be able to mount on the back wall so I would have to mount on the ceiling. I'm not sure from the pics if this is possible unless the 5/8" steel rod and the knee joint are removable and the projector mount can be attached directly to the wall mount. But I'm looking forward to seeing it at the shootout.
In any case, I would certainly recommend it to anyone with an X1 who can use a wall mount.
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You'll be getting my money from Paypal any minute now. Thank you for making a nice looking and practical product.
RC Smith aka C5Guy
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Hi rgs..

here comes the beauty of the genius behind this mount... Not only is it built to be used for the projection mount and double for hanging your sportscar or motorcycle off the ceiling or wall but was designed for the X1 ..

Lets take some very standard situations...

Ceiling mount...

Here is some of the math lets take a typical 4:3 screen and a very typical room size of height of 8 feet... Further take a standard 80" wide by 60" high , (100 inch diagonal) 4:3 application... For this your projector to be about in the center of its min/max postion away from the screen will be this distance back from the screen.... 13' 10.5" ...... or 166.5 inches away. The range for the X1 to do a 100" diagonal is 12.6' to 15.133'


The standard configuration which drops an average of about 10" This can be adjusted a bit... the threads can be backed off a bit... the other 5/8 lock nuts are there to lock it into position.

Ok let me hit you with some digits.... work with me..

96" Ceiling height ========I=======
10" Ceiling mount _I_

6" offset...(the top of the screen....) *********
* *
eye level is at 40 inches typically * *
* *
Bottom of screen is at 20 inches ********


When the projector is inverted ( flipped over ... like it was designed to be) The top of the lens IS NOT level with the image.... PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to this..... This is what I called the offset above which in full 4:3 is 6".

So Ceiling height ..... 96"
Drop down 10" for mount 86"
Drop another 6" for offset........80" ( top of screen)
top of screen is at 80"

Eye level is at 40 "

Bottom of screen height........... 20"

Great gooogleee wooogleee its perfect...


Ok most people that say they have 9' ceilings usually have a sunken room it usually measures 8.5 feet... One step thats about 6 "

Here is what I do for these customers.... I allow a swaperoo for two 8" cnc machined milled and drilled bolts. So what does that get us in the example... If you guessed 15.5" you would be correct. So in this case the ceiling is typically 102 inches...

minus the mount (15.5) and the exact same offset.... of 6" ..

We get the top of screen to be at 80.5 inches....

Your still sitting on the floor so your its still perfect with your eyes @ 40.5"

Bottom of screen is at 20.5 inches...

You do have to specify that it is not standard and you want a swaperoo for 2 ( 8") cnc machined bolts.


Ok Lets see... about some of those unfortuntate people that only have 7' drop... again... most people when they actually measure usually are at 7.5"

Usually a 8' basement with a drop ceiling... which usually isnt dropped a full foot. or you have a sunken floor and drywall.... again with a 2*12 or 2*10 floor joist it is only a 6" inch drop... not a full foot. 7" would normally be just to the top of peoples door trip... typically it is 6" above this or at 90"

taking 90" for ceiling height ...
minus the 4.5 inches for the two short threaded cnc bolts... and the offset which is the same at 6" and the top of screen is at 79.5 inches..... schoolin is done for the day kids... you can figure the rest of this one out yourself.


Extra high ceiling.... solution...

If you have an extra high ceiling which I have encountered on a few orders, I have a piece of tubing that is the exact color of the mount. and it looks slik... Now that you have your schoolin... you can give me some exact measurements and pay for this as an option. I will quote depending on availability and sizing.

Extra low ceiling.... Now first off you should consider this... even at 7' do the math from above... the top of the screen would be 73.5" from the floor. The bottom of the screen is at 13.5" and mid screen is 43.5" .. not really a big deal... especially in a low room.

IF it is a teenie tiny cavern and just 4.5 inch drop doesnt work... I can get some a short threaded rod to your spec'd length and just use my hi tec sleeve.

hope this helps some of you out...

Get your X1 off the coffee table...amateur looking shelves. and enclosures that are going to end up destroying your projector... let em breath the air they were designed to inhale to cool properly... Dont take the chance of it getting wacked, the dog chewing it,,,, and being interupted constantly as one of your guests leaves the room to get a cool one... look people complain about rainbows.. I think having people get interupted during a movie is far worse than a rainbow.... projectors are designed much like girlfriends, and wives.... take great care of them ...give them air... keep them safe and out of troubles way, and never forget to mount them..

Ok lessons over for the day...

Hope these calcs help someone


The mathematical magical mount.....
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thanks C5Guy... It was great fun making it.. Only way I can make money off it is if someone steals the design.. and starts producing them..

It also helps going into second gear with my home theater business market as a reseller.... Every product I sell will have its own special design engineered mount. When people see the overkill, precision machining, laser cutting and the best coating for steel.. and designs from someone who has obviously spent some time with the product,,, isnt just sitting at a desk and writing orders over the phone. I have to design, make and sell 6000 mounts to get up into the alliance area of this forum.. yipes.. gotta go.... package some more up..
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Wow, my head kinda hurts from all that math!

I think I can do the final figuring, but I need to know what the "offset" would be with the projector inverted for a 47"x84" 16:9 screen.

The top of my screen is currently only about 15 inches below the ceiling (90" high basement dropped acoustical tile ceiling), and can not go any lower due to the height of my sub woofer and center channel. Since I do not have alot of room to work with, I think I will need the projector to mount as close as possible to the ceiling.

Also, since I have a dropped acoustical tile ceiling, is it possible to attach the mount to one of the ceiling tiles, or should I just cut a hole in one of the tiles and get the correct length extension rod(s) to reach up to the floor joists? If I do it the later way, I think I can end up with the top of the projector (actually the bottom as it is inverted) mounted almost flush with the ceiling, which should help my offset issues. Hopefully this would be OK as far as air circulation and cooling goes.

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I would definitely not expect a ceiling tile to hold up your expensive gear.

It will be so much easier to come through the ceiling tile... I provide toggle bolts...

Thanks for all the support... and all the orders... there is a screen calculator program for the X1 let me see if I can get it.. maybe that will help some that are having troubles.
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sorry about that I couldnt download the infocus projector screen calculator.

but if you go here .... http://www.infocus.com/service/tech_...site_region=1&

you will find what you need. this site has the program.... just click on the page to bring up the program ... then choose X1 from the dropdown box.

And remember .... when inverted the top of the reflected image on the screen is lower.... depending on the distance back...

You will note that there is a range with the zoom ring of screen sizes from a certain distance.

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Thanks for the link. I have used that calculator to determine throw distance and it tells me the pj need to be between around 14 and 16 feet back from the screen. However, I did not see anywhere on there where it lets me know what the offset would be with the projector inverted. Am I missing something?
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Received a payment from paypal from a customer out west...
Payments not received in the amounts requested will be cancelled.

Canadian prices were set at $98.80..which includes shipping...by Fedex or UPS ground with a tracking number.

The reason I was given was that there is no provincial tax in Alberta...
Well it cost me $6 more to ship to Alberta than to Ontario. And there is Gst on the shipping.

Shipping is based on Zones..I do not get one rate for all of Canada.
check it out... then rework your digits... you will find that with a base of 81.25 CDN....what I get... that it almost works out evenly... I downloaded the rates... made a transportation...simplex tableu.. with projected locations in each zone.... and came up with a singular rate that is automatically worked backwards on my invoice. I am trying to provide an excellent service by launching these here cheaper than I would get for these elsewhere. There is no margin to negotiate rates. Please dont send "how much if I drive down from Toronto?"... I am not interested.. in binding my time. Besides that gas is at 80+ cents a litre...



the dreamer is going to design and build these in the best possible way using the latest technology - me

the businessman is going to use his prior skills as a vp finance to get the product to you with a price/performance that will be impossible to beat. - me again

the son-of-a-bitch is going to have to cancel your order if you modify or change pricing. - yep that would be me again.

It was just a misunderstanding but if you use the figure of $6 for extra shipping out west and add the GST to it you will soon find out that the price I receive as a base does not change.... Doing the logistics for calculating a one fixed price everything included price saves you money because it saves my time... Trust you understand this and will send in the requested $98.80. CDN. Its an all inclusive price, taxes and shipping is included. (special rate areas. like nunavut do not apply)

NOTE this does not apply to the USA and International shipments...

The price for these shipments is still in USA currency at $68.00. US... which also includes shipping.... there will be no brokerage, or duty added.

Money order, wire transfer, paypal, certified checks,

Note since 9/11 all the banks hold any check deposits for clearing for up to 30 days.... this method is not a good way to go...

Get your projectors up and out of the way so you do not get interupted when we get to see the Great Sadam chase in HD.


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hey mandrax, I noticed you mentioned a while back doing an HS10 version. It looks like Sony is catching up on the production backlog so there will be increasing demand.

What's the status of the hs10 mount? estimated time frame? With the hs10 hole pattern, this would be a perfect mount and I'm very reluctant to pay the usurious rate that sony wants for their mount.

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philba..... I will be busy shipping for a few days. I have some incredulous designs for the HS10.. They will all be suited specifically to the product, and made to fit the product characteristics... not some homogenius product that has no forsight.... Its no wonder you cant see pictures of mounts when doing alot of searching... I would be to embarrassed if I made junk and charged a couple of hundred dollars.

Give me a email at d1g1talv1s10ns@netscape.net I can fill you in some more...

It will be z1, 300 ... at the same time... then hs10.. I dont carry the sony due to their policies being a bit peculiar to a reseller. But my solution fits like a glove...so what to do...

back to shipping..

I will try and give out tracking numbers today... or first thing in the morning.
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thanks for all the support.. lots of orders....

Please remember these are going by fedex or UPS...I will need your telephone number referenced on the paypal notes... I sent out email to those that have not provided it..

Sorry about the delay on those ones.

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thanks rob, it sounds like it is weeks away from an hs10 solution. wish it were sooner because I want to get this taken care of asap. sounds like chief will get my money. oh well...

Even so, I think what you are doing is great.

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Thanks philba ... except I stay up late doin it..

Just finished packaging #65 .... Yipes its 4 am

Chief... lol... who dis? Thought I was the chief. Really take a look at the machining of these when you get them... it brought tears to my eyes they were so beautiful...

I have a bunch more shots for you.
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How Now chief... do you suppose the chief can do this?

demonstrated by future vanna white...

PS thats a 1000 lb 80"tv ... If you buy the tv... you get the bracket for free.
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Just as a side note part of my patent has the use of the bracket to hold up a conventional wall mount screen. It was use # 17.. It has a alternate plate called a screen mount.... Imagine adjustable screen..... it be cool eh... yeah...

ok here is a shot of the hardware for the mount. See those toggle bolts... dont use em unless you absolutely cant get into a stud... In the absence of a stud these are the best you can get... extremely strong. There is also two stainless steel screws in the bag..

How the toggle bolts work is there is a spring on the toggles... you squeeze the toggles and and they fold in... push through the drilled hole and they flair out..... tighten and voila
If you were to by chance try them .... you would drill a 1/2 inch hole. They are 3 "
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here ya go... the hardware
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remember when I told you that I had some slik stuff for high ceilings...

I also use some of this for some of the wire feeds into the projector.

You will note that it matches the powder coat finish....

I cut plated threaded rod and use a connector piece to drop down from the ceiling. Some pics of some applications should be coming shortly. This stuff slides over the threaded rod... and bellisimo.... Can the chief do a 15' drop.. or any variation thereof.... me no think so..

here it is
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