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I am still getting a strong signal from both PBS and ABC, I have noticed the signal strength on the FOX channel has dropped significantly. I still have a great picture, I'm not getting as strong a signal. I don't know if they turned the power down or what. I wish it were possible to pick up the Birmingham stations all the time, I could do that and get ABC here and be in hog heaven. Is WSFA still a go next month or had they dropped back to March?
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Originally posted by Tigerman73
I am still getting a strong signal from both PBS and ABC, I have noticed the signal strength on the FOX channel has dropped significantly. I still have a great picture, I'm not getting as strong a signal. I don't know if they turned the power down or what. I wish it were possible to pick up the Birmingham stations all the time, I could do that and get ABC here and be in hog heaven. Is WSFA still a go next month or had they dropped back to March?

WSFA is now saying March. This is at least the fourth "live date" they have put off, but at least this time they are putting it off only a month so maybe there is hope. WAKA still says maybe by the end of 2004. I don't have much hope for them. At least this has given me the chance to discover that ABC has some pretty good shows ("The Practice." "Line of Fire," and several sit coms that surprised me). If WSFA and WAKA thought they were losing significant numbers of viewers to WNCF (instead of only a hand full) that would speed up their transition to digital. In the meantime I'll have to be happy with ABC, PBS, the little I get from B'ham and my D* channels.
If I could get CBS and NBC full time from B'ham I wouldn't care what WAKA and WSFA did or didn't do. Has 20-1 started transmitting Fox's 480p signal?
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The past month or so I was having problems getting enough signal strenth from all channels. I got to messing with my Antenna and found that the cable from my Antenna to my preamp was bad. And also one of my wires where loose. I guess from all the turning. So now I can get a good signal. So check your cables.
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So what's the latest on NBC specifically. I see where they are listed as TBD on antenna web. Have they started building the tower and do they have the equipment ready to make the jump to HD in March. Hopefully it hasn't been pushed back any further.
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Anybody heard anything else about WSFA. The last they told me was that they would be on the air in March. I sent an e-mail to them a few days ago and haven't received a reply (I received quick replies on all my previous e-mails). On TitanTv they went from "under review" to information "currently not available." This leads me to believe that they are in the same camp as WAKA (the only difference is that WAKA says they will not be on the air anytime soon and WSFA keeps giving dates aned then not meeting them).
Hopefully, I am wrong and we will see WSFA soon but I am not holding my breath. I thougt WNCF might put pressure on WSFA and WAKA but, I guess
not. Stan
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April for WSFA. God only knows when for WAKA.

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Jim, Thanks for the info just hope they come through. The first date thay set was 11-02 and there have been several since then (3 this year--2-04. 3-04 and now 4-04). I quess I don't have much faith in WSFA anymore, at least WAKA is upfront and you know not to look for their digital signal anytime soon. Hopefully, WSFA will come through in April-but I'm not holding my breath. Stan
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26, 26-1 and 26-2 are all off the air as of this morning. Or at least I'm not receiving any signal for the 3. Also maybe, JimP can help on this one, is WSFA still shooting for April?
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Saw my contact just this past Sunday about WSFA. He said as far as he knows, they haven't changed the date. I think that they had said the end of March(tomorrow) or maybe April 1st. Sure hope this isn't their idea of an April fools joke.

Just tried to tune in 26 on Voom satellite. Got a no signal tuned. Maybe their fixing whatever was causing their signal level to bounce around so much.
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For those in the Montgomery area with PBS going black, there's an article of the wsfa website telling about something on the WAIQ tower literally frying. PBS is still able to broadcast from their other towers around the state, but not Montgomery. They're working on a temporary fix until a permanent fix can be made.

I guess we knew that something was wrong with WAIQ with their signal strength bouncing around, but I guess it took self distruction to get the station manager's attention. Or was it an AVSer? ;-)

Its possible that WSFA will go HD today. I'm unable to scan for new channels with my Voom receiver.(until they've modify the software). Is anyone else getting it? During the day, it may only show up as a digital station with SD and HD at nigh like some of the other digital stations have done.
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and give it a whirl and see if I can pick it up.
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I'll scan channel 14 when I get home tonight. (Been doing this about 3 days a week anyway) And I'll check in the morning before I leave for work. Also has anyone heard about UPN? There suppost to go live on channel 48 out of Troy soon to.
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Scanned for 14 but nothing came up as of 6:00PM
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14? is that for WSFA. If so, wouldn't it be some derivative of 12, like 12-1 or something?
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Should show up as 12-1, but I haven't gotten anything yet. I scanned this morning again, but being its early if it was going to pop up today it would probably be later on .
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...and it would be somewhere on their website, which it isn't. Guess they didn't make it.
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Tried last night and this morning. Nothing. Did'nt really think it would be. I just hope they are up and running before the Olympics.
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From what I can tell it doesn't appear as though they have filed for an extension w/ the FCC to delay bringing it on. Their current extension runs through the 24th. Hopefully they'll get rolling shortly. On UPN from Troy it looks like all that is holding that one up FWIW is some money coming in to the owner of the station from his architectural work done at Ft. Rucker, he says that the HD equipment is ordered and ready to ship but he can't get it until his check comes in. I got a chuckle out of that one when I read it.
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Is anybody getting WNCF-HD? I lost their signal since Saturday.
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I haven't had any problems
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No problems here. I would check your cables and plugs. I had that problem and found out it was a bad cable from the Antenna to the pre amp. It must have broken inside the cable because from the outside it looked fine. Do you turn your Antenna alot?
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Any news on WSFA? I have been out of town for about a week (last Thursday I found I had a detached retina and had surgery last Friday at UAB) and scanned when I got home but no WSFA digital. Looks like it's getting down to a "race" between WSFA and WAKA. Stan
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Can you see if WAKA has any kind of documentation regarding when they'll go live with their HD.

Sorry to hear about your surgery. Hope everything went well.
According to my contact, WSFA was suppose to HD on March 30 or April 1st. Obviously, that didn't happen. Tigerman was saying that WSFA has an extention till the 24th.
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Looking at the FCC website, WSFA still has not filed for any extentions on going HD. I would assume they are looking to go live shortly. WAKA filed for another extention on 2/24 to go thru 10/24. So the best guess would be late this year, they are still proclaiming no money.
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Incredible about WAKA. Isn't CBS the most watched network??

They'll probably drag it out till the last minute.

Thanks for checking Tigerman
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While I was down at my parents in Ozark, I had a lot of time to watch TV. I noticed that both ABC and CBS down there are transmitting HD (the NBC station for that area is WSFA). Looks like CBS is now available in southeast Alabama, southwest Alabama, north east Alabama and north
central Alabama but not in the capital city area. I guess we are at the mercy of the station owners. Stan
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Many of my favorite shows are on CBS. My guess is that they know people will watch them in SD so why spend the money to upgrade to HD until they have to.

Stan. Anybody closer than Birmingham broadcasting CBS in HD?
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Not that I am aware of except, possibly, an APT station-not sure of all the locations. The stations in the Dothan area would be 120-130 miles away.
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I sometime could pick up CBS out of Dothan with my Samsung SIR receiver. And I live north of Montgomery. I really need to buy that back from my dad. He never really uses it.
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This a response I got from WSFA:

Thanks for your e-mail. We have completed our digital transmission facility. We are working out a few of the bugs and should be testing soon. Then we must get final approval from the FCC to begin broadcasting on a full time basis.

The reason we are behind WNCF is that we applied to the FCC to change our digital channel from 55 to 14. Long term it is better for us and better for our viewers to be on 14, but it took many months to get that application approved by the FCC.

Also we are building a full power facility. WNCF and WCOV both have low power facilities that do not cover the entire viewing area.

We are sorry for the delay, but it will be worth the wait.

Hoyt Andres
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