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I would get a splitter that specifies that it reduces signal loss. You're going to lose some anyway. You may need a pre-amp because it's in the attic.

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i might be putting this in the wrong place as im a newby but please consider that when you flame me

i just installed a db4e on a cabin at the central part of lake jordan... for awhile yesterday i was receiving channel 12-1&12-2 along with 15 other channels.including 20-1,20.2,20.3 but later in the afternoon the 12s disapeared and i cant get them back.i tried 10',20',and30' above cabin and 10;' gave me the best reception .
would possibly a pre-amp help my signal from vhf even though when it came in yesterday it was perfect...if so which one is recommended
i was leaning towards the RCA mounted on mast with plug inside.
thanks in advance.
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Welcome to AVS forum.

Reviewing the the DB4E antenna specifications, you have a reception angle of 60 degrees and a range of up to 65 miles. ("up to" can mean anything) Keep in mind that range usually only applies to the center of the antenna and as you receiver signals from the outer edges of the antenna, range decreases. Kind of pie slice shaped.

Using this tool http://www.tvfool.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=13&Itemid=1 enter your location and find out if 12 is outside the angle of reception from your other channels. It might be an either or situation where with a single antenna, you'll have to rotate it depending on your channels. Another option is to go dual antennas.
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thanks for the reply but channel 12 and channel 20 are listed on your site above at 167 degrees and thats where i set it by compass,not sure a rotor could help and 20 and 12 should be centered on pie shape.
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Well, I have the antenna mounted and connected, and I am now getting 25 channels! smile.gif now I just need my HTPC parts to arrive so I can have it all be recording!
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Since 12 and 20 are on the same tower, if you can get 20 clearly, then you should be able to get 12 provided your antenna will receive VHF.

Perform a fresh channel scan just to be sure that you didn't somehow loose it from the tuner.

If that doesn't work, the next step is to do something to increase the incoming signal. A taller mast should have worked better than the shorter one. You might want to retry the taller mast.

If that doesn't work, then go with an antenna preamp such as the Channel Master CM-7777. This amplifier will do VHF as well as UHF. If you go with another brand, you want to be careful about the VHF spec as some preamps won't pass VHF.

Let us know how this turns out.
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thanks again jim,
i tried the taller mast again with no luck,so i ordered the rca pre-amp so as not to overload as much as the 7777 would.
the db4e i have states it is a combination vhf/uhf so im hoping just a little boost will help the vhf side.
had to order online as no one i found locally had any pr-amps except radio shack with there own brand.with the reviews on it i decided to go ahead with the rca...hope this solves problem when i comes in.
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okay i recieved my preamp today ...so my question is...i have my antenna connection connected to a 3' cable to a ground block for the shielding then the other side of block connects to my cable to the tv,,with a aluminum wire down to a ground rod.

the pre- amp shows the antenna to the pre amp then out the other side to the tv power supply inside the house.my question is ,can i still go to my straight thru grounding block prior to going into the house into the power supply and then to tv.
just want to be sure i will still be getting power thru to the amp with this setup without losing to much of the amp power.
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The grounding block will not affect your circuit (unless it is defective). It's just a straight-thru connector
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I currently have a Mohu Leaf in my house. It's works okay, but now I want to install the Mohu sky antenna (http://store.gomohu.com/sky-hdtv-outdoor-antenna.html), it seems relatively easy, but I need help. Does anyone recommend installers in Montgomery? I'm hoping to knock out two birds with one stone, because I'm also looking to get a cell booster installed, both to be installed in or around the attic area of the house.

Any help with finding local installers would be great, thanks in advance.
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I would carefully examine price vs performance regarding the Mohu Sky. $169 is rather expensive, and there may be better choices. You may want to also consider the Clearstream antennas, Winegard Flatwave Air, or even a generic 8-bay version such as MCM for $49, or Solid Signal for $59. I think there may be better choices to consider and more reasonably priced.
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the db4e from solid signal is what im using and it is a 65 mile antenna,for 59.00. does a great job on my lake house about 45-50 miles from towers.i had no luck with the mohu ansd the db4e is working much better.for the price its hard to beat.
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DB4e and DB8e are reportedly very good antennas and a better choice than the Mohu Sky. I would think.
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For your viewing pleasure.. WBMM has dropped WNCF-SD on 22-2,which has now been replaced with WBMM-NN on 22-2 carrying "The Nashville Network" . EPG will soon follow. smile.gif
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Are there any metrics as to how many actually watch the subchannels other than the primary?
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UGH, I hate WNCF and there volume limiting crap. It caused me to stop watching ABC shows last year, I streamed or downloaded them instead, and I'm about give up watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Last time I posted about this, someone connected with WNCF responded and said it was because of new laws but, if that is true then why is WNCF the only local channel affected. Why is it the only ABC affiliate affected as I've mention this in specific show threads before and no one else has the problem. it's just WNCF. I also know it is not my TV provider because last time I posted about it I was with Dish Network, now I'm with DirecTV. I know it's not my equipment because it happens on all my TV.

Here's the issue, there volume limiting, normalizing software/device is over aggressive and effects show volume as well, not just commercial volume. Whenever action scenes start during Agents of Shield, the volume drops dramatically, to the point were we have to turn our volume up. It ruins the show IMO. Funny thing is, the whole reason for the idea of volume limiting is ruin by WNCF's implementation. If an action scene is going on right as the show goes to commercial, the volume raises back to normal when the commercial drops. The big volume changes between shows and commercials are what volume limiting are suppose to prevent but it's made worse by WNCFs method.

It's stupid and I know the folks over there now about it because one of them blamed it on the new law in this tread over a year ago. They need to hire some people that know what they are doing, they are the only station in town with this problem. I can't watch shows with actions scene on WNCF anymore, it's to annoying. Back to streaming or downloading I guess.
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Originally Posted by JimP View Post

I'll loan you a spare 4228 if you want to try it before going through the hassel of buying an possibly returning one.
Hello Jim I'm located in MGM near JD, I've been haveing very bad reception lately on CW,WCOV and this w/ the Y-tube antenna usalley these channels come in great,
if you'r offer still stands I would like to try the CM4228 before buying (if they become available).
when analog turned digital I continued w/ the old $15. archer rabbit ears, worked good however now I have 4 TV tuner connections, switched to the single y-tube coat hanger worker OK for a while then seamed to get weak switched to the Yaggie in the attic this was a step backwards.

I now have a home made y-tube CM4228 in attic worked the best untill recently w/ CW , THIS & WCOV

is everyone else in the area have recent weak signal from these channels?
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Happy New Year!
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Anyone interested in a front projection screen on the cheap?

PM me if you are.
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any major changes/additions headed our way for Summer?
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