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Halo cheats /walk-throughs ?  

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possibly because it's old news now, i can't seem to locate a good walk-through in the stores, magazines or online.

also, there don't appear to be any of the usual invicibility-type cheats.

i saw some for the "legendary" mode, but i'm just in normal.
i am so stuck trying to get up that pyramid in level 6, when the flying ghosts are shooting you and that plasma cannonball. if found the rocket launcher, but still can't make it. my health is down to its last piece, so i ahve to be perfect.
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Cheat Code Central has one.

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For any system, any program, your can almost always find what you need at www.gamefaqs.com
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Gamespot.com has walkthroughs on almost everything. JR
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thanks...but still no help. maybe there are not any cheats for the game.

the walkthroughs for some reason (different difficulty) are not pertinent to my current problem.

maybe i will find some active forum for Halo (any suggestions??)
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it seems you are right, there are no cheats for Halo. As far as active forums, you could always try


Which will have specific Halo info, but isnt' the most trafficed group in the world. Or, if you are brave, there's always

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If memory serves, seems like I had to drop back once and redo a level, to better my health or something. JR
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Try Bungie's home page: http://www.bungie.net . There are some forums on there, as well as some links to some other Halo specific sites (which I believe have some walk throughs on them). I have never seen any real codes for Halo. Always just did it the old fashion way, although playing through the story with a buddy made it easier (and more fun too).
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There are no cheat codes for Halo. I read an article by the programmers and this was confirmed. I can't see why though.

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To see every possible glitch in this game, go to

A fansite that has step-by-steps and videos of what would have to be evey possible thing you can do in Halo on Xbox. There are no cheat codes...well...unless you fell like putting a mod chip in your Xbox and going through some PITA gyrations. I havben't tried them, but the videos are pretty amusing.
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update: thanks for everyone's help.

i'm up to level 8 !!
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