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One other question: does INHD require the box?
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InHD and ESPN HD are scambled channels. Only the broadcasters are required to be un-scrambled because you can pick them up OTA for free.
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You need the box for ESPN-HD, IND-HD, Showtime-HD, and HBO-HD. You also need to subscribe to HBO or Showtime to get their HD.
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Originally posted by FAiello
NBC-HD, ABC-HD, PBS-HD, FOX-ED, History-SD, & Bravo-HD

Are you sure that's Bravo HD? If so, verrrry interesting.
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Something you might find interesting...

I don't know about other communities, but here in Watertown we recently got a letter from Comcast announcing an extensive channel realignment "in order to prepare for the launch of new technology". Since we already have VOD here, I was wondering what they were talking about. Since I pass by the local Comcast several times a week, I decided to ask (they usually don't know anything, but what the hey).

Well, this time they did know something. The woman at the front desk told me that the changes were to free up bandwidth for new HD channels! She didn't know anything else, so there's no way to know whether this was a long-range plan to free up enough space for all the channels they might want to add in the next year or so, or whether they had to go through this whole rigamarole just to free up space for Cinemax and Starz (a Philly poster with inside Comcast connections is posting that Philly will launch those channels on 12/22). Cross your fingers and hope it's the former!
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Sorry, I meant to say Bravo-SD can be pick up with the QAM tuner.
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Did anyone know if Celtic has any game shown in HDTV?
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Fox sports hasn't announced anything about Celtics in HD, but I'd guess a few games will appear on ESPN and/or ABC in HD at some point.
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Bob- got that too- they're just really pushing people to get digital. Reducing analog services and charging more for it.
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Then do those of us with digital boxes a favor and make more of the channels truly digital and not analog mirrors in the digital range.

I'm not familiar withthe technicalities of HD over catv. Is Comcast really that limited by bandwidth right now?

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I don't know all the technical details, but if you figure 6Mhz per analog channel and 100 analog channels that's 600Mhz right there. I don't know if Comcast has a 750Mhz or 1Ghz system, but then they run cable modem service, phone service, and all the digital channels. Each HD channel takes up 1/2 the space of an analog one, and something like 8-10 digital SD channels fit into the space of one analog channel. Your guess as to what's left is as good as mine.
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Are there any TVs that will come out (eventually) with a way to tune all channels without a box? I thought there was finally a deal in place or something...

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I think Celtics games are supposed to be on INHD2. I've seen several Bruins games shown there, but not the Celtics so far.
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Originally posted by Schlotkins
Are there any TVs that will come out (eventually) with a way to tune all channels without a box? I thought there was finally a deal in place or something...


I believe what you are thinking about is what is called "conditional access". I don't know the specifics of this but it is believed that this is how the "smart card" technology will start to come into play...
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Comcast must have alot of bandwidth here because of all the stuff they're adding- on top of that they're upping the internet speeds too.

They added Starz VOD in the last few days. It's the biggest VOD offering by far, and a few of the movies are widescreen (although not HD). I'm hoping their HD service starts soon. I don't watch SHO much.

There should be a rate increase across the board in the Boston region. They just switched me to digital gold the other day (same price as what I was paying for a la carte stuff) and I'm wonderng how much the increase will be?
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Originally posted by JDLIVE
I think Celtics games are supposed to be on INHD2. I've seen several Bruins games shown there, but not the Celtics so far.

The Bruins games are NESN property. NESN has a deal with InHD to show Bruins home games on InHD. The Celtics games are on Fox Sports New England which does not have a deal with InHD. I have not seen anything that would indicate that the Celtics will be available in HD this season. Too bad, because that Fox channel in analog on Comcast comes in poorly for me, and is almost unwatchable.
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You can't get any of the SD channels right? 203 or anything? My 5100 seems to indicate they are encrypted.

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Thanks for the correction, Mickey. I think I mis-remembered the announcement...I knew the Red Sox and Bruins were included, figured the Celtics were as well.
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"Expanded basic" rates are going up here as well.

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They're all going up. The say it's because of the "added value" of cable services. I suppose that's true, but it's not like we're getting it for free. I'll be happy when we get the bandwidth upgrade in a few months.

I could see VOD being fairly usefull for those with kids. There's tons of movies on there. Saves a trip to the videostore. It's too bad the PQ is so poor- I find it mostly unwatchable, at least for movies. I have watched some 4:3 anime on there. HD VOD doesn't seem likely for a while.

I also noticed on the website it said we won't get the 6208 PVR untill the middle of '04.
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No mention of cable internet or digital cable rates going up...well "No comment" from Comcast according to that article. Have you heard otherwise?
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Anyone else here having trouble with Fox on 825, or is it just me?
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FXT-DT is not on the air either.
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Fox 825 not working here in North Chelmsford
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Getting no WFXT-DT OTA or Comcast.
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I've made the big decision to dump DIRECTV in favor of Comcast. Reasons: (1) NESNHD; and (2) Offer I couldn't refuse...free install and $25 off my programming for 16 months. My install is scheduled a week from Wednesday. Can anyone give me any reasons why I am (A) doing the right thing or (B) cancel the install and keep DIRECTV. All comments pro or con are welcome. Also can someone list an up-to-date HDTV Comcast lineup for me. Thanks.
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D* over Comcast:

1. OTA stations that are not available w/Comcast are integrated in to the line up (WBZ-DT, GBX-x, SBK, LVI, PRI, etc.)
2. Sunday Ticket

Comcast over D*
1. Sox
2. B's
3. No separate charge for ESPN-HD
4. Cable agreement that will provide a STB w/1394 in 2004

1. You don't have to give them your HD box for the $25/month credit any box will do. Better to buy a SD box on ebay for little money and sell the HD box there for more money.
2. They won't give you the $25/month credit if you are already a Comcast customer
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Middle of '04 will be here before you know it. At least we will be getting it!

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I have both D* and Comcast. I've cut back on D* just enough to keep what I want to "TiVo".
Once Comcast gets us the PVR, I will just keep bare bones D* for the sports packages I order.
For me, the PQ of most Comcast digital channels (> 100) is better than D* on my display.
Depending on where you live and your display, YMMV. I believe, in the long run, cable
will be the preferred video pipe into the home. Satellite has some issues to overcome if it
wants to compete with cable, which I don't think they will be able to do - mostly because of cost.

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A few more cons for Comcast

1) Regular rate increases
2) No CBS, WB, UPN, etc (not an issue if you keep an OTA tuner though)
3) Generally incompetent customer service (missed appointments, rude CSRs) although it seems to be improving
4) The Motorola Box is clunky IMO. No way to delete uninteresting channels, for instance.

Pro DirecTV

1) HDNet and Discovery-HD

HD lineup on Comcast is:

InHD2 (includes home Red Sox/Bruins games in HD)

If you subscribe to each channel:
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