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Originally posted by NickHDTV
So right now, we can only view wrgb in digital.

Not quite, refer to the first post in this thread, which is updated regularly. You can view WRGB-DT from the helderbergs and WCDC-DT from N. Adams, MA. ...And with TWC-Digital and TWC's HD box you can see WTEN-DT.
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Man is D* worth it right now then?

For our area would you say cable or sat is best for HD, for now and the next 12 months. (seeing subscription commitments are usually 12 months)

I can always switch to the other when my time is up.
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Would i beable to pick up the one coming from Mass?
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Comparing TWC Digital's HD to D*'s HD:

Both offer HBO-HD, SHO-HD and Discovery HD Theater plus a Special Events channel.
TWC also gives you WTEN-DT(ABC).
D* adds ESPN-HD, HDnet, HDnet Movies and a PPV channel.
KEEP IN MIND... D* will NOT be adding locals in HD. TWC will.
Choose what best fits your taste. If you are huge NFL fan this will be difficult. TWC can give you the MNF game in HD on ABC, but you'll need D* for the Sunday game on ESPN as well as Sunday Ticket. I would speculate that in the end TWC will have better stuff. Eventually they'll have all the locals in HD, plus they will feed national HD channels with higher data rates than satellite can, this means better Picture Quality. However, as for right now, I prefer D*'s offerings over TWC. Not to make this decision harder for you, but DISH Net is expected to unveil an HD tier soon that also includes HDnet and HDnet Movies.

Receiving WCDC-TV in Saratoga:

Should be no problem, again, use the link above to find which direction to point your antenna.
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Thanks, maybe i will just get both twc and D*...NOT! I am on my way to pick up a $400 stb but man, not so sure it is worth it!!!
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I just re-read one of your posts. You guess that nbc and fox may give local HD in Oct/Nov. If this is true i guess i might go with TWC. Are you sure about CBS coming out later this month.

Last question, from this quote, were you referring to TWC-Albany giving these locals in HD in near future, or just TWC in general?
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What about this scenario, getting TWC and an OTA-antenna for when the locals start sending out their HD signals. TWC said they would increase their price if they took on more HD channles, i think $54 is too much as it is a month.

So what about getting an antenna and an stb to show them in HD.

Question, do they have STB's for just OTA-antennas, if so, what are some you would recommend, if they have dvi ports that would be a plus!

Thanks man!
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First of all, TWC reps are uninformed about future programming until official Press Releases are made, otherwise, they are guessing. There has been no announcements concerning future HD except to say they are working on ESPN-HD.

WRGB-DT in HD may have to wait till early September, but it is definately coming soon.

Since TWC-Albany currently allows WTEN-DT to be on the lineup, they would come under heavy fire if they didn't add the other locals when they were made available.

Most HD-STB's include an ATSC tuner, which is why you can get OTA DTV with them. You may want to consider just an ATSC tuner, not an HD-STB. An ATSC tuner will only tune-in OTA signals (analog, DTV and HDTV) and runs a few hundred dollars less. In terms of a good model... I don't know... check out the DTV receivers in the hardware forums, I've always felt Zenith makes the best HD consumer gear. DON"T BUY A PANASONC STB/ATSC Tuner... THEY SUCK!

I myself use a Radio Shack rooftop antenna on a rotor. Subscribe to D* with HDTV tier and HBO-HD. So I am missing out on WTEN-DT for now and SHO-HD(because it's not worth another $10 to me), but the cost to me is also around $54/mo.

Like I said before, TWC-Albany will probably one day soon outshine D*'s offerings, but for me that day is months, if not a year or two, away.
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Thanks for the info man, big help!

I think i'm going the digi route for now then. If I see our locals coming out more in HD, then i will do as you suggesated with the ATSC tuner and an OTA-A.

The $400+ up front for the HD-receiver is just a major road block right now.

Do the converter boxes that TWC offers have a DVI port? That would be a nice feature if so.
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Originally posted by NickHDTV
Do the converter boxes that TWC offers have a DVI port?

Not sure... anyone else frequenting this thread know?
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As of 08/20/03 TWC has the SA3250HD STB. It has a DVI port but, the SA website says it is reserved for future use. I think I have read (on this forum) that it does in fact work. I have not had a chance to verify this because TWC does not have DVI cables and Ciruit City has one for $100.00. Too much $$ for my needs right now. Hope this helps. The
Time Warner Rep. stated that the SA 8000HD will be available at the end of Sept.
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Go to pacificcable.com. I just bought a dvi-D cable for 17.99 It was recommended within these forums. You can get any length, I needed a 2 meter.
The product number is DVISL-2 (the 2 represents 2 meters)

Here is the actual info below. Be sure it is DVI-D to DVI-D.

DVISL-2 2 Meter DVI-D Male To DVI-D Male Single Link Digital Cable $17.00 Qty:
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Good news on the dvi port for the cable boxes. I am still considering going basic satellite until more digital channels come out locally.Then I may purchase an OTA-antenna with a stand alone stb.

Very, very confused man here.
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DVI does not work! : (
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Not digital news, but DMA-related, a new UPN affiliate is OTA on channel 51 from Pittsfield, MA and channel 15 from Albany. You can find it on Time Warner channel 4. There was no UPN affiliate doing OTA in this market for the last 4 years!
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Any update on WRGB HD, ESPNHD on Time Warner or the community tower? Thanks
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September 15, 2003

WRGB-DT anticipates passing network through at 1080i by the end of this week... hopefully providing the Cleveland @ San Francisco (in HDTV) game, Sunday, Sept 21 @ 4:15pm.

The Community Tower, specifically the building, became "weather tight" today and is close to finished. It is then up to each affiliate to set-up, test and operate their transmitters.
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I received this from WRGB this morning.....

"Current plans call for passing HD through from CBS on 11/1 or as close as
possible to that date. We do not have an agreement with Time Warner at
this time, so I can't say much about that right now. I would like to have
that resolved as soon as possible. We will definitely be over the air on
Channel 39 (as we are now, at reduced power and in standard def)."
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The new HD channel INHD is now on Time Warner Digital Cable.
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(never mind - I read back a little more and saw some answers...I'll leave the bottom anyway)

Are you using Over the Air as well as TWC?

I am looking at a new TV and am not sure if HDTV ready will be enough with TWC. Should I get a full HDTV so that I can use an antenna as well? I am in Guilderland and believe have TWC Albany.

A Rep from a certain AV store in Albany (don't think names are allowed here) seems to think that TWC will pick up all the networks.

Just fishing for ideas.

Joe - A long time lurker!
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Are you sure TWC is carrying INHD? They were showing a free preview on Ch. 1801 for the last week or two, but I noticed they pulled the plug on it a couple of days ago. I read elsewhere on this forum that TWC hasn't inked a deal yet to carry INHD. Do you know otherwise?
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Matt, I noticed this morning that they moved INHD up to 1860 or thereabouts (I'm at work so trying to remember). But, as a bonus, they're also feeding INHD2 one channel above INHD. I'm assuming they're keeping 1801 free for previews.
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Originally posted by esposj

I am looking at a new TV and am not sure if HDTV ready will be enough with TWC. Should I get a full HDTV so that I can use an antenna as well? I am in Guilderland and believe have TWC Albany.

A Rep from a certain AV store in Albany (don't think names are allowed here) seems to think that TWC will pick up all the networks.

It is likely all network affiliates will be picked up in HDTV on TWC, however, it is NOT guaranteed. So... If money is no object, be safe and get a full HDTV - you could start watching CBS-HD before you could on TWC. But if you can wait and see.... you may not need it in a few months. You can always add a ATSC tuner later if TWC doesn't obtain all the networks. Sorry to be vague, but it's still too early to make the call on that.
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Time Warner Cable Albany

Channel 1865 INHD
Channel 1866 INHD2
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Affiliate Update:

According to Chief Engineer Rich Klein:
Channel 13-1 (12),WNYT-DT (NBC) expects to test OTA in early October and be up and running at full power by mid-October. Network will be passed through at 1080i. They currently have no agreement with TWC.

According to Chief Engineer Sarge Cathrall:
Channel 23-1 (4), WXXA-DT (FOX) has applied to the FCC for a channel re-assignment from 4 to 7. Until the FCC responds to the application WXXA-DT will have no estimate for sign-on. They do plan on broadcasting network in 720p. They also have no current agreement with TWC.

According to Chief Engineer Fred Lass:
Channel 6-1,2 (39), WRGB-DT/WNYA* (CBS/UPN) is passing CBS network through at 1080i and UPN at 480i. They also have no current agreement with TWC.
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Channels 6-1, 6-2 (39)

It's here. (While still in low-power and using a uni-directional antenna) WRGB-DT will pass CBS through at 1080i with DD5.1 starting tonight, Friday, September 19, 2003. There will also be 1 college football game in HD this Sat and 1 NFL game in HD this Sun. ALL CBS NETWORK PROGRAMMING PROVIDED IN HD/DD5.1 WILL NOW BE PASSED THROUGH IN HD/DD5.1 ON WRGB-DT FROM NOW ON!

This is the Albany Schenectady Troy market's first official OTA HD channel.

WNYA (UPN) is simulcast in 480i on Channel 6-2 (still 39)
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I am living in an apartment in Troy. Unfortunatley, I am unable to use an external antenna. With an internal antenna and a preamp, I am able to get about 30% signal from CBS. Do you think that when they go full power my reception will break the 50% barrier so I can watch. Otherwise I will be looking for suggestions for an indoor antenna. (I currently use the Silver Sensor and a Radio Shack 15-1171 PreAmp).
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Woot! : )

Hey Ultrix,

I think you will have no problem receiving the signal when it goes full power and I also think you might be able to currently increase the signal level by possibly moving the SS to a different location in the house? Is it pointed towards the WRGB tower? anyway, I wouldn't worry yet since I was receiving the signal at 95-100% last nite and t'nite I'm only at 81-87%

Hey MFX1,

Are you able to receive the HDTV signal from your location?
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Originally posted by BreakStuff
Hey MFX1,
Are you able to receive the HDTV signal from your location?

Unfortunately, no. However I fully expect to receive WRGB-DT when it's moved to the Community Tower.

BTW, Ultrix:
It is more likely that your reception problem is from the unidirectional antenna being used by WRGB-DT temporarily. It is in the Helderbergs and aimed directly at Schenectady. This was done to achieve a "Grade A" signal in the city of Schenectady, which is WRGB's FCC Ciy of Origin. In doing so, WRGB has avoided the need for a FCC Deadline Extension on the transision to DTV. Recap: Signal will get better within 2 months when the transmitter is moved due to a better Transmitting Antenna, Higher Antenna Elevation and more Transmitter Wattage.

I wonder if your reduced signal strength is related to the broadcast now being in 1080i. Some ATSC tuners previously locked into WRGB-DT had to perform a new "Channel Search" after the signal was changed to 1080i. Can you see 6-2 UPN? How does it look? Remember WRGB is dividing its bandwidth to deliver both stations on the same frequency. (and UPN doesn't even provide HD yet, so don't ask.)
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Its too bad you can't receive this signal yet MFX1, you been our leading source of information and now that it's here you cant even enjoy it.

Anyway, I can see the UPN signal on 6-2(WRGB-S1*) and I also have a 6-3(WRGB-S2*) that also broadcast's the same 1080i format found on 6-1(WRGB-HD*).. (* call signs displayed by MyHD card)

Signal strength still hangs around the 81-93% and picture quality is very pretty.. I just watched the Georgia vs LSU college football game broadcast in HDTV and it was absolutely unbelievable.. only slight pixelization (possibly hardware on my end) and 5.1 audio was as good as it gets coming from a sporting event.. very impressive on both video and audio.

Note: Lost the 1080i signal as well as the 480i UPN signal just after 9pm and all WRGB DTV channels were broadcast WRGB 480i until the HDTV broadcast of "The District" shortly after 10 pm.. at that time UPN 480i returned as well as the 1080i signal until 11pm.. prolly just need time to get the bugs out I guess...

And just to mention.. I would like to give a big " Thank You" to those who are affliated and contributed to making HDTV in the Capitol District a reality, Your hard work doesn't go un-noticed... especially on my 92"x48" screen!
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