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Can anyone receive KSHB's digital signal tonight?
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KSHB-DT 42 is a dead stick in the ground tonight. I wish KMBC engineers would pay a visit to all the local digital broadcaster engineers and show these stations how to run a successful digital HDTV broadcast just like KMBC-DT has done since day one.
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I cant receive KSHB tonight either. What is the difference between 41-1 and the digital channel 27 I think? BTW this is my first post. I just got my HD equipment a couple of weeks ago. with OTA rabbit ears for local networks. Looking forward to talking with you guys.
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Welcome HuskerT- Are you receiving a digital signal on channel 27 Over the Air? DT 41-1 is KSHB digital channel when the station is on the air.
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No, when I receive KSHB it is 41-1. I used 27 as an example. What I meant was 42. Is there a difference between 41-1 and digital channel 42? Past nine and still no 41-1 for the night. Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to chatting with all of you By the way I have the samsung sir ts-160.
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HuskerT- Digital broadcasters use "channel mapping" to help people find their old analog channel in the new digital television arena. KSHB DT-42 is channel map to 41-1 to match KSHB analog 41 channel that we all familiar with. KMBC DT-07 is channel map to 9-01, KCTV DT-24 is channel map to 5-01...... Hope this helps.
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No West Wing HD tonight...I'm p***ed !!

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I called KSHB yesterday to see if I could talk to an engineer about why TWC is as of yet not passing their signal along. The front desk receptionist said all the engineers were out at the tower, so maybe that's an indication they are having problems with the transmission side of their signal? Maybe this is also why Comcast keeps adding and taking away the signal and TWC has chosen not to add it yet. TW is probably just trying to avoid the headache of users calling everytime KSHB's signal drops.
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Got this email today from KSHB
We did some changes on the PSIP information. Please let me know if this has helped the issue with your Samsung T-150 HDTV box on receiving channel 36 or 42.
Thanks, Wil Mistele

I tried it and i finally have channel 41 on my Samsung T-150..

No 36 yet, but at least they are trying and keeping me posted.. I do appreciate that..

Hopefully i will see some HDTV Leno?..

BTW, Karen Sisco looked great last night in HDTV.. I love Carla Gugino ....
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Hi everyone! Like I said earlier I am still new at this hdtv. So I was wondering if there is a reason I cannot receive 62-1. I have heard/read all the reasons why I don't get 4-1 but I thought every other channel had enough power. BTW I live about a mile south of the Great Mall in Olathe.
Thanks for the help so far.
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Just like laser1972, I also received an e-mail from Wil today and I now get 41-1 with my Sammy SIR-T165!!!! I still do not get 38-1 also.

HuskerT, 62 is only running at 9kw. Pretty low power. I have an outdoor antenna in Olathe and do not get it in very strong. Do you have an outdoor antenna? Also, 62 does have some PSIP issues still. It shows up as 47-1 on my receiver when it should be 62-1 and it takes my box a while to lock in. You're not missing much, their analog signal looks MUCH better than their digital signal, at least on my setup at any rate.
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Yes, KSMO DT-47 has PSIP issues. I have called several times to get KSMO to reset their PSIP information on their digital 47 but to no avail. There are alot of people in the Kansas City metro that have not watch any WB62 programming on DT-47 for six weeks now since KSMO changed their PSIP equipment. Please KSMO DT-47 fix your PSIP.
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I used to receive WDAF-DT but it stopped coming in weeks ago. It would be interesting to see what OTA signal strengths others are getting.

I have a roof top antenna aimed at the signal hill towers based on the information at TitanTV

I get the following signal strength on my HD OTA receivers:

Network Station - Channel / Mapped Channel - % Signal Strength
ABC KMBC - 7 / 9-1 - 95%
PBS KCPT - 18 / 19-1, -2, -3 - 91%
CBS KCTV - 24 / 5-1 - 100%
IND KMCI - 36 / 38-1 - 100%
NBC KSHB - 42 / 41-1 - 94%
WB KSMO - 47 / 62-1 - 28% with no signal lock = no picture or sound

UPN KCWE - 31 / 29-1 - 0% - no signal at all but reported to be broadcasting

FOX WDAF - 34 / 4-1 - 0% - no signal at all. Had an outage but is reported to be back on the air.

Not yet Broadcasting - KPXE - 51 - PAX

Please post your results. I'm especially interested in your UPN (29-1) and FOX (4-1) results.
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DTSfan- I am receiving UPN KCWE 31/ 29-1 ok at 93% tonight. Still no go on WDAF 34/ 4-1. What is your location?
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Craash are you still with us?

Hey, I was wondering if you ever found out about the manual channel tuning trick for the new Pioneer Boxes? I remember you had a friend who gave you the trick for tuning channels not in the lineup on the SAs and you had mentioned finding out about the Pioneers. I was hoping to tune KSHB.
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I had posted the trick for the Pioneers . . . I'll go back and look. I don't think you will see KSHB yet. Legal paperwork is still in work.
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Here is my post concerning the Pioneer 3510

Here's the key to the hidden channels on the 3510. Hold the "Select" and the "<>" keys. Wait 10 seconds and then enter 1500.

I don't remember if I tried it or not, there seems to have been some confusion as to how it worked.
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what is this hidden channel thing on TWC? I get all the hd channels.

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It's just a way to force a channel to tune in prior to TWC officially making it available. They can add a channel to the lineup but not make it active. That is what happened with Discovery HD. By using this method, you can tune the channel in. It only works if the channel has already been added but not active.
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Is it possible to check OTA signal strength on a sony sat hd200? Also, is 41 up digitally? My box didn't find it.
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Originally posted by jeffdbs
DTSfan- I am receiving UPN KCWE 31/ 29-1 ok at 93% tonight. Still no go on WDAF 34/ 4-1. What is your location?

I'm located in Northeast Johnson County Kansas. I have a rooftop antenna with an amplifier on the UHF band.

Tonight I'm getting KCWE 31/29-1 just fine with a 100% signal. I ran through the channels during the day for the information in my prior post and 29-1 might have been off the air at that time.

Still no luck on 4-1 and 62-1.
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DTSfan - with an amplifier on the UHF, you may be overdriving the signal. I have two Radio Shack antennas in my attic - one a VHF/UHF combination and the other a UHF only - a small but simple array. They're tied to one line going to the STB input (i'm on the top of a hill in my subdivision with a pretty clear view to the sky - some tall trees across the street but that's it). I'm at 121st & Switzer - south of you I would think by your location description.

I get everything at 100% signal strength except KCPT (18/19-1, 2, 3) - comes in at 50-60%, and WB (47/62-1) - it comes in at 80-90%. WDAF (34/4-1) also comes in and is watchable for me (some minor breakups at times) - it comes in between 30-50%. Every other digital channel pegs the meter at 100% (7/9-1, 24/5-1, 31/29-1, 36/38-1, 42/41-1). Based on your location, I would think you should be receiving better than you describe.

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Did either of you notice a difference in the HD of MNF last night compared to last week? The Greenbay game seemed much cleaner than last nights. I know I don't get as high readings on the digital channels. I'm at 147 & Switzer pretty much at the top of the hill with my antenna in the attic. I'm using an line amp because the signel is split to five outlets in the house. Which direction do you have your antenna facing?
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I added the 2nd antenna (the UHF only) when KSHB/KMCI moved their tower - so it is pointed pretty much West (maybe WNW - my estimate) while the V/U combination is oriented for best signal for all the other analogs - not quite due North, but close - maybe NNW.

I didn't notice a difference - though when one team is wearing white (the Colts last night), I think the cameras are more sensitive and need to be "turned down" so as not to let in too much light - like an F-stop on a 35mm camera - with the GB game - that wasn't the case, and it was outside too - maybe the stadium lights were better. Bottom line, lots of factors at play - hard to tell exactly what's going on - I do know that my signal strength was the exact same for both games.

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Anyone notice the sky cam quality?
Don't expect it to be HD but it is a testimate to the difference.
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Originally posted by ksmith4
I added the 2nd antenna (the UHF only) when KSHB/KMCI moved their tower - so it is pointed pretty much West (maybe WNW - my estimate).

Kendal - From your location, don't you mean ENE?

I'm pretty lucky in that I'm far enough west that I didn't have to adjust my antenna (UHF/VHF combo) at all to get 36 and 42. 41 analog doesn't come in as clear anymore, however. That's OK, though, 'cause I only watch it on the small tv's.

I thought MNF last night was beautiful as ever. Wish I'd stayed up to watch the end, though. I bailed when TB went up 35-14.

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Taken at 6pm

ABC KMBC 7 9-01 58-59% HDTV Breaks up often.

PBS KCPT 18 18-01 70%
18-02 67%
18-03 67%
18-04 66% Blank Screen

PBS KTWU 23 11-01 60% PBS HD Loop
11-02 60% PBS Kids

CBS KCTV 24 5-01 65-69%

NBC KSNT 28 27-01 (50%) Can lock onto if conditions are right. HDTV

UPN KCWE 31 29-01 91%

IND KMCI 36 38-01 91%

NBC KSHB 42 41-01 73%

CBS WIBW 44 13-01 55-58% HDTV

NBC KYTV 44 3-01 (50%) Can lock onto if conditions are right. HDTV
UPN KYTV 44 3-02 (50%) Can lock onto if conditions are right.

WB KSMO 47 47-01 54%

ABC KTKA 48 49-01 (50%) Can lock onto if conditions are right.

Out of a total of 17 digital signals only 5 are HD. And I can only count on 2 of them to always be there, and they are both out of Topeka.

I'm located in Paola KS about 25 miles south of Olathe.
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Brad- thanks, it's a wonder I can even find my way to the shower every morning. Yes - my antennas are NNE for the V/U combo and ENE for the UHF only.

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I get everything else digitally, (at least those that are up), but for some reason I'm not gettiing NBC 41 OTA. All else looks good. Though I sure wish 4.1 was really HD for these baseball games.....

Is NBC 41.1 UP?????

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41-1 is up, has been for some time now. However, it appears that the only 1080i stuff is the letterbox material from the network....we're pretty sure it's an NBC problem, not necessarily KSHB, but only time will tell.

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