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Is KJCT doing 5.1? Can you say Superbowl?
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Just talked to Roger at KJCT. They got the equipment yesterday and he got it installed and is working to get things up for Sunday. He is doing everything he can to have the Superbowl in HD. 8-1 will be HD 8-2 is SD.
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There's a "Roger" at KJCT and KKCO? Is it the same guy?
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Went home at lunch and spun my antenna 180 and picked up KJCT 8-1 & 8-2. They are broadcasting SD material on 8-1 today so we will see what things look like tonight. There is a little bit of white at the top of the screen that needs to be fixed.

Looks like we do have two Rogers. KJCT's is Chief Engineer Roger Hightower. When I talked to him today, he seemed excited and knowledgeable about HD, so I have hope!
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He told me that they can't legally pass through the east coast feed, and they don't have the equipment to delay HD, so we won't be seeing ABC's nighttime shows or GMA in HD, just the Superbowl and the show that comes on right afterwards. He's not concerned about multicasting hurting the HD picture; he'll be multicasting the SD signal during the Superbowl. Also, no DD5.1 for the foreseeable future.
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KJCT is planning to put up a small bit of HD at 10:00 am. If you have a chance to see it, let Roger at the station know what you think.
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Managed to catch the broadcast at 10. It was a clip of GMA touting the fact that they were going to HD. It looked good and audio seemed to be synced well. Roger is meeting with management next week to ask for equipment to delay east coast feed to be broadcast at the correct time here. Hopefully he will be sucessful!
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It has also been addded to Bresnan Cable on channel 710, haven't got to see any HD content yet though. Good news for Sunday though.
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I am somewhat amazed by Bresnan. I have a contact over there that I left a voice message with, saying that KJCT was begining HD broadcasting. Two days later it's up. Now if KJCT can just get the equipment to do the delay so that they can do actual broadcasting rather than just live stuff. Someone might want to ask Roger about any "lobbying" efforts that we could do.

Finally, I gave Roger a link to this forum so hopefully he will be checking-in in the near future.
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They need fundraising, not lobbying, just like KKCO for their 5.1 equipment.
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For funds, KJCT and KKCO need to sell more ads to local HDTV vendors like US Tech.

KKCO has a deal with US Tech, but Circuit City should advertise more.

Where do you buy your gear?
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Greeting everyone -

Moving to Grand Junction in April and would appreciate as much practical information as possible. I have reviewed the thread but wanted to confirm the current OTA HDTV status.

I didn't realize I was spoiled in Colorado Springs. We have ABC KRDO at full power with SD (KRDO and KJCT are owned by same company and seem to be operating on the same "live" HDTV only policy), CBS KKTV in beautiful 1080i, FOX KXRM is outstanding with 720p and SD for PBS. No NBC yet, delay after delay but it's coming. Additionally, the broadcast towers are all located in the same place, so only need to point the HDTV antenna at one location.

Here are my burning questions - any information would be greatly appreciated -

1. Which of the network affiliates broadcast HDTV in primetime every night in GJ?
2. Are any of the affiliates broadcasting at full power?
3. A timeline for when Fox affiliate will start broadcasting.
4. Where do you point OTA antenna for best reception? Do you have to move it to receive different HDTV channels?
5. Is there anyway to receive HDTV from other markets?

Again - thanks for any answers - take care everyone.
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1. KKCO (NBC).
2. KKCO has a strong signal. PBS(SD)is a little weak, as is ABC.
3. FOX is SD and will remain so indefinately, as far as I know.
4. West for NBC, East for ABC. ABC is HD "Live": only.
5. No.

PBS has been promising HD for years, but is still SD.
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Thanks for such a quick reply - it is appreciated. No CBS? It surprises me Fox is making no effort at all - they offer some great network programing in HD. The equipment KJCT must buy to record HDTV is the same KRDO has to purchase, their owner Pikes Peak Broadcasting has been dragging there feet for a long time now.

I thought all OTA stations had to offer HD by 2006. Are they under pressure to make HDTV happen?

Any advice on how to handle the towers in different directions? I have a 12db signal booster, but I'm not sure that's really going to be enough to make any difference.

How is the cable company (Just one)? Are there outages or other issues?

Again thank you for the information...
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No CBS. CBS and Fox have the same owner/studio/. I haven't heard of any plans for either to go HD. The 2006 requirement is for DTV, not HDTV. A rotor for a directional, or an omni should work fine. The local cable company (Bresnan) carries the local digital/HD channels.
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When only NBC was digital I had my ota antenna pointing to the west. The ABC channel signal was very bad but I didn't really care as I also have Bresnan. When ABC went to HD last week, I rotated by antenna 180 (pointing E). This worked out very well as I am now picking up all of the digital signals with no reception problems. I have a ChannelMaster antenna (3018 I think, ~$50 from Lowes).

Bresnan has been very good. No outages that I know of, for TV. I think they had an internet outage a while ago that lasted some time, but don't know much about it. They are supposed to be going to 5 or 8 Mbps in the next few months for internet service.
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I rotated my highly directional antenna 180 degrees in anticipation of the Oscars yesterday afternoon, and noticed the Mavericks/Suns game was being shown in 480i uprezzed to 720p instead of true HD. I called KJCT and asked the engineer why they were uprezzing 480i instead of passing through the HD signal. He said (it wasn't Roger) "we are showing HD". I said, "no, you're not" and told him he had to flip the switch. He insisted they were showing HD, so I gave up and hung up. Twenty seconds later the game went to HD. BTW, the Oscars looked fantastic.

If it's live, and it's HD, and it's on ABC, KJCT should be showing HD. If they're not, call 245-8888 and tell them to flip the friggin switch!!!
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Yes the Oscars looked great! Did have to call them in the middle and tell them to switch back to HD. It took about 20 minutes but finally went back to HD. If it's off hours you have to call 245-8888 to get someone to answer the phone.
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Why do they have to switch to upres of SD during the HD broadcast? Does it have something to do with showing local commercials? Both KKCO and KJCT do it and it must be a chore for someone there to be ready to switch back because they forget a lot.
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Sent an email earlier today to Roger at KJCT expressing my pleasure at the quality of the Oscars and asking about prime time HD. I received back the following reply:

Thanks on your comments on the awards last night. Input is always helpful. I have been meaning to get back with you on our HD status, but I have been so very busy. Just to let you know, I have a demo set up within the next two weeks on some new digital HD server equipment that is supposed to be able to cope with our "mountain minute" and time zone issues. If it works as claimed, I don't think I will have any problem getting the ok to order. Our ownership does want to do prime time delay programming. Delivery of this type of hardware is probably 30 to 60 days and a week of install and training of operators....so maybe very soon? I am excited about this and I feel good that it will happen soon.

Thanks, Roger Hightower

We'll see what happens but it's encouraging.
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Sent an email to Roger at KJCT today inquiring about how things were going and got the following reply:

Drat, don't look now, but all you will see is a test pattern. A major and
very expensive piece of HD equipment died on us yesterday. I have a loaner
on its way we can use while ours is returned to the factory for repairs. In
the meantime while waiting on the loaner, we have nothing but the test
pattern. Sorry.

On a much better note, the demo of the HD delay server system went very
well. It looks like early June might be the earliest we could get a system
from the factory, however. But, this doesn't surprise me since our HD
transmission encoder took over two months to get one. None of these
companies have these expensive and limited use pieces of hardware on the
shelves..they build them when the orders come in. I have not made the order
yet, waiting on an ok from above, but I don't believe it will be a problem.

Thanks, Roger.

Hopefully some changes in the works!
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I decided to watch Leno and Conan in HD tonight. When Conan started the audio went dead, so I called the station. When no one answered in "Master Control" I left a message telling them about the problem. Five minutes later they went to SD, but with sound. As of 12:07 it looks like that's their "fix."
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Just received the following email from Roger at KJCT. Looks like we will have additional Prime Time HD in the near future!


Hey Tom,

Just FYI, and you can pass this on to your forum group......KJCT did in fact
order the Digital Server and Integrated Receiver Decoder that will delay the
ABC HD primetime satellite feeds by one hour. This will allow KJ to air the
ABC primetime HD feeds in real HD instead of upconverted analog or standard
definition. Bear in mind that not all of ABC programming is produced in HD,
so occasionally you will still see some upconverted fare. It will still be
awhile before KJCT will produce local programming in HD such as newscasts,
commercials, promos, psa's etc, and none of the syndicated shows are produced
and delivered to us in HD yet. But we will get there at some point in time.

The factory quoted us a 45 day delivery on the new hardware, and give us a few
days of installation time, operational training etc.....so maybe the middle of

KJCT is still on track to install our new FULL POWER digital transmitter on
the Grand Mesa just as soon as the snow melts. Installation, and "proof of
performance" will take awhile, so I am hoping, if all goes well, we will be on
the air with 10,000 watts of signal by the middle of August.

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Has there been any update on this?
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As of today, Good Morning America is still uprezzed 480i.
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A great day for HD in GJ! KJCT has the World Cup, KKCO has The US Open, both in HD! Way to go Rogers!
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Hi, I've been away from local broadcast TV for a while. When KKCO or KJCT is showing HD at their best (1080i or 720p) what are your impressions of the signal (picture) quality? Are they competitive with Dish HD for example? I'm planning some remodeling and wanted to plan for OTA if it is going to be competitive. Thanks,
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Originally Posted by david mcdaniel View Post

Hi, I've been away from local broadcast TV for a while. When KKCO or KJCT is showing HD at their best (1080i or 720p) what are your impressions of the signal (picture) quality? Are they competitive with Dish HD for example? I'm planning some remodeling and wanted to plan for OTA if it is going to be competitive. Thanks,

They both look great. I would have to give the nod to KJCT, because 720p is less affected by multicasting. Both compare favorably with Dish's best HD channels. BTW, KJCT has big plans in the works:

Hi Kevin,
Sorry for being so late in replying, but I have been so busy working long days on the Grand Mesa installing our new full power digital transmitter. It should be on the air in the next two weeks or less if all continues to go ok and as planned.
On another subject, I am also working nights with the installation of our new
HD one hour delay server and integrated receiver/decoder. It is going very good as well and should have it on the air maybe next week if all goes well with this also. This will allow us to put prime time on the air in HD.
Whew, I'm tired.\\
As far as the World Cup airing in SD and not HD, I checked into this and the word from traffic did not inform operations that we should air it as HD vs. SD.
Our operators cannot make these decisions on their own. I think I have this straightened out and the next games should be in HD. I know that the NBA games have been airing in live HD.
I hope this works, keep in touch........Roger.
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I sent the following message to Dennis Adkins, General Manager at KREX:

Does KREX have any plans to broadcast high definition programing in the near future? I would only expect prime time programing to be broadcast in HD. As I am sure you are aware, KKCO does currently broadcast in HD and KJCT broadcasts live programing (soon to include all prime time programing in HD). I look forward to also having KREX as a HD choice.

...and received the following reply this morning:

Answer is yes but we can not pin-point a date..Reason we are behind is that we have 4 stations that must be converted....

Hopefully the timeline is not too far out there
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I sent an email to Roger at KJCT a couple of days ago regarding status of things and got this reply this morning:

Yes all projects are going great! I am about finished installing our new full power digital transmitter atop the Grand Mesa (10,000 watts radiated power)and our new primetime HD net delay server and associated gear are nearly on the air. I hope the new full power transmitter will be fully operational either late this week or early next week if all continues to go well. The primetime HD delay system should be on the air tomorrow night or the next, if this continues to go well also.
Keep in touch,

Sounds like more HD for us soon!!!
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