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I know I described soldering the HD15 connector as tedious but it was not that bad and when complete you do get a sense of satisfaction having done it all yourself. It is also best to keep the number of connectors down to a minimum.

I think around $20 at radioshack will get you everything you need to try and solder some cables yourself. Just remember that you heat up the wire/pin joint and let the solder melt on the wire-pin joint and NOT on the soldering gun tip that is heating everything up. It does take a few moments for the joint to heat up and once it does, the solder just flows and with that you are done.

The Dsub 15 pin male connectors at Radio Shack have "hollow pins" to solder to, so that the CAT5 wires fit perfectly inside this mini tube, which makes things very easy.

The hardest part for me was getting the wires stripped, and getting all the wires to the correct length. I had stranded cable which I had to twist once I had the insulation stripped. Then I would clip the exposed wire to the correct length.

I really wish a good write up existed like the one on how to make your own Canare RG6 cables for audio/video/antenna. I will try and take some pictures with the next one I do, get approval from Mr. Wiggles to make sure my technique is right and then post it. But that won't be for another few weeks. Hopefully the AMP connector will be available by then but even after that I know some folks may still want to solder their own for whatever reason.

All the best,
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I've provided the information for the new connectors here:




Hopefully Mr. Wigggles can condense the threads on this subject??
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Originally posted by Thumper

Hopefully Mr. Wigggles can condense the threads on this subject??

I was saving that for you

-Mr. Wigggles
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How about with standard RCA component video connectors on the ends? It would be really cool if I could run cat5 cables to a shielded cat5 jack near my projector, with a short cable to reach the projector. (I have a table-top setup where the projector is frequently removed..) On the other end, it would be nice to have another rj45 jack that I could plug in either a HDTV tuner or my DVD player component output. No need for an expensive component video switcher!

Originally posted by MrWigggles
Man E,

It should work really well with component. I have to disagree with Thumper about the use of any coaxial connectors on one side or even both sides. I think it would work fine. Just make sure you solder the cat 5 shield wire to one of the three coaxial grounds on the coaxial end (preferably the Y channel). I haven't done it but I think it would work just fine.

-Mr. Wigggles

The Mothership is now boarding.
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That is exactly what I'm doing. Sort of the old telephone operator style of video switching.

Keep your cable lengths reasonable and this should work fine.

-Mr. Wigggles
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I have been trying to make a breakout cable from STP Cat 5 cable. I am trying to go from Component out on my DVD to VGA in on my projector. I have a Sharp M20X projector which actually has DVI input but came with a DVI to VGA cable.

I have read the Cat 5 success thread numerous times. I have seen the comments that it can't be done with a DVI input and I have seen the comments about Component not working over Cat 5. It appeared that Robert_S had some success with Component signals and you can but DVI to VGA cables and VGA to Component cables so I don't really see a reason why you cannot make a Component to VGA cable.

You may ask why I am not making a DVI to Component cable. Well the projector comes with a DVI to VGA cable and finding a DVI plug that I can solder onto seems to be nearly impossible. I am only looking for about 22' feet here, but for the price people want for the breakout cable or DVI to Component is insane.

Anyway, I am looking for help making a Component to VGA cable and I'm hoping someone out there can help me solve my problem. I have done the soldering (see below) and get a good picture (better than my S-video) but, the picture appears to only have the green component because the picture only has different shades of green. The blacks are much deeper and the picture seems to have better contrast with what I have now with the green only. This may just be the fact that Green and Blue are missing but I may be really close to getting an even better picture that I am now used to.

This is my setup for soldering.

VGA pins
1 Red
2 Green
3 Blue

6 Red ground
7 Green ground
8 Blue ground

I've only got three wires left (one twisted pair and the shielding wire)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You need a transcoder, like the one from Audio Authority to convert Component to VGA.

Prior posts mentioned using Cat5 for Component, but that's to go component-to-component.. You are missing some signals on the VGA interface, which can only be generated by a transcoder...
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thanks for the input. I actually talked to Sharp today. Aparently the DVI input has three modes. DVI in, RGB Component in and RBG Analog in. I just need to switch to the proper mode on the projector. I'll try that tonight and see what happens.

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Oh, I see.. You are using a VGA connector, but it is carrying Component signals.... (through the VGA-to-DVI adapter into the DVI connector on your projector, right?)

That should work without a transcoder... Be sure to connect the cable shield to one of the grounds, though. This will reduce the impedence mis-match of the cat5 cable..

Good luck!
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Whew! I can't believe I read the whole thing!

I believe that my projector (TW100) also uses a connector to perform triple duty. And it is this very port that I hope to somehow connect one of three devices to. Using STP Cat5e of course. If I could only solder.

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I've just made a HD15--->DB9 25' cable for my HTPC/CRT connection based on this thread and it looks the same as a $200 6' MC VGA break out cable. I'm returning the MC. Thanks to Mr. Wiggles and Thumper.
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Just a bump for an interesting thread.
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I just built my first "cheap" VGA cable using the Stonewall STP Cat5E and radio shack DB15s. It is 25ft in length. Perfect at 1024x768 at 75Hz. A little ghosting at 1600x1200 at 85Hz. We're talking very high frequencies here. Not bad! I highly recommend the Stonewall STP to all.

Steve H
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I just made a cable using cat5e UTP just for testing and it worked better than I expected. I expected multiple ghosting all over the place but there's only one ghost 5 pixels to the right at 1024x768 60Hz. At 800x600 60Hz it's very faint, although that could also be a result of the scaling in the projector.

It is 10m long and I combined all the ground wires in both ends. The reason I tried UTP is I can't find STP anywhere in Norway but I will have to now. This is fun! EDIT: Found a dealer, ordered 10m!

Here's a picture of the ghosting, I raised the gamma to 3,1 to make the ghost visible. Sorry about the convergence error, I'm getting a replacement projector tomorrow (again):

Tor Arne
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I decided to try making a cable for my friend using the cat5e so I cut the cable to 4,5m and soldered the connector on it again.

The result is pretty outstanding! At 1024x768 60Hz I don't see the ghosting unless I go over to the screen because there's only one ghost a couple of pixels to the right and it's very faint.

My FTP (shielded) is on the way. BTW, what's the difference between FTP and STP cat5?

Tor Arne
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there is shielded and then foil sheilded TP. The foil stuff is just another type of shielding. Has to do with different types of application (network) requirements
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Bump for my norwegian friends.

I got the FTP cable now, but I sold my projector so I can't test it yet.

Tor Arne
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One year ago I used shielded cat5 for cabling my livingroom.
There I use it for computer networking, SPDIF digital audio and
video transmission. I decided to use cat5 because I wanted to be more flexible in the use of cable after it has been installed. A friend of mine who's company projects television studios gave me that tip. The max length I used are about 18 mtrs and I have no problems at all.

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Great post!!! Thanks Mr. Wigggles, Thumper and everyone else.

I've finished building a 36' RGBHV cable running over CAT5 STP from Mohawk (http://www.controlcable.com). I soldered all the wires based on Mr. Wigggles' original instructions (separate grounds). I am testing it right now, and I can practically see no ghosting at all at 1360x768x72Hz, however I get a very thin line on the right hand side beyond the addressable space. No power cables close by.

Any ideas what can be causing this?

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If it is beyond the addressable space, How do you see it? You make it sound as if there is a line in the image where there aren't any pixels?

I am a little confused on the issue you are having.

-Mr. Wigggles
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Yes that's right. The line is visible outside the Windows Desktop. I've tried different resolutions and it's more noticeable at the lower resolutions.

Last night I tried watching a movie (Amadeus) with my new cable connected to the Computer 1 input of my G10. The vertical line wasn't visible there but I had a considerable amount of horizontal banding up to the point that I had to go back to the RGBHV breakout cable.

Bad ground? bad quality cable?. Tonight I'll try a shorter version.

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Can I create a component to VGA cable with this wire?
If so can some one list in detail the wire connections needed to do this on both ends?
I am purchasing an X1 and need a cheap 35ft cable to run from my reciever to the projector. My reciever will be the switcher for Svideo, composite, and component.
If this can't be done with this wire, can someone recommend an easy DIY method so that I can keep my expenses at a minimum.

I appologize if this has been covered. I printed and read the whole thread.
Thanks a million.
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DVI... Possible?

Some say it is, and some say it is not!

I must know.

See my new thread here...
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Maybe someone can offer me a little assistance to an issue that I am currently having after making a cable using Cat5e. After putting the cable together, I installed the cable from my HD Satellite receiver to my CRT projector using a RGBHV breakout cable (needed for my projector). The picture looked great without issue (25 foot cable). Excited about the results, I plugged the regular VGA cable back into the satellite reciever and connected my new Cat5e cable to my HTPC (VGA out - had a VGA cable running out from here already). No picture. Plugged the standard VGA cable back in and I had a picture. I can not get it running on my HTPC at any resolution (standard is 1280 X 720 @ 59.934hz).

Any reason it would work on the satellite dish, but could not get it to work at any resolution on my HTPC?

- Jay
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Being a fellow AVSer I thought you guys would like this. I'm an engineer for Hubbell Premise Wiring. This product was developed to meet the RGHV over Cat5 requests we were getting from installers. Decided to give a little back to the AVS community after lurking for a couple of years.

The spec sheet is here:
IM15ST1OW Specs.
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And a place to purchase it. Thanks!

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This Amp product was co-developed by Thumper here on AVS forum.


It is designed to be used with shielded Cat 5 cable and works very well. The 35 foot limit is very conservative. With Shielded cat 5 these connectors have been used at up to 50 feet with UXGA resolution.

-Mr. Wigggles
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Originally posted by MrWigggles
This Amp product was co-developed by Thumper here on AVS forum.


It is designed to be used with shielded Cat 5 cable and works very well. The 35 foot limit is very conservative. With Shielded cat 5 these connectors have been used at up to 50 feet with UXGA resolution.

-Mr. Wigggles

Mr. Wiggles,

Could you please explain to a non-engineer (namely me) whether I can use this Amp product simply by plugging in a shielded cat5 cable? Or do I have to cut off the connector and do something with it (like solder or crimp or something)? I really want to try this out, but I don't have a soldering iron and couldn't use it if I did have one.
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If Thumpers Amp product is available and the one from Hubble why is everyone doing all this soldering? Do these two items not work as well or can't you buy shielded Cat 5 with ends already on them.
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