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Where to buy 6500K backlight?  

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Does anyone have a Web source to purchase a 6500K fluorescent bulb, full spectrum (preferably with good CRI). This is for use as a RPTV backlight. Smaller size is better. I just can't seem to find anything around here in the stores.

Something like a T8 size - 15W would be good. Like the Westinghouse Realite F15T8/FS. The Web shops I have found that carry 6500K bulbs only sell them by the case, and that's a little more than I need.


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I just picked up an 18" 6500k bulb at Menards for like $6 - I think it is Phillips. Then I picked up a dirt cheap fixture at WalMart to put it in. I have less than $15 invested total.

I checked two local Home Depot stores - they carry a 6500k bulb, but they didn't carry anything smaller than 4'. I assume it's made, they just don't happen to carry it.
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Alas, no Menards in NC. I wish we had one... I did see the Home Depot bulb (a Philips if I remember right), but it's waayyyy to big for what I have in mind.

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I have the Home Depot Phillips - it's 6500K and a CFI of 85 (it looks a tad blueish to me, but great compared to my other sickly yellow 3100K lights).

Great question. I have mine stuck behind my 50" RPTV, and I have the same problem - it's too much. I was going to point it down instead of up, put a diffuse-type panel, or put a power resitor/reostat to drop the voltage.

Will be monitoring this to see if anyone comes up with a better solution or source of a smaller light.
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Your local fish/pet store should have what you need.
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Aha. Now I remeber where I saw this before:


Thanks for the fish tank tip. I live 2 blocks from a pet store, I'll give it a try, too.
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Dave_Van, you can't dim a fluorescent with a resistor/reostat. There are dimmers for fluorescents but they usually only work with lamps meant for that purpose. One solution is to buy a set of neutral-density filters like these.

That site answers my question too: They also sell single 6500K bulbs (The link from Keohi's site is wrong). I'll order a bulb plus filters, so for $31 and a trip to Home Depot to get an under-counter fixture I'll be all set!

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I have mounted a 24" fixture to the back of my 57SWX20b using Velcro patches. The bulb is a ChromaLux, I believe (German-made), that's a bit off @ 6300 K, but had a 94.5 CRI. Found it locally in a lighting specialty store.

To control the brightness, I've found that ordinary 3/4" black foam pipe insulation works beautifully. HD carries a product that's got a slit for easy attachment. I just cut several lengths, slipped them over the tube, and added or removed until the brightness was satisfactory.

Works like a charm!
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Neat trick! Foam pipe insulation... I'd never have thought of that one...

Already ordered a bulb plus filters from CinemaQuest so I won't be needing it, but it sure is a great tip!

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Home Depot has them cheap. I am using the Radio Shack remote control unit to switch it on and off.
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Hi Kipp,
What is "them" in your post? Bulbs? (I only found really big ones at my Home Depot that were 6500K) Fluorescent dimmers? Fixtures? Foam insulation?

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Please excuse my "newbie" question here.

What is the purpose of mounting a 6500K flourescent bulb, behind an RPTV?


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Here is a link that explains the reason:


There is another, more in depth, explanation:

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robtec88, to add to the links posted: My reason for wanting a little backlighting is to offset the Sony GWII's lack of true black. The GWII is a great TV but its largest weak point (and I don't want to start yet another Holy War about this) is that its "black" is more of a very dark gray. Having a backlight illuminating the area around the TV means ones eyes will not adjust to total darkness (assuming the lights in the room are otherwise off) and the GWII's "black" will appear a little darker.

At least, that's my hope. My GWII is coming in tomorrow so we'll see. For 50 bucks in parts it's worth a try...

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Originally posted by Rop
Hi Kipp,
What is "them" in your post? Bulbs? (I only found really big ones at my Home Depot that were 6500K) Fluorescent dimmers? Fixtures? Foam insulation?

Hi Rob,
I was able to buy the bulb and fixture all together for ~ $13.00.
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Originally posted by kippjones
Hi Rob,
I was able to buy the bulb and fixture all together for ~ $13.00.
Where were you able to get the bulb so cheap (T12 or such, nice and small), I know that Home Depot has the fixtures cheap, but how about a cheap bulb.

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Home Depot. T12.
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Has anyone tried sears as mentioned in the link above?

Sears - Westinghouse 18" 6500K 94CRI 15w T-8; about $10
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mikepalm, yep, I tried the two Sears stores in my area. Neither carries any fluorescent bulbs, so that was a dead-end. Also tried ACE hardware. They do have fluorescents but no 6500K one and couldn't order it either.

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the regular Sears stores won't usually carry much in the way of bulbs. Your best bet is to find one of the specialty Sears Hardware standalone stores, their selection is much better.

That being said, none of them in my area had that elusive Westinghouse lamp.
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I believe I saw a 6500 combo fixture at the local Sears Hardware here in Chicago.
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I just bought a 24 inch 6500k 98 CRI bulb (Westinghouse brand), bracket to put the bulb in, foam insulation, velcro (industrial) at Menard's. Total was just under $30. I'll be installing tonight.

Do you guys think I should velcro to the TV or mount to the wall???
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Depends on the particular TV, stand and wall...

My plan (with a GWII) is to velcro or screw it to the TV stand, or if that turns out to work out better, to velcro it to the back part of the foot of the TV (it has sort of a 'base plate' it's sitting on). The "wall" in my case is a gas-fireplace we never use.

Whatever works best in your situation...

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hey Kipp, do you have a UPC or SKU of the bulb?

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No I do not. Sorry. They should be pretty easy to find.
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So I have the bulb and fixture, but here's my question: how do I want it mounted?

And I don't mean using tape, screws, etc. What I'm asking is:
1. do I mount it towards the top of the TV with the light facing the wall?
2. top of the TV with the light facing the TV?
3. in the middle facing the wall?
4. in the middle facing the TV?
5. on the floor facing the wall?
6. on the floor facing the TV?
7. Whatever other options I've forgotten...

I have to admit that when I hooked it up, it seemed like a lot more light than I was expecting. Maybe I'll have to try the foam insulation idea to cut down on the light...

I just want to make sure I'm attaching it in the ideal place.

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Shelland, you need very little light. 10% of max. TV output is the recommended value (if you have an AVIA or similar disk I suppose you could do that by matching gray-values). The idea is to create a fairly uniform "halo" around the TV when you're viewing it from the front. So, whatever the best place is for your setup to get that effect, ie. somewhere behind the TV.

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I have an Ideal-Lume Pro. I have it sitting on the top of my Elite 630, pointing up, behind my Polk Audio CS1000p center channel. The center channel is a big speaker and blocks any direct light to the viewers. This creates a pretty nice "halo" around the TV, albeit a bit more above the TV than below and behind because its sitting on the top of the TV. So far, I don't feel I need to drop it behind the TV, but I may experiment some more later.

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I visited the local home depot and found a Phillips daylight deluxe fluorescent bulb rated at 6500K. a two pack of 4 ft. costs $5.97. These do not fit into the cheap shop light fixtures. Their website does not show this. However they show a 2 ft model with SKU #866671 which I did not find in that store.

Finally I found what I wanted, a screw type bulb that works with standard light fixtures rated at 6500K. Details:

Manufacturer: Commercial Electric, SKU #: 772429

Cost : $7.97. I'll test it tonight and report.

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The light I purchased at HD was 12" long.
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