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Lip sync survey!!!!!  

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Hi Everyone,

It seems that ever since I received my Sony SAT HD100 stb I've experienced lip sync problems with OTA digital broadcasts (HD and sometimes SD).

I've found, through this and another forum that many, many other Sony owners are experiencing the same problem. There's some indication that the issue is evident on the Panasonic and RCA stbs too. But I haven't read enough posts that indicate this to be a universal problem with all stb's and therefore a possible broadcast problem rather than an stb problem...or, maybe it is an stb problem.

I'd appreciate very much hearing from a broader range of stb owners to find out if others stb brand owners are having the same lip sync issues.

So, if you could be so kind to indicate:

1. What brand STB you own.

2. Are you experiencing OTA digital channel HD and/or SD lip sync problems?

3. If you own satellite, are there lip sync problems there?

4. Do you think this is a broadcast or stb issue?

Thanks SOOOO much...my window for returning the Sony is closing. If it's an stb problem it's going back and I'll wait for generation 2 units....sigh. Just not enjoying watching these days...last night watching digital hd ota...if I wasn't sitting there "anticipating" lip sync, I was "watching" lip sync. Ya need sub titles for pete's sake.

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I have a panasonic TU-HDS20 and have been using it now for over a month. I experience lip sync problems with the PBS demo loop (lighthouse bit) and philly FOX Ch 42 which broadcasts in std definition. I'm almost certain that these are broadcasting issues because others with different hardware configurations have posted the same observances on the forum .... These are both ota broadcasts. On FOX, it's especially noticeable during news broadcasts and during Seinfeld re-runs. The video on the Seinfeld re-runs are also poor. It looks like their recording equipment is not operating at a uniform speed - it's like the video images accelerate to catch up to the audio - kind of herky-jerky. Ally McBeal, on the other hand, comes across fine.

I have had no problems at all with lip sync on DirecTV programming - analog or high definition. For me HBO-HD has been great. I have no experience with the HD ppv offerings on Ch 199 - they're operating past my bed time.....
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just this past weekend I had lip sync problems with one of directtv's PPV channels (it was broadcast in DD) ... I have a sat-hd100... that was the first time I noticed the problem. So far, it hasn't been an issue with HD, other directtv channel's, or ota.

I'm pretty certain it's a broadcast Issue (see Ken Ross's post from a couple of day's ago... he compared the sony, panny and one or two other boxes and found the same lip sync problems with all of them).

Actually... If you do a search you'll find quite a few threads on this topic.
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I have a Zenith ATSC tuner and an RCA DTC100. There are only two DTV stations in my area so far and one of them had lip-sync problems on both tuners for quite a while but not since changes were made to the encoder at that particular station to fix the problem. I haven't experienced lip-sync problems with DirecTV. As previously stated, I believe that this is an ATSC encoder function issue.



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Really appreciate the posts so far.

Is there a way to find out the phone numbers of the local affiliates to call them about the problem...I think I remember seeing a web site with specific phone info.

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Check the stations' own websites for a "talkback" feature and/or phone numbers. E-mailing the engineering department is a good place to start.


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Have you tried a progressive DVD player yet with your upgrade on the Zenith?
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Bob, I think I have some of them at work. I'll post them tomorrow.
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I have an SR-HD5 in Grapevine, Texas. I often notice lipsync problems here.
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I have the HD100. No lip sync issue with Directv, only some video drop out. As for OTA, I only get lip sync issue with CBS-LA. A simple switch of the station tends to fix the problem for 10-15 mins. Don't seem to see ANY lip sync issue with "Jay Leno".

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I have an RCA DTC-100 and occasionally I get lip-sync problems. It happens when I get a dropout on either satellite or OTA. I found the simple solution (albeit not a pretty one) is to turn off the receiver for a few seconds and turn it on.
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Hi gang,

Here is a post I found on another site regarding a conversation with a Sony Tech....

Yesterday I spoke with tech support at Sony. They claimed to be aware of the lip sync problem and are working on a solution. They led me to beleive that this is a receiver problem and not a broadcast problem. They have no time table for a fix to be made available. Any repair will have to be done by an authorized service center (they said a fix sent through the direcTV satallite was not an option). One last note, the problem I described above about not receiving the direcTV HD channels was due to an installation error, and not a problem with the receiver itself.

(end of quote)

My question is...if it's a resident problem with the Sony, why do I only notice it on cbs and none of the other ota stations? I never have lip sync problems watching Leno on nbc. I also notice it now on OTA standard broadcast, like local news, but only on cbs. Wouldn't that point to a cbs broadcast problem. It also seems, from what I'm reading, that it's not just local cbs but it's a national problem (ie, people in other states across the country see the same thing). And....it's not just seen on the Sony stb, but other stb units experience the same thing.


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About a year ago I bought the DTC-100 for my TW65X81. I was only using it for our 1 local CBS affiliate that broadcasts in HDTV. Well, the lip sync problems were absolutely terrible. The audio was off anywhere from a split second to almost 3 full seconds! I was in constant contact with the engineers thru email and telephone and they concluded that the problem had to be on my side. So after weeks of frustration, I packed up my DTC on the 29th day and returned it. Have not bought a STB since then. You know what amazes me? I still cant understand how DTV can be so far technologically advanced and complex yet something as simple as syncing up the audio cannot be done...
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I believe that Sony does have a lip sync issue. That's not to say that other stb's don't also have problems. With the Sony, the local OTA Fox and PBS stations had terrible sync problems. I returned the Sony and bought the Panisonic. No more sync problems. I couldn't stand the Panny stb for other reasons, so I returned it. When I went back to the store, they had their Sony demo unit on and it had no sync issues. It may be a intermittent problem with the Sony's. I think I'll wait until later this summer and try the Sony again.
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I have the Samsung OTA STB. No lip-sync problem whatsoever.
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I have a DTC-100 and this happens on occasion to me. In all cases it has been caused by a momentary hit or interuption in the signal. Sometimes when it recovers the audio is out of sync with the video. A simple solution is just to change to another channel and then back again(I usually just hit the Prev Channel button twice). This always corrects the problem.

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I have a Dish model 6000 with the terrestrial receiver add-in and have not had any lip-sync problems yet . . . however, I haven't had it long enough to provide an adequate sample size.

However, I did talk to a TV station engineer that used to run an HDTV station and they said that some of the encoder equipment was a bit buggy. Some times some buffers would get out of sync and the only way they could fix it was to reboot . . . a process that took 5 minutes or so . . . so they didn't dare reboot during prime time. Thus, sometimes they would knowingly broadcast out of sync material because their only other option was to stop broadcasting for 5 minutes. Since Dead air is the cardinal sin of broadcasting they would often wait until 3am or so before rebooting.

I hope those types of broadcaster equipment problems have been resolved. That story is several months old.
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