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The 30K "Fix" - Official Thread  

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After hearing that Marek and gang at JVC have annouced the newest 30k "updates" that ought to be "THE" fix in the other thread, I decided we should have a thread where we can follow progress two ways.

A). Can someone post the information necessary to get this performed,i.e. where the unit would need to be sent,and how to get in contact if we need or want this performed?


B). Post results as time passes of how the fix is coming along for those of you who HAVE had it performed.

I figured this might be a little better than searching through pages and pages of craziness in that other thread.

Yyyyeeaaa....and if we could keep the thread on topic it would be really great MmmmmK? Thanks. ;)
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I sent my deck in on Monday of this week. They got it on Tuesday and they're now working on it, so I'll let you guys know when I hear from them.
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They got my deck last Friday. I haven't heard back from Marek yet...

Regards, Peter
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Great move for a thread. Could somebody ask JVC if the model in stores (like BB or Sears not Internet stores) have the fix already or if they too will have to be repaired??? ....Eventually.
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Originally posted by ripster
Great move for a thread. Could somebody ask JVC if the model in stores (like BB or Sears not Internet stores) have the fix already or if they too will have to be repaired??? ....Eventually.
I haven't asked JVC this, but I bought a 30k about 30 days ago at Good Guys. It had a serial number starting with 14 and the 30k I bought last September has a serial number starting with 156 (or maybe that was 1506). I had some troubles with recordings not always locking on for the 14x deck and so I took it back a few days ago for a refund. I also told them that I hadn't been able to get a connection to my PC going with this one. They said that this was a problem with the early software, so it seems like the software on the one I got wasn't updated to anything even in the last 6 months. So, I'm betting that the decks in stores have not been updated and buyers will want to send them in.

I just got another 30k from Vanns and the serial number starts with something like 157 (I know it isn't far from the one I bought in September, but is a little higher). I haven't tried connecting that one to my PC, yet.

I'll probably send my first 30k in next week, but it at least seems to be working for recording right now. It seems like it has been much more reliable for recording than for playback.

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Originally posted by ripster
Great move for a thread. Could somebody ask JVC if the model in stores (like BB or Sears not Internet stores) have the fix already or if they too will have to be repaired??? ....Eventually.
I can't believe that they would be able to answer that unless there were serial numbers. The reason I say this is I talked to the store managers of the local ABC Warehouse and Best Buy. ABC has had one on display for months and has three in the back and has sold none and at Best Buy he said they have only sold one. The local Sears store said they have only sold two and I'm wondering if those were both mine :D I would guess that the stock these stores have is quite old so they probably would not have included any sort of recent " fix". In a larger market this may not be true but in small market stores like the ones around here the sales of these is obviously very slow.

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I stopped in at a Sears in St. Louis and the salesman told me they no longer carried the JVC. He expected to have the new models in "soon", but could not say what or about how long.

The Sears web site has them for $799. It looks like they can still be ordered. Perhaps the salesman was wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.
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Where was it announced that JVC has a new fix. Is it official?. I come to this forum every day but have not seen anything besides JVC giving a new deck to Jerome that suppose to have new firmware. I think, information like that should be put as a note on this forum with phone numbers and contacts so all 30K owners can easily find out how to get it serviced.
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I'm not sure why it is thought there is some official fix or even statement from JVC on this problem. Maybe I missed a post somewhere but Jeromes last statement on this issue (and this forum) was just:
The bottom line for those of you who are on the edge of your seat: JVC came to my place, looked at my setup, asked me some questions, gave me a brand new deck with new firmware changes, took the loaner back, and left.

Nothing profound came out of this visit, and if I led any of you to believe that it did then I appologize. As for the new firmware, I have no idea what changed since the engineers did not speak good English which made communication very difficult.
That really doesn't seem all that optimistic to me. It's now been over 60 days since that "JVC will decide in 30 days" post. Did they actually do that and tell anyone?

So, does anybody really know anything?

- Tom
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Originally posted by trbarry
I'm not sure why it is thought there is some official fix or even statement from JVC on this problem.
Here is a post from Steve Rogers where he said that Marek told him they have a "final solution". Matt Stevens also posted something similar.

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Yes,the posts that darin is referencing is what I was referring to. In fact,according to steves post,not only is their some sort of "fix" but it is even packaged under its own code (according to steves later post on page 12) KIT-DH30000U2 UPGRADE KIT .
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I think there is some disillusionment occurring here. Nowhere that I have seen has there been any sort of official "final fix" announced nor instructions as to how to get it. Even more discouraging, there is no definitive analysis as to what the problem is, was, or will be. Even worse, those who have yet to experience a problem have no idea what they should do (ie. walk on a tightrope? send their units in regardless as some sort of preventative maintenance? what?).
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Without getting too far OT...

I sort of created this more as a repository of vital information for those who had or want to have this performed,and the results that accompany it. I know I for one didnt like digging through pages upon pages of useless material to get the few tidbits of good info on this.

No,it really isnt a so-named definitive fix,but if we have to scour through multiple pages of useless posts in other topics to come by the results of various users with what we DO HAVE,(which is quite honestly the closest we have come yet no matter what) then it causes more confusion and less of a solution.

That is the simple idea here,create a place where we can discuss the latest (and most solid) attempt JVC has made at correcting this problem,and whether it will end up working,or being another cloak of secrecy.
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I did a search on JVC's web site for part # KIT-DH30000U2 . Shows up for $1.37 and ships in 3 weeks. I be curious to see what is in the kit.
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I just received my deck back from JVC but it doesn't look like they did much. The invoice says service performed: Rewriting program, alignment tape path, mechanical part. The part is described as KIT-DH30000U2 upgrade kit. No pinch rollers, capstans, or anything else appears to have been replaced. We'll see how it works when I get it home tonight.
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vruiz, did you just mail it to them or did you need to set an appointment or get an RMA number first?
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I sent it via UPS ground on 4/7 (it only takes 1 day from NYC). No special appointment or RMA number was necessary. I just sent it directly to the service center to the attention of the factory service manager. Marek set it all up.
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Was anything included on the invoice the same as what Steve Rogers posted was with his?

"The invoice noted only one part used: " KIT-DH30000U2 UPGRADE KIT"

SVC PERFORMED: Rewriting Program, Alignment tape Path, Mechanical Part.

There were no other comments or descriptions of the work performed.

Also included was a one page insert which read as follows:

" JVC-English-Attention-
-Do not use S-VHS cassette to record program in D-VHS mode. D-VHS recording made on S-VHS cassette may cause block noise. Use D-VHS cassette only when you record program in D-VHS mode.
-Make sure the the DIGITAL 3-DNR lamp is lit on the VCR when playing back a cassette recorded in D-VHS mode. If not, press DIGITAL 3-DNR button on the front panel so that the DIGITAL 3-DNR lamp lights up.
-When black noise appears on the TV screen, clean the video heads by playing back DFC-2 D-VHS cleaning cassette for 15-seconds. If it persists, repeat the procedure until the block noise clears. Consult your JVC dealer if block noise does not clear."

The above information was repeated in French.

At the bottom:" LPTO542-004A 0303-MN-ID-VP (DH30000/VDA300)"

Steve Rogers

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My invoice looked exactly the same as Steve's, and I also got the same warning flyer, although it was wrapped around a JVC DFC-2 cleaning tape they sent for free.
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Got my "final" replacement yesterday. Won't be able to test it for at least a week since I am unpacking into the new house.
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Originally posted by Matt_Stevens
Got my "final" replacement yesterday. Won't be able to test it for at least a week since I am unpacking into the new house.

Where are your priorities? :)
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They are, in order: keeping my wife happy, keeping my wife happy and keeping my wife happy. :D
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I really have not been following this forum much, if at all, for the past month or so. I have been so busy with Windows Media 9 HDTV archiving to DVD-R that I really haven't had the time or inclination to keep up with the JVC goings on here.

I will say that my deck has been working just fine ever since JVC has brought this replacement unit up. I have recorded about 30 tapes (for backup and testing purposes mostly) and probably watched about 10 movies on it. Also, I would like to note that whatever was wrong with my original unit it only affected playback. I kept a few tapes that I recorded with my old unit that were made when the machine was on the fritz with pixelated playback and they play perfectly on my replacement deck.

In the end, I am hopeful that this unit will last, as I need it mainly to restore most of the 120 or so D-VHS tapes that I have for archiving to WM9. But I will never go back to D-VHS for recording, because, frankly, after having been through the wringer with my other deck I just don't trust the product enough to commit anything of value to it.

Tom is correct insofar as we still don't really know what the causal issues are. Perhaps I might have been able to find that out when the JVC engineers were here if I spoke Japanese--but I don't. :)

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Originally posted by Matt_Stevens
They are, in order: keeping my wife happy, keeping my wife happy and keeping my wife happy. :D
Matt - you definately have your priorities in order:D
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I just got my 30000U back from JVC. According to their service invoice,
all they did was "align and adjust." They also included a DVHS cleaning
tape and a copy of page 63 of the operator's manual with the statement
"Do not connect this VCR to the PC with the ILink cable. The operation is
not guaranteed" highlighted in pink.

If this operation is not guaranteed, what's the point of the VCR? I use
a MyHD PC card to either record hi-def programming or pass it through
to the VCR. If I can't do this with some assurance of success, the VCR's
pointless. Is JVC saying that just PC recorded programming is not supported? How about other types of receivers with firewire connections?

Any suggestions?
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I agree, what in the world does that mean?

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I Think maybe that statement comes from the fact that I think one of the people reporting problems was using dvhs tools to record to the jvc and they are looking to blame anything and everything they can and limit possible problems causes
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So, we cant use svhs tapes, we cant connect to the PC. Whats next?
Sounds like we cant do anything other than play pre recorded T-theater tapes?

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I predict the next item will say "Do *NOT* connect the unit to AC power..."
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Since people complained when this was raised (again) in the 40000U thread:

I've been unable to get Marek or anyone else at JVC support to return my phone calls and mail about how to return my 30000U to JVC to have the "fix" applied to it.

This is very frustrating. My unit (as I've whined several times before in this Forum) is the fifth 30000U I've owned. They all misbehaved but I eventually tired of returning them, preferring to wait for a fix from JVC. My unit is essentially useless for playback most of the time, exhibiting the dropouts and glitching that have been so well documented here. (It makes a fine recorder, but that's not good enough.)

Is there a contact address or phone number for this process that can reliably be used to get the necessary servicing?
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