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Boy it must be nice to live near civilization where you have choices. I am just cycling through 5.1, 12.1, 15.1 and 25.1 from Flint/Saginaw, 6.1 from Lansing, and once in a while 9.1 from Cadillac and feeling pretty good about my self now that my antenna has been on my roof for about 2 months and has not fallen down yet. My golf clubs sit in the garage and my new hobby is chasing HD locals. I'm about as successful also.

Anyway, I hear that Charter is broadcasting some HD on cable here in Midland. I was wondering if anyone out there has seen it and is it worth a look. The rep told me they would have HD locals by the end of summer. I'm not sure what that really means considering the state of our locals, but I won't hold my breath. But, if anyone has seen it what is the PQ?
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I am getting frustrated by the lack of HD I want to watch on Comcast. Does anyone else have comcast HD in this area? It is so annoying that they don't have CBS and FOX! Football season is quickly approaching and I want to watch the games in HD. To make it worse they don't have an OTA capable tuner. If anyone hears when we will get those networks and when the dual tuner DVR will be available please share the info and I will do the same.
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tltwood, The most likely reason you don't see CBS and FOX in HD on Flint's Comcast is that the local stations don't offer them. WNEM refuses to do HD, the GM says we're not worth the money, and WSMH FOX is owned by Sinclair, which says it all. If that reference doesn't make sense to you do a search on Sinclair in the HD programming section...

Unfortunately, you're going to need an OTA tuner --now under $200 if you shop around, and a decent exterior antenna if you want either of those feeds.
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Anyway, I hear that Charter is broadcasting some HD on cable here in Midland. I was wondering if anyone out there has seen it and is it worth a look.

I don't have it, but one of my J6P type folks here at work has it. As far as I understand, they generally watch movies downloaded from the internet at home (what a waste of a good RPTV), and their DVD is an old HTiB unit hooked up via s-video. They've got a 47" Panny RPTV.

But they are pretty happy with it. I guess it's only a couple of bucks more than normal service and it looks really good to them.
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I was able to compare Olympic HD coverage broadcast by WEYI OTA today vs the same coverage broadcast by E*. Both pictures were spectacular, but you could see some pixilation on the WEYI coverage during the closeups of the swimmers. I had read on other threads here that E* would be broadcasting the coverage at its full bandwidth, and I could not see the same pixilation.

WEYI did not lose the picture, but during that competition when they showed a close up head on shot of the swimmers in the water, for a few seconds it was like looking through a screen door. I see the same effect on PBS out of Bad Axe, especially with splashing water or anything else that causes a lot of activity in the picture.

I don't want to criticize either station, but I'm assuming the problem is due to simulcasting and lack of bandwidth. Anyway, thank you WEYI for broadcasting the HD feed of the Olympics today.

Boo to WNEM for not passing through the HD feed of the PGA tournament from Wisconsin. I'm glad I was able to pull in WLNS and WCBS. I will not watch golf in SD anymore, and I never watch WNEM anymore.
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Not sure if this is HD related or not, but I saw an ad the other day on either WEYI or WNEM that referred to "Mid-Michigan's WB...coming soon". Anyone heard anything about such a development?
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Well, WEYI had WB programming for years. They would run it at 2 or 3 in the morning if I recall correctly. It was a waste.

Odds are if it was on one of those stations you mentioned they will run it on a sub-channel in limited SD not HD. WNEM is the likely candidate since they are adamantly anti HD they have tons of unused bandwidth. I find I watch more WB than most networks, I like a lot of their programming. I remember when they first stated up against UPN I thought they were a joke, now they are going strong and UPN is almost non existent, with rumors the plug will be pulled later this year.
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Ahh, thanks for the info Matt.

The closer it gets to football season, the more tempted I am to start sending notes to advertisers on WNEM and WSMH about me watching football on other CBS and FOX stations for their HD offerings. I could do completely without WNEM due to the strength of WWTV at my place, but other FOX pulls are a little more difficult. I hope the rumors are true about Sinclair making a push to get their NFC-area FOX stations up with the splicer system....but I'm not holding my breath.
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Hello everyone....

I'm new to the Midland area....from CA....in fact, I emailed a few of you a couple of months ago re: OTA reception.

I'm on D*, but wanted to see what I could pull in. I mounted my Zenith silver sensor just under the eave of my roof and was able to pull in 5-1, 12-1, 15-1 and 25-1.

I'm really thinking I might want to get a nice antenna on the roof....maybe even an omni-directional to prevent the need for a rotor, but I've read the omni-directionals may not receive as well.

Anyway, I'm mulling over what I might want to install. I watched Mon.Night Football on 12-1 and it was stunning. I was dismayed to see that when I dialed in 5-1 for some CBS HD programming, that it was listed as HD in the guide, but the picture was 4:3 and not HD....what's up with that??? 25-1 was regular NBC, but 25-2 was HD (delayed programming Olympics). 15-1-2-3-4 was different PBS programming.

Anyway, any thoughts or feedback would be great. The only distributor for Winegard or CM antennas close by seems to be Bursma Electronics in Bay City. Anyone know if they just sell or do they install as well?

I enjoy the forum!

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Welcome Dave, a little change from CA I bet...

WNEM is anti HD, so don't expect much from them unless CBS starts twisting arms. Martyr who posts here and lives in Midland posted he was getting WLNS out of Lansing for CBS, you might want to check with him about his setup. You might want to consider "moving" your D address to Macomb, down by Detroit, it's the only area near by that gets CBS HD on D. If you're after FOX you may be out of luck though, nothing in the works.

Midland is a great town, I may head up there the second week of Sept. for the balloon event, always lots of fun.
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Bursma is sell only and usually has good prices.
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I purchased the channel master 4221, tripod, 10' mast and a rotor from Bursma. I cut the mast into 3' and 7' sections to accomodate the rotor.

With everything assembled and just standing up on the ground, I get 5-1, 12-1, 15-1 and 25-1 with much higher signal strengths (70-100) than I was with the silver sensor (20-70 and consistent drop-outs).

I also receive ch. 66 (fox) from Flint and about 18 analog stations. Not sure if I even needed the rotor or not, cause it looks like I can keep it pointed at about 150 and get 'em all.

I'll probably mount this on the roof this weekend, then I should be set.

Any ideas on when 5-1 (cbs) might transmit some HD?

Also, any forecast on when ch. 66 (fox) will transmit digital on ch. 16?

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MisterDTV, (whom you may or may not know is a Sinclair exec) checked in in another thread with an update about WSMH (FOX 66). At least we're getting some feedback.

Link to MisterDTV post
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Yeah, sure. Any excuse. Funny, ALL the Detroit stations, as well as WJRT, WFUM are able to get approval and get their tower up and actually broadcast but Sinclaire is still whiling and blaming the FCC. Way to run a business, claim to be trying and avoid spending the money -- great for their bottom line -lousy for the "customers" they claim to serve. Odds are they will wait until the very last minute that the government allows before going digital. Note: I did not say HD.....
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I took Charter Cable up on their 30 day trial offer on digital service and HD. It was installed on Friday. I am fairly impressed, but then it is easy to impress me. The SD channels are much clearer than the analog was, and the HD (HD Net, HdMovies, ESPNHD, HBO and SHOWTIME) looks pretty good. I still have E* HD, (same stations as Charter, plus WCBS HD, Discovery HD, TNTHD and for the last two weeks, NBC's feed of the Olympics) and when I compared the channels, the E* picture was softer and very clear. The Charter HD was very sharp, almost as if the sharpness control was turned all the way up. All in all it was acceptable.

Having all these sources will make it interesting when football begins in two weeks. I caught the Lions on WKBD on satellite and cable (cable was better), and OTA on WNEM DT here in Midland. Of course WNEM's digital signal was much sharper. What was interesting was that the New England game was in HD on WCBS, but not in HD on WLNS or WWTV ota (though I admit I only looked at them for a few seconds). I wonder why it was not passed through. though.

I now have fairly reliable sources for HD CBS, NBC and ABC, but from Matt's post it looks like WSMH (FOX) is still stalling. It must be nice to be able to screw the government and the public AND have a license to do it. I have been searching of and on for other FOX stations that might be broadcasting DT or HD, but have not been able to pick up anything. Maybe when the leaves fall.
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I just got my Dish 34" HD package today. Very impressed with the Dish HD channels. Could only pick up one local HD channel (WJRT-12) with my indoor antenna. I stopped by Sears today on the way home from work, and bought a Zenith Silver Sensor, and now have all the locals that are broadcasting in digital: WJRT, WNEM, WEYI, and the PBS. The weakest signal stregth is the PBS, coming in at 77-79% on my Dish OTA receiver. The best is WJRT which is coming in at 95-95%. Tonight was the first night I've seen Monday Night Football in HD. I am disappointed that WNEM isn't carrying any HD content (as far as I can tell via TitanTV.com).

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Welcome Mike, Refresh my memory, where is Freeland? Isn't it up toward Clare? If so, with an outdoor antenna you might get WLNS from Lansing, CBS in HD. They put out a strong signal, but at the moment they lost HD ability due to a power surge, should be back to HD in a few days.
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Interesting....Is the Lansing CBS station channel 6-1?

I noticed the difference on CBS last night between 5-1 and 6-1. Channel 6-1 filled my screen (16x9), but I thought it looked "stretched" not like a true HD picture.

I opted to move my antenna from my roof on a tripod mount to a 20' pole mount right next to the house, but I still get all the locals pretty well....channels 5-1, 6-1, 15-1, 25-1 and also 66 (soon to be digital channel 16, I hope...).

MNF was awesome tonight as always!!
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Yep, 6-1, or 59-3....
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Originally posted by Matt L
Welcome Mike, Refresh my memory, where is Freeland? Isn't it up toward Clare? If so, with an outdoor antenna you might get WLNS from Lansing, CBS in HD. They put out a strong signal, but at the moment they lost HD ability due to a power surge, should be back to HD in a few days.

Freeland: Small town (mostly country) between Midland and Saginaw...

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Mike, Martyr who is in Midland reports he gets WLNS, so if you really want CBS HD you might want to check and see what he is using, might be doable for you too...
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Thanks for the info on WLNS. I was wondering what happened. WCBS did not broadcast in HD Monday evening either, so I was getting concerned.

I use a CM 4228 antenna at about 30 to 32 feet, with a preamp and a rotor. I get WLNS anywhere from 55 to 85% depending upon the weather. There has been only one time when I was not able to pull it in. No matter what the signal, it stays pretty stable throughout the evening. I live a few miles north of Freeland, near the Midland Holiday Inn.

Two techs from Charter Cable were over today and "tweaked" my signal. I am very happy with the HD and SD now (so far). The HD tonight looks as good as E*.
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Thanks guys. I'm sure that I could pull in more stations with a larger rooftop antenna, but for now I have to be content with my Silver Sensor.

How can you find out what signal the OTA stations are passing? I've looked on a few websites to see if they were 480p vs 720p vs 1080i, but I can't seem to find the info. The WNEM and WEYI look pretty good right now, but are nothing compared to the WEYI HD feed...

I am actually north of Freeland, just over the edge into Midland County.

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Hi all, new guy here. I am new to the world of HD, but recently purchased a Sony Grand Wega HD along with a Samsung SIR-TS360. I have Direct TV as my provider. The HD channels on Direct come through brilliantly, look amazing. However, what do I need to do to get my locals in HD? Direct TV claims that if my locals broadcast in HD (which I read in another forum that they do) that I should be able to get them in HD. That isn't the case... and I didn't think it would be.

So my question to those in the know is, what do I need to do do get Flint/Saginaw/Bay City locals in HD? Would an indoor antenna work, or do I need to get a roof mounted one? Direct offers a roof mounted one for like $75 bucks, anyone have any experience with those? Once I am able to get them, will they show in my normal guide as 5-1, 12-1, etc...? I did a scan and those added to my guide, but of course they were just static.

Thanks for any guidance you guys can provide.
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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone else out in this area has had any trouble receiving WJRT ABC 12 digitally? I've been picking it up fine up until about a week ago, and can't tune it in since!! I get WFUM PBS 28 from Flint well, and their transmitter is further away from me than ABC12 - I've tried rotating the antenna every direction. This is the only channel that has just completely blanked out on me and I haven't a clue what to do? Nothing changed - equipment or connection-wise and like I said, I used to get it perfectly. All other channels are fine and as they were. I have a mast antenna and I live in Frankenmuth. It sounds like a local issue at my end, because an earlier poster remarked about MNF coming in well this past Monday. I'd appreciate any suggestions, if you have any, if you need more info to help me, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

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kdubey, welcome to another new member! In Clio you should have no problem getting the basic local channels, 12, 25, 28 and 5 ( of little value) with an indoor antenna. Sears has the Silver Sensor, with is the favorite in these forums, you can try it and if it doesn't do the trick take it back. If you go back a bit here, you will see I get 18 OTA channels, with a high gain antenna /preamp combo. If you want to get a selection of channels I'd go for the Channel Master 8 bay bowtie, sorry, don't recall the model number, mounted as high as you can with a CM 77xx series preamp. This should give you access to Detroit stations, the only WB HD outlet around, as well as Lansing, CBS HD and FOX HD. The equipment may be $100 + but odds are you won't be sorry. I wouldn't let D install anything, you need to make the decision on equipment. Scan through this forum and see what others are using, you won't be sorry.
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Alias123, my MNF came in great. I have been "glued" to WJRT TV12 since I got my set. My signal strength (as shown on my E* 811 with the Silver Sensor antenna) comes in consistently in the 92+% range.
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Thanks for the feedback. I used to get in the area of 92 with WJRT, but now I get 49 and that's not enough to even put a picture up on the screen! I just get 'broadcasting not available'. I just don't understand what happened to that particular channel in my situation? Really strange!
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Have you tried doing a rescan of your channels? sometimes the PSIP info messes up some tuners programming. Do a rescan and if that doesn't help unplug the unit for as long as you can to clear the memory and then do a new scan. Often that solves the problem.
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Thanks for the advice...it worked! I had thought about a rescan, but somehow was thinking with all this high tech gadgetry a simple 'reset' wouldn't address the problem - and I was worried that I'd even lose more channels! Oh well, I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same! By the way, what is 'PSIP info'?
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