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So that's the only news for local HD any more, retrans disputes. Pitiful.
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Originally Posted by bidger View Post

So that's the only news for local HD any more, retrans disputes. Pitiful.
Yeah, apparently it's gone under the radar that WIVT 34-1 (ABC), 34-2 (NBC), and WETM-1 (NBC) are now running local syndication and commercials in HD when available... smile.gif
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Yeah, that could be because I'm only watching the networks on DNS from DirecTV:cool:

I keep forgetting that DirecTV is carrying locals.
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Anyone heard any rumors about if or when WBNG might switch to local HD news? WICZ looks great.

Have any of the TV providers picked the CW HD signal yet? Or is still just available OTA?
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Nothing heard that I know of.

Heck WBNG can't even keep syndicated HD shows in HD after coming out from a local commercial.

I sent an email to DirecTV concerning the CW in HD and all I got back was the standard canned reply.
Maybe, it's time for us to send another email.

Here's the latest reply today.
Thank you for your interest in watching CW channel in HD.

We are not offering additional HD channels yet. While we are unable to comment on upcoming programming decisions, DIRECTV is constantly evaluating the channels it carries and values customer feedback. Rest assured your voice is being heard and many of the changes we make are a direct result of the comments and suggestions we receive from our customers.

You may want to consider signing up on DIRECTV Newsletter. You will be able to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, as well as select other interests so that we can send you timely information for new programming, products and services.

We are always reviewing our programming options to make sure we bring you the optimal TV experience.

Again, thank you for writing, Mr. Spencer. You are one of our loyal customers and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

I suggest that others also email DirecTV concerning The CW in HD.
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I'm wondering if the Solid Signal HD Blade would work in my area.

With Crocker hill in between me and the towers I don't have a good feeling for this indoor antenna.
If it does better than other indoor ones i've tried, it would be nice to get the large Winegard off of the roof.
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From what I remember reception was challenging with the 7084 outside. Therefore the answer is No.
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HI Rick.
Yeah, the change in seasons affects my reception.
My signal strengths aren't too bad with the exception of ch 34.
It could possibly be tweaked a little, but I don't do roofs anymore. eek.gif

The Blade looked interesting as SolidSignal talked it up.
But, that's all hype.
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With the new year coming, does anyone know if there are any potential retrans contracts expiring between the local channels and D*? I know Fox 40 is all set with their new contract signed this fall, but what about the others. Anyone know if their contacts with D* might be up?
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Anyone know if any fiber to the home plans are in the works for the elmira/cornining area? Surprised that corning makes a lot of the fiber that these companies use for these fiber layouts yet we don't have ftth.
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Originally Posted by morpheus305 View Post

Anyone know if any fiber to the home plans are in the works for the elmira/cornining area? Surprised that corning makes a lot of the fiber that these companies use for these fiber layouts yet we don't have ftth.

Well, since this thread has laid dormant for over two months and there's been no reply to this post, there was an announcement of a fiber ring project for the Southern Tier over two years ago: http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/112777. The Corning Leader also covered the story: http://www.the-leader.com/news/x43527252/Bringing-counties-up-to-speed-Broadband-plan-excites-officials. It was supposed to be a 30 month project that began in June 2011, so that would mean slated completion @ the end of this year or early next. Would be nice to have an update on progress two years after the announcement.
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Looking for antenna installer in Finger Lakes region.
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Per JWKessler on DBSTalk, it appears that DISH now offers locals for Bingotown in HD: http://www.dbstalk.com/topic/201839-another-year-without-local-hd-channels/?p=3141527 No change of E- and C- towns far as I can tell.
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It looks like Dish is offering ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and PBS. But, the website shows them as SD.
DirecTV has those in HD and then MyNet and The CD in SD.
The CW is in HD via OTA, so I wonder when DirecTV will switch to the HD version? That's a rhetorical question.
I sent my annual letter to Ellen Filipiak asking this question.
If also interested in this subject, here's the online form to ask the question.

Here's the canned response to my inquiry.

"DIRECTV realizes local programming in HD is important to you. We currently do not have plans to offer the CW in HD. Your request is on file from your previous request so no additional action is required on your end. Any updates to your local channels can be found at DIRECTV.com/locals. "
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Anyone having issues with their DVRs now? One of my SA8300HD (non C) boxes won't boot, even after they sent a signal, but both DVRs were having identical strange issues. I rebooted one (currently showing four lines and won't go further), the one I did not reboot is still having issues, and huge 60 second key input delays, but still can record and tune to channels, although not very well.

As always TWC CSR says "no problems in the area".. Whatever..

edit- signal strength perfect, digital phone works, internet works, regular cable box works.
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No issue with my SA8300HD here in Elmira.

I got a letter from TWC a few weeks ago saying that sometime soon they will be dropping all of the analog channels and going digital-only. End of an era.
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Both my 8300HD DVRs rebooted and started working again at the same time. That was like two days after they started acting up really bad.

I finally got compensated today after a supervisor called me back today (a credit to my account). I was seriously ready to ditch TWC TV service altogether.
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So Time Warner shuffled the clear QAM channels around recently. I'm hopeful that this resolves the issue with Windows MCE that I posted about a while back. Only concern now is that they might encrypt the clear QAM channels soon. (I can't believe the FCC allows this now for local content!) Anyone have any idea whether encryption is coming?
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How did QAM channels get shifted?
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I saw a new, smaller-sized Verizon utility vehicle in downtown Elmira. Plastered across the side it called out FIOS service. Hard to imagine a strategy like that in an area where it won't become available, though I have seen stranger things.
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I hope we get fiber so I can tell TWC to shove it up their ***.
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My understanding is Verizon is not expanding the FIOS footprint anymore due to it not being financially viable. They are going to continue supporting where it's already available.
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To make FiOS viable they should raise their rates. biggrin.gif
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Regarding clear QAM channels on Time Warner Binghamton, attached is a list of the current channel map that I believe to be correct. My MCE seems to be working again since they moved the channels cool.gif mce bgm (Medium).jpg 163k .jpg file
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Thanks very much for the listing of the new Clear QAM channels for TWC Binghamton. I couldn't find them posted anywhere and, of course, WMC wasn't finding them either. I was really happy to find your post.

How did you identify the new channels? I would love to know in case they pull this again. I'm sure glad it was summer and didn't screw up all my recordings during the regular TV season.
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You are welcome smile.gif My HDHOMERUN found the channels, then I figured out which channel was what.

Fingers crossed that they don't go encrypted soon eek.gif
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"Fingers crossed that they don't go encrypted soon"

I chatted Time Warner tech support when they messed with the Clear QAM channels. The tech support person I chatted with did not seem terribly knowledgeable, but he said there were no current plans to encrypt. For what that's worth to your peace of mind. smile.gif

I have an HDHomeRun tuner. I guess I'll have to learn how to use it a bit more effectively. Thanks again, hiperco.
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The HDHomeRun setup apps are good. MCE setup stinks!
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+1 to that
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With the visit to BU by Obama, you'd think that WBNG would have their news in HD by now.
Come on WBNG get with the program and get HD.
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