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Hey Guys,

I currently live in Greensboro NC, but may be moving to Wilmington at the beginning of the year....I was wondering what local stations are broadcast in HD through Time Warner Cable....Here in Gboro I get everything except ABC...Thanks for the help.
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In Wilmington I think on cable it is just WWAY, ABC and WUNJ PBS. WECT, NBC is just SD and Fox is low power SD.
CBS is not dt. The nearest towers outside of wilmington for HD are Florence SC and Greenville NC. With an antenna you should be able to get one of those.
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WWAY in Wilmington NC was recently down over and week and came back up with new software. Ever since I have been experience bad pixelization and audio dropouts making channel 3.1 and 3.2 un-watchable...I have had to start watching ABC on channel 15.1 in Myrtle Beach. WWAY's signal strength is still 90-92% and I do have some periods where their picture is ok, but most times it is un-watchable. All my other off-air channels are fine...6.1 in Wilmington, 15.1 in Myrtle, 21.1 in Myrtle, 39.1 PBS, ec. Is anyone else having issues??????
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I saw the same thing on WWAY-DT on Time Warner Cable but for the last few days I have not noticed it. Hopefully the problem is now fixed.
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Thanks. I have been in contact with their chief engineer and passed this along to him.
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BeachStrat -

Where are you located in relation to the stations and what antenna are you using?

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I am on Sunset Beach island. I have two 9 element yagi's, one pointed to the WWAY tower, the other pointed to the Myrtle Beach tower. I get a signal strength of 92% on WWAY. My lowest signal is WPDE in Florence/Myrtle which is 80%. I am currently using a RAT Shack line booster, but I may move up to the Channel Master pre-amp. I did try to eliminate one of the antennas and also the booster, just to rule out multipath signaling from WWAY. BeachStrat
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WWAY-HD & DT are down on Time Warner today. I assume the OTA is also out. Does anyone have any insight into the problem?
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They are also down OTA on channels 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. They went down on Sunday and are still down Monday evening.
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hello out there! just bought a new HDTV and am itching to see what it can do.
i have a PT-47WXD64 HD tv set that has an internal ATSC digital tuner. i subscribe to TWC's digital cable and have a digital cable box. i'll soon be getting a HD cabable digital STB that TWC will bring and set up.

i read on another forum that some people in other TWC areas can just plug in their cable and manually enter the digital channel and get some hd broadcasts.

if i did not subscribe to digital cable (but just the regular TWC lineup to channel 70 or so) and just connect a coaxial cable to the wall jack, will/can i get broadcasts in HD? (for example, ABC shows that are sent out OTA in HD like 'Lost', and ESPN when they broadast a game in HD)

i'm not interested in an HD antenna, but would like to try and receive any/all HD broadcasts with as little equipment and cost as possible.

thanks a million.
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I need some help..

Just moved to the area and I am trying to get some info on the local HD here...I know WWAY is available through Time Warner in HD...I went to WECT and they had an article saying they went HD in May of last year...If i were to get a over the air tuner and antenna will I be able to receive WECT HD. Also it says FOX went HD..Will I be able to receive that...And is there any word when WILM might gov HD...I am in desperate need of some HD local coverage...Thanks for all your help..
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Anything new happening in wilmington,

Just picked up an HDtivo box for directv for $100 after rebates and discounts through retention dept. I am looking forward to some more HD..,..even if it is hd-lite
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I'm having a hard time picking up much. Any tips?

I live on the ICW near Carolina Beach inlet. I pick up ABC and PBS great; 93% signal. I pick up PAX at 70%. I can't even find the signal for FOX, CBS or NBC. The FOX people tell me they share the same tower as PBS out in Delco NC.
I use a TERK TV-38 in my attic (can't mount outside due to HOA).

Charter Cable flat out sucks with no HD offerings and no timeline on a roll out.

Local station have told me to blow when it comes to HD waivers for DirecTV.
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Unless your in a condo and dont own the roof, The HOA does not overrule the FCC.

Read up on the rules. There are links all over these forums to tell you your rights as a homeowner. Put your antenna up and laugh at them.


Local stations will not give waivers. Been there done that, there are several choice thoughts on these matters.

ILM locals hang out at ilmhd_dot_comm for some more specific info.

You should be able to get ABC< NBC, PBS, probally will have hard time with fox.

Fox is at low power.

CBS is non-existant unless you subscribe to TWC HD tier. Its fiber feed only.

Yes charter is attrocious. I too am in a charter area.

We arent too far away. Im in Lords Creek on carolina beach road heading toward snows cutt, just before catholic church on right.

Dont be afraid of your homeowners. Show them the light and get that antenna on board. You are loosing up to half your signal in the attic.

Thank you,
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Thanks for that info.
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Handy Mann,
nc88keyz has some good advice for you. Federal law supercedes local HOA or zoning. Presently the FOX station is at very low power downtown but they will be moving to the WWAY tower and increasing power. FOX does not broadcast from the PBS tower at Delco but WECT, the NBC station does. CBS is a low power station and does not have a DT channel yet. You should be able to receive NBC if you get the UNC-TV PBS station. Glad to hear our UNC-TV PBS WUNJ-DT signal is great out there at Carolina Beach. Our Engineering Supervisor for WUNJ-TV/DT lives at Carolina Beach also. We will be increasing power from our present 287 kilowatts ERP to 700 kilowatts by June or July. Good luck with your antenna and efforts to receive free DTV over the air..

Wayne Estabrooks
Chief Engineer - UNC-TV
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More specific ILM info at ilmhd_Dott_comm

Please stop by.

I talked with matt brandis today re: CBS signal in HD. Its an interesting story.

Matt looked at the plots and thinks I can get ch 10 outta greenville.

Im located right before the snows cut going into carolina beach. 3 minutes or so.

Lords Creek to be more specific.

Anyways make sure to register at ilmhd.

thanks again for your continued support.
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I put up a smaller antenna on my roof today. I used a Channel Master 4221 UHF on a 10' mast with a Radio Shack amplifier. I have a 2 story home. I'm not over the tree line, but have good results now. I registered on the ILM site as AndyH.

3-1, 3-2, 3-3 = 93% signal
6-1, 6-2 = 93%
30-1 = 86%
35-1 - 35-4 = 77-93%
39-1 - 39-5 = 100%
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Good deal handy,

Im 1080i over that way
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Handy , you could be getting WRAL cbs out of raleigh if you are scanning right now. FUN STUFF !
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Another night with Ducting. Boooo!

Must be the witches making tracks through the clouds.

WRAL 5.1
WB 22.1
WRAZ 50.1
NBC 17.1
ABC 11.1

All from wilmington, nc

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yep what the title says
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I stopped by our local Time Warner Cable Store and looked at the HDTV that they have on display and talked to some people there. I was pretty well "underwhelmed" with the current HDTV readiness of Time Warner. At the Cable Store I brought up the Channel Guide on one of their HD TV's with an HD cable box. It looked terrible - blurry text that looked much worse than it does on our current standard TV. I called over one of the reps. there and asked why. I was told that the software in their cable boxes (even the HD ones) doesn't know how to display that guide in HD, so it comes out blurry on an HD set. Only
their high end DVR, which doubles as a cable box, has had the necessary software upgrade to allow the Guide to be displayed in HD. They also have no idea at the moment when networks (ex. The WB) that are broadcasting in HD will have a Time Warner HD channel, so that we can actually view the network in HD.
They suggest a sort of "klugey" way around this blurry Channel Guide problem, but it appears that they are several months from having their HD
act together.

Do others have this same impression of Time Warner here?
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I have had no problems with the TWC on screen guide. I have the SA8300HD box. The picture is great. I am using a Panasonic 50" plasma. I hardly every watch anything in real time. Sports is about it. I only wish that the ESPN HD was not a pay channel
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Originally Posted by barabus View Post

I have had no problems with the TWC on screen guide. I have the SA8300HD box. The picture is great. I am using a Panasonic 50" plasma. I hardly every watch anything in real time. Sports is about it. I only wish that the ESPN HD was not a pay channel

I take it the SA8300HD is a DVR type of cable box/recorder?

Do you know anyone who has tried Time Warner's HD cable box, without the recorder part. fpr HDTV?

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Hi Passisgreen,

About where in the Wilmington area do you live? I live in the Monkey Junction area. You might have seen the post I made to this forum a few days ago about visiting the TWC store in Wesfield Independence Mall.

It sounds like you have been dealing with TWC HD for several months now. Have you found that you can use their Guide in HD with their HD cable box? I was told that it only worked correctly in their DVR/cable box. Something about it having a software upgrade.

I also wondered what brand a PT-47WXD64 HDTV is? I am looking seriously at the new Dell 37" LCD HDTV. Any words of wisdom about HD with TWC so far? Is there much to watch in HD?


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Welcome to the forums ron..

BTW, i am on the charter side of monkey junction or a little past.

be sure to visit w3_ilmhd_dot_com as well for more locals.

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Hi nc88keyz,

So, does everyone South of Monkey Junction get Charter cable instead of Time Warner? If so, how is HD on Charter? Like I said in an earlier post, it seems the TWC is only beginning to get its act together for HD.

Since you are in the area, you will know what I am talking about - I took the plung yesterday at the big day-after-Thanksgiving sale that Best Buy had and bought a 46" Toshiba DLP HDTV. Now I just have to figure out how to fit in onto our TV table.

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Rumor is that Charter in wilmington will be exiting.

To answer your question on HD - Well there is no question on that subject.

Bottom line, Charter has been saying for 2 yrs that they will bring HD to wilmington. In fact I have emails from last year in August stating January 05. Sorry to rain on your hd parade.

My Advice: Skip Dish althought dish has some decent HD right now and go with Directv. You can get a HD DVR around 399 now at best buy or even lower on the internet. Ive been with Directv for over 9 years or so. My last upgrade cost $100 for HD Tivo DVR, and SD Tivo after rebate. Directvs HD is minimal right now, but MPG4 is rolling out sooner than later. National HD stations will be coming soon.

They have the right idea and XM radio is free now as well in total choice and plus and up.

TWC is nice if available, but I['m not moving to get TWC, I prefer bellsouth DSL anyways.

STAY AWAY FROM CHARTER AT ALL COSTS. I dont have enought time to write about my horror with them, everything from internet to customer service etc.

Hope this helps.

BTW: Charter is scattered beyond monkey junction. Some of its TWC and Some is charter.
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