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Thanks Wayne for the info--I did have a in my message--I was just jabbing a bit, especially since the engineer at WECT has been the least friendly of all the locals--at least in my experience in speaking with all of them. But what about the timing issue? Are you still constructing facilities for Jacksonville, or did you request the change way before the FCC deadline to be live? Did WECT know way in advance that 44 was the only channel they wanted? Was it the only one available? Did they know in advance that they had to wait for Jacksonville to get their new channel, thus freeing up 44?

I guess part of what I was getting at is that many stations are doing anything and everything possible to drag their feet and delay implementation of DT. I understand the financial issues--but contrast that with stations across the country that have jumped on the DT bandwagon early, surely not 100% of them have more money than WECT?

I left a message for the engineers at WWAY thanking them for improving the signal--I'm definitely with Daryl, gotta give praise and thanks when they take our observations seriously, and then do something about it...

And thanks again to Wayne for taking the time to participate in this forum.
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Just curious what the latest info is on ABC going HD.

Has fox said anything about doing 480p for shows like 24. I would really like to see some primetime HD soon.

Cant wait for HDTvio .....4 tuners....my god what were they thinking hehe

Supposively $799.99 MSRP

Keep the thread alive.
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This morning I was getting a weak signal lock on WECT 6 digital channel number 44-1. It was to weak to get any audio or video though. I'm not sure if it was from WECT Wilmington testing or some other distant station from somewhere else traveling far with the help of troposheric ducting. Anybody in Wilmington notice anything on 44-1?
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Originally posted by Daryl L
This morning I was getting a weak signal lock on WECT 6 digital channel number 44-1. It was to weak to get any audio or video though. I'm not sure if it was from WECT Wilmington testing or some other distant station from somewhere else traveling far with the help of troposheric ducting. Anybody in Wilmington notice anything on 44-1?

WUNG-DT Concord is also 44.
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WUNG-DT Concord is also 44.

That's possible. There's been ocassions when I picked up Charlotte stations before. Heck twice I picked up two Jacksonville FL. digital stations early in the morning due to tropo obviously.
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Just heard back from the WWAY-ABC manager (thanks Daryl for your positive feedback on your contacts with him)--

He's hoping that Monday Night Football will be in HD tonight!!!!!!!!

Of course, barring any unexpected problems...

"Our engineers are in the final stage of hooking up the ABC HDTV pass
through in our Master Control. Once that is complete we will broadcast
in full High Def. I just checked with our engineering staff and they
are trying to have this complete in time for tonight's Monday Night
Football game.

However, we've found many obstacles during this installation so that may
or may not happen.

Tune in tonight and let me know how it looks."

Guess we'll have to wait until next week for Alias in HD...

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YAH! thanks for the good news. i live near the airport. will my zenith silver antenna be suffice for the hd signal? where is the tower located?
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Thanks for the info MarcS. That's exciting news. I noticed they've been off the air for nearly a week now. I kinda figured it was due to work on the HD upgrading. Let's hope for MNF football. If not atleast we know they will be going HD any day now.

Luckily I get WTVD-DT 11 out of Raleigh so I watched all off ABC's HD premieres lastnight. Alias was fantastic. Still a tad bit to grainy in low lighted scenes compared to NYPD Blue and some HD shows but it's a great show. Really good lastnight but kinda confusing. Alot of unanswered questions.
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Paul, haven't we emailed about ISF calibrations or something?

I think they're xmitting at about 800kW, you shouldn't have problems picking them up. You can go to www.antennaweb.org to get their compass direction from your specific address. I'm using a Channel Master 4 bay in my attic and have no problems... Now if I had Daryl's tower, I could probably get them even when not transmitting! ha ha...

I checked at lunch today and they weren't on yet...

Anyone still getting Fox-DT on 30? Since I've changed antennas I can't seem to get them anymore, or if I orient it toward the xmitter I lose another station--haven't experimented too much lately since I pick up their regular signal ok...

I taped Alias (yuck, VHS) in order to watch other HD stuff...

Anyone have a solution for recording OTA HD? I mean I know they exist, just wondering if anyone has something working well... TIVO doesn't do HD does it? Is the only solution a PC with HD card?
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LOL, Daryl's tower is a 20ft mast, a rotor on top, then a 5ft mast and channel master crossfire 3671 and a Titan 7777 amp. Always pointed East. Oddly thats the only direction I can pick up the Raleigh DT stations with it.

Unfortunately I can't get Wilmingtons Fox-DT channel (too weak). I'm not too familiar with HD reccorders yet. Still on VHS myself. Actually one of my two vhs vcr's died last week and ordered my first S-VHS vcr as a replacement.

I am not getting any audio/video on WWAY-DT yet but I have a good signal strength of 50% to 60% (average for the afternoon). 3:15 is the first time I've looked for a signal strength today.
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LOL not even 30 seconds after my last post WWAY-DT's video came on but no audio and it's still SD so far.
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no hd so far. 9:06 pm..
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sound is not too good either.sounds muffled,not very clear sounding.also seems only like its coming from the center channel.

marcS, you know i never did get my tv calibrated, ive tried emailing greg from lion isf about when he plans to come this way again,but have not received anything back from him. last time i talked to him was april and he was preparing for a baby. oh well.
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depressing no HD football. I was getting my hopes up ....maybe after halftime lol
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I guess Murphy's Law got a hold of WWAY's HD plans yesterday.
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I emailed the station manager this morning--haven't heard back yet...

Told him about the sound problems, but that the picture looked good, even though not HD...

Checked it out at lunch, still looked SD, sound didn't seem as bad as last night, but still distorted. There was a soap on--don't know if it was supposed to be HD or not...

I think I'll check on WECT-NBC later today for progress....
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I spoke with the engineer at NBC/FOX (still getting over them being owned by the same company here) and he said NBC are all set to install their transmitters on Oct. 8th with a projected broadcast date of November 1st. He said they would be at full power from the get go and passing all of NBC's HDTV signals. I asked him about FOX but he said he didn't know anything about that.

I also talked to the engineer at ABC. He said that they had hoped to broadcast Monday Night Football but ran into some problems and they can only fix it during a time when HDTV is coming in from ABC (8-12 I guess) so they are having a time with it. Now I could be wrong about that last sentence but that's how I took it. Anyways, he said they hope to have it up for next Monday's game. I'm all about Alias so I hope it's up before then but I guess we'll see.

On another note, my site for Wilmington and surrounding areas High Definition news and discussion is done except for content, I could use some help from you guys. PM me if you can lend a hand.

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Thanks MarcS and nunvuru for the info.


I'm not in Wilmington but if I can help I'll try.

Here is a quote from an e-mail on Sept, 2nd from David Carfolite, the VP & General Manager of WSFX 26 of Wilmington and WFXB FOX 43 of Myrtle Beach.
Because our area of the country has not been quick to adopt DTV, let alone HDTV, we have elected to go low power. Our full power DTV wil run about $8,000 to 10,000/mo. to run and will cost several million just to "pass through." For about a quarter million we have installed a low power DTV that serves our city of licence; Myrtle Beach. It throws out a signal for about 10-15 miles for about $800/mo. At this time we don't have plans to deliver a DTV signal into the Pembroke area,

He told me the same thing a few months back about WSFX 26 so you can bet he has the exact same plans for WSFX 26.
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has anyone talked to a "tech" or engineer this week about monday night HD?
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I did, just today in fact. Said they are still trying to get it going but are having a time with it cause whoever sent the equipment didn't send them any prints to test with. He says that he has the equipment in the rack upconverting everything to HD right now and has been since Friday but I told him when I last checked (last night for alias ) it wasn't HD but instead I was getting the regular SD signal albeit with very loud audio. Anyways, he was a real nice guy and said he's doing everything he can to get it working but won't be sure of anything until the prints come in, which could be any day now (even today). It also appears that the equipment they have to test it with isn't widescreen so that's not helping matters much either. I guess it's just a matter of time now. Hope soon though. Alias is going to rock in HD!

On another matter, i'm using a MyHD card for reception and the engineer told me that I should be receiving them on DT 46-1 but it comes up as DT 03 I think (i'm at work right now so I can't be sure). Anyone else have this problem? Is it because of virtual channels or am I actually tuning to the wrong channel somehow even though i'm getting the SD signal. I receieve PBS on 39-2 which is right even with virtual channels on, so i'm confused. Anyways, could use some help if anyone knows. Thanks!
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They may be converting to HD, but not xmitting it...

For a while over the weekend during the day the sound seemed normal, but then later that night it was too loud and distorted.

I'm locking on 46-1...

I wonder though, are stations going to broadcast a digital SD signal in addition to an HD signal? Do they figure that if someone is going to receive digital, it'll probably also be HD?

I'm thinking of PBS that broadcasts SD programming on 39-1 simultaneously with a different program on 39-2...

Sigh, once again taped Alias while watching Carnivale in HD.......... I want more network HD, but OTOH, I don't have a way to record competing programming yet...
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oh well, maybe next week. we're getting closer to OTA. i hope.
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I am depressed as well as I am really hoping for HD OTA signals soon from primetime shows. On a side note I did talk to a drone at sears at the mall today. Asked him about VOOM HDTV DBS System. He said he didnt know much about it...SHocking that it is rolling on Oct 15 reportedly. He did hand me his sales brochure that teaches sears reps how to sell the system. It tells them how to pitch the system pricing structure. Seems interesting enough. I am gonna sit on Voom till June 2k4....That is when their DVR box will debut according to their trainig literature.

As for now its back to the tivo with no networks.

Directv DBS networks are coming soon as the page states still. I would still prefer to watch in HD obviously.

N -

The reason you get WWAY on #3 is virtual channel mapping. Check that out in the MYHD setup.
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Hello everyone my name is danny lanier and i live over on murrayville rd in northern new hanover county . i just wanted everyone to know i have been a member of this forum for about 4 months but do not post alot.well here goes the following is a list of channels i receive. wway dt 46-1 100% wunj dt 39-1 thru -5 100% wsfxdt30-1 77% wpax 35-1 100% witn dt 7-1 nbc from new bern 100% night 65% day wcti-dt12-1 abc from new bern and upn 12-3 from new bern 100% most of the time wral dt 5-1 from raleigh sometimes siginal 50-100% 11-1 from raleigh abc most of the time siginal 50-100 % i just wanted to pass along some of the channels i receive. the abc 12-1 and nbc 7-1 from new bern pass the hd siginals every night from 8pm till 11pm.

type of equiptment toshiba dst3000 sat receiver toshiba 57hdx82 tv channel master 4221 4bay bowtie antenna with the channel master rotator and remote, sony strde895s av receiver ,philips dvdr985 dvd recorder
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Dannyboy--did you just invite us over to your house to watch network HD???????????????????????????????

Since you receive so many channels???????????

How high is your antenna?
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Where abouts is murrayville road? Im around Monkey Junction area as is nunv.....How high is that antenna to be pulling in NewBern and Raleigh at times.

I also have same antenna, Remote Rotor, and CM7777 Preamp i think. Can I look forward to mounting that antenna on the roof. ?
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I'm around Monkey Junction also--maybe we need a subgroup for us...?

I've got the 4221 in the attic and pick up PBS and ABC with no problem without an amp--but I've lost Fox. I've still got a directional up there also and may experiment with it to pick up fox (definitely needed an amp for that). But if Fox isn't going to pass through the hi-res programming, then the regular UHF signal works fine...

Isn't Murrayville Rd. somewhere basically in the NW part of the county?
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I am thinking it is near murry farms. New subdivision off Gordon Rd. Those are my thoughts. I was thinking there is a lowes grocery nearby it as well. Almost bought a house over there..>But we like the south end better. Less Clutter
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Murraysville Rd. is about 1.3 miles up N. College St Hwy 132 from where I-40 ends. It is on the right off 132 and goes out about 3 miles or so and crosses I-40 along the way. It almost goes over to Hwy 17.

Wayne Estabrooks, Chief Engineer - Transmission UNC-TV
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thanks for the clarification. Who wants to have an antenna raisin party

I wanna get this thing on the roof...restrictions in the attic
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