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i heard today the 28th that kvia was coming back up
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none too soon
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Well, no KVIA HD today. The chief engineer did say they were very hopefull to have it up by this evening, but obvisouly no go. Chances are tomorrow.

This is getting pretty stupid though, its delay after delay after delay. While KVIA has had nothing but bad luck with their HD channel, KTSM has had their HD channel at full power for a good month now, and a nice weather channel too.
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I'm glad the engineer talked to you. The Albuquerque thread has representatives from the stations that are always updating the viewers on whats changing, programming etc. I wish El Paso stations would jump on this site and do the same.
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Whoa, that's pretty nice of them. In the El Paso area, I have emailed in the past KFOX, KTSM, KVIA, and KDBC. Of all the emails I have sent those stations, only KVIA has every responded. The cheif engineer is a very nice person too, and does seem frusturated with whats going on with their HD status. Hopefully today they will have it up and running.

But, I with there was a website like you mentioned for KVIA or KTSM to keep people up with whats been going on.
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kfox ktsm and kdbc has always emailed me back but not kvia which is odd
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I'm happy to report that KVIA-HD is back on the air..the signal isn't that strong for me though.

I got a 62-68 signal range for KVIA..maybe I just need to mess with the antenna? I'll mess with it later tonight and see if I can get a better signal.
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still getting 0% here up north (9:30 pm)
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memikee, I'm not sure why you are not even able to get a signal? The KVIA signal is back up, but it is a little weaker than it was before..so that might be the reason why you are not getting it?? Hopefully you will be able to get it back soon.

Around an hour ago, I decided to mess with my Silver Sensor antenna in my back patio and I was able to get some stronger signals on almost all the channels. Here are my peak signal results:

4-1 KDBC (CBS) - Signal = 92, SNR = 32.02 db
7-1 KVIA (ABC)- Signal = 79, SNR = 24.21 db
9-1, 9-2 KTSM (NBC)- Signal = 88, SNR = 30.62 db
13-1, 13-2 KCOS (PBS)- Signal = 92, SNR = 32.57 db
14-1, 14-2 KFOX (FOX)- Signal = 86, SNR = 28.95 db
I had no dropouts on any of the channels.
All of the stations seemed to be running at full power now except for Channel 7.

Something I noticed earlier tonight was that KVIA wasn't showing any of their primetime shows in High Definition, my guess is that they will be working on the antenna and HD programming for a little while since they barely got it back up running today. Football season is around the corner so hopefully KVIA will be at full strength and showing HD programming again real soon.
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raid - envious of your numbers

it's 830 am and i'm getting ch7 at 66% now but no channels coming in yet. I hope they're just fiddling with the setup at their end.
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That's probably what is it, just tweaking here and there. The engineer told me that a man from the company in England was going to personally help them install it on the 28th, which didnt happen, so chances are their just tweaking, and fixing the delay so we can actually get HD programming now.
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are any of you getting video on kvia? i get signal but no picture
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Well, I live in las cruces with a motorola hd receiver and a indoor silver sensor and am getting nothing from KVIA. I take it there just working on it thru the weekend and should be back by Monday night.
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Thanks, ya never know if its you or them
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My signal in Horizon City is very weak at only 32 peak and it's going up in down from 5 to 32. No video fo me.
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I just got home a little while ago and checked up on the signal for Ch 7 and I get their video and audio clearly...the signal was coming in usually from 75 to 78.

I wasn't around to check up on it earlier ..so I'm not sure if it was down here earlier too.
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im guessing that they are using their weak antenna until the new one is back up again thats why we are getting such a weak signal or here in las cruces nothing at all
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I getting about 50 now. Video breaks up a little.
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The signal is still hovering in the 75-77 range for me. I think you're right 49ers, it looks like they are using their weak antenna for now..also I still haven't seen anything in HD since they came back.
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Well, still nothing in Cruces. Like some of you wrote, I really hope their just using the weaker antenna right now, until they have the higher power transmitter installed.

This whole KIVA thing is becoming a joke really, problem after problem. It was supposed to be installed by the evening of the 28th, but its now August the 1st with nothing. And, by the looks of it, they havent fixed the problem with the HD feed so we'll actually GET hd programming on KVIA.

I've emailed them twice now, and he (Chris Swann the cheif engineer) has yet to reply. All I really want to see is 'Lost' on HD, but that seems unlikely living down here...
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august 8th is the first nfl game in hd lets hope by then they can figure something out
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August the 8th? That's already next Monday, you sure its not September the 8th? Either way, I hope they get it fixed up and running.
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yup august 8th is the start of preseason football the hall of fame game
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I can't wait for football season..and they better be showing their MNF games in HD!

On another note, I wanted to report that KVIA did show The Sixth Sense in HD earlier tonight..but even though I was getting the signal at around 78, there were tons of dropouts..one every two to three seconds..the audio worked fine..but the video kept messing up through out the movie. At least they got their HD programming up and running again..they just need to fine tune it and get it back to high power again.
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Ok 49'ers fan, start emailing them to hurry up and go back to high power!

And thanks for that post about Sixth Sense being in HD, at least they have their HD programming problem fixed, maybe now they'll focus on going to full power so people outside El Paso can enjoy it too.
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no problem eowynhope

I am noticing that they are working on the signal right now, the signal was going between 64-78 around 1 p.m. today..and then I just checked it around 2:30 and the signal has been fluctuating regularly inbetween 40 to 80. There was no video coming out at all when I checked it the second time..lets hope they fix this signal up today or tomorrow atleast.
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I hope so Raid! I just wanna see Lost! I've been waiting since May when they originally said it would be at full power, but, well you know the rest.

It is strange though, they (as in Chris Swann) is usually VERY good about replying to emails, but I've sent him a few since the 28th, and nothing. Hmm...
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The wife and I are very big fans of Lost aswell..so we've also been waiting for them to fix the antenna for the longest time. She also wants to see her Desperate Housewives and I want to see my Monday Night Football in HD, so we are really hoping that they fix it all up soon. If only they wouldn't of had the bad luck with their tube a few weeks ago..we would all be seeing some nice looking Lost reruns in HD on our TV's by now.
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Thats true. They have had a string of bad luck, but I wonder why all of a sudden they've decided to no longer answer my emails? Strange, but I gotta believe their working on the problem now...
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Well 49ernsnfl, more bad news. Here is the email I finally got from KVIA :

"Everytime we think we have fixed the problem, we find a new one. It
turns out when our tube blew out, it damaged other areas in the transmitter.
We are back to waiting for more parts. We are on low-power now and have
shipped the burned parts back to the factory for replacement. We are hoping
to be full-power before Monday Night debuts with its regular season. My
best guess is 2 weeks to get the new parts as everything is custom made."

"Chris Swann"
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