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Originally posted by RichB
...I know the Aurora approach is to goto almost native rate. What is the KD approach?...asinshesq or other 503CMX users, Have you tried watch a news ticker channel like Fox or CNN with the HDL at native rate. This is a good way to check for video for motion problems.

-- Rich
The KD approach is DVI at NR -- 1280x768 exactly. That worked like a dream in the digital Leeza (including the news ticker test you mentioned), but I am not certain it is perfect yet in the HDL.

In order for it to work on the digital Leeza, people had to go to a 72hz refresh rate - 60hz was resulting in some image instability. On the HDL, Mike T has said that things are different and that he finds 60hz to work best with the 503cmx...but I have recently found that at 60hz DVI is a bit shaky on the 503cmx (the image jiggles a bit, particularly in the lower half of the screen). I haven't heard from others using the HDL-503 combo as to whether they see the same problem at 60 hz.
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That's incorrect. Aurora tunnels ATSC resolutions over the internal bus. That's not nearly NR at all...

KeyDigital's previous product (Digital LEEZA) was able to use NR resolutions at various rates without tearing through DVI.

There has been some dispute regarding this, as Aurora claims that there is a contrast drop (correctable via proper calibration) + tearing at certain conditions.

As the Digital LEEZA had no visible tearing, I suspect the problem might be more related to the Aurora architecture requiring the ATSC rates.

In any case, this is a moot point. Both companies have the same objective - get the maximum out of the display. An A-B comparison test might be in order to check which one is better.

As Aurora's resolution is higher than the original NR (although not an integer multiple of that resolution), so the main issue they might be experiencing would be double scaling (i.e., scaling artifacts).
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That's incorrect. Aurora tunnels ATSC resolutions over the internal bus. That's not nearly NR at all...
I was not speaking about the path, but Aurora's claim for that they send a resolution slightly less than native rate to the panel to avoid the firmware limitations of the 5002 board.

For the outboard scaler, I think this is all becoming moot since the Pioneer 504 is coming out soon. So for 6K, you get their newest panel and you can always sell your 503.

For replacement boards, I would love to do an A/B comparison. Unfortunately, we seem to be lacking A's and B's.

-- Rich
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My HDL has a resolution of 1280x960p. Isn't this 960p? What is 1440x960

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Originally posted by joeycalda
My HDL has a resolution of 1280x960p. Isn't this 960p? What is 1440x960

From my 15 minutes as a HDL owner, I believe that is a 4:3 resolution. Although I had what is apparently a bad unit, at least the others worked out in 16:9. That one didn't.

Nick :cool:
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Originally posted by joeycalda
My HDL has a resolution of 1280x960p. Isn't this 960p? What is 1440x960

1440x960 is an exact doubling of NTSC DVD's 720x480 image and is preferable to 1280x960.

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1280 X 960 has never worked on my HD LEEZA.

Anyone else have luck??

BTW - What is the latest frimware?
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BTW - What is the latest frimware?
I've given up following.

Bring on the aSimilator.

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what did you do with your unit?

I think 5.4.27 is the latest firmware.
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Ofer, it will get used in a side-project I'm working on... digital projector for a games console setup. The HDL is not suitable for *my* home theatre requirements, but should be adequate for this new project.

This has been a very interesting experience for me and I have learnt a lot from it but I'm not going to waste any more time on the HDL...


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I have been following this Major novel (thread?) since it began. No small feat.
My conclusions are that some like the HDL and some don't. Those with fixed pixel devises are getting mixed results with some, mickey mouse,
work arounds for the remote and pixel mapping to fill the screen.

For CRT's it seems that as long as you stay with a 60hz refresh it works well but if you go to 48 or 72hz it may or may not be stable. And those in PAL land are pretty much out of luck. Is this correct?

Key Digital has not responded to the issues raised on the forum in any timely fashion of late. Yet they were VERY visible asking for input on the feature set and layout and appearance of the HDL during it's development stage. Everyone was SO excited that this product was going to be just about everything to everyone. Alas this has not been the result.

My questions for those in the know, or preferably Key Digital are:

1) Does the HDL flawlessly support ALL the resolutions it claims on KD's web site?

2) Does the HDL support flawlessly 48 and 72 hz refresh rates for ALL of it's resolutions?

3) Are there going to be changes made in the remote control capabilities, ie more memories, dedicated commands etc?

If no to 1,2, & 3 is there an agenda to resolve these problems? If not then come out and tell us so we can move on and look for other options.

If yes, then tell us so we can know when the issues that are holding us back have been corrected so we then can purchase the HDL.

What most of us would like is a little more info as to the problems and corrective action taken so as make an informed decision. After all isn't that what this forum is all about?
Many manufacturers use the input that they glean form this site to fine tune or correct their products which ultimately helps us all. Stewart Filmscreen and InFocus come to mind. If products work well for us on this forum, then it's a slam dunk they will work well for most of the rest of the world.

Come on Key Digital give us a little respect and allow us to to help you make the HDL better. Give us some insights into what we can or cannot expect in future HDL improvements. Or are YOU happy with the HDL as it is and you are done?

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

I am in no way mad. I just am in need of some accurate info as I am truly thinking about getting this product.
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Well said, Allen

I'm glad your not mad i am ;)

I, like Mark have just about run out of patience.

No the Scaler does not support all the resolutions on the spec list and no it does not support 48 and 72. I also have a whole other host of issues:

Image randomly shifts to the left by about 4 inches which needs the refresh rate changing to get it back correct.

The unit also freezes and displays a black screen witha white line which requires a GB reset. This is random and i cannot get this to happen at will.

BIG problems with PAL de-interlacing which me and Gordon showed KD at Cedia, and left them some disks.......have we heard anything......You have a guess.

Shall i go on....

It really is stupidly frustrating.
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