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Home Theater Decorations?  

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I am looking for a good place to get some decorations for my home theater. I currently have a clapper board, an Oscar, and a film strip prop. I have seen a lot of sites with high end (like Icon) props, etc, but they run $100-$10,000. I am looking for inexpensive items for putting on a display shelf. I, obviously, have posters with frames. Thanks for the help.
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I am also involved in another hobby, garage kit building. These are models that you build and paint and they are available in all your favorite movie heroes. You might want to take a look at www.gremlins.com for some examples. If you dont want to go through the "fun" of building your own, most hobby shops have a builup service.

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Might want to check these links for some
stuff, mostly film/movie related.
Urbanski did have some reels/canisters that
could be mounted.

Brad Miller Associates Links: www.film-tech.com/links.html
Urbanski Film Equip.:

Also search AVS forum for "memorabilia".
Someone back in a thread on Nov 24 was
looking for things too.
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I love some of the Gremlin stuff, but I am not that artistic. That Arnold one is nice. As for the links from Tim, I can't get the film-tech one to work.

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Nickboul, I couldn't get to Brad Miller and
Associates the other day too. I just
checked tonight and they are rebuilding
their web site. Seems as though their ISP
messed up on 01/01/2000. A site off of
their link page is where I found Urbanski.
Not sure what else you may be able to find.
Their interest are in 8, 16, 35 and 70mm
film. I often enjoy going there reading
about film/movie stuff, quite interesting.
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You can get an old style film projector on ebay. I think they are mostly 8mm. Some are very old, early 1900's, and look to be in great shape. I believe some of them even work. If you have a nice shelf for memorabilia I think one of these old projectors would look great. They usually go for pretty cheep. Well under $100, maybe in the $25 to $50 range. Take a look for yourself. Go to ebay and do a search for projectors.


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Thanks for the help. I like the old projector idea, and as I said before, those Gremlins (not the little green tyrants that you shouldn't get wet) are great looking. I am just not an artist (for the gremlins) and would do a pretty bad job. Any other ideas (again, I am looking for cheap things such as a replica clapper, fake oscars, of which I have already.) I just need some things to fill up a small display area on the side of my theater. Thanks.
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If anyone is interested in wall lights (like in theaters) IKEA has a few of them currently on sale for $4.95 each. They are 8" x 8" and have a star design in front that allow very minimal ambient lighting and some further ambient lighting that go up and down from the light.

Not the most expensive looking lights but very nice additions to most HT's. And for $4.95 a piece you can't go wrong!
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Dare I say it: Try your local movie theater. Despite being deep into home theater I still go to the cinema and was able to get some empty 35mm 20min reels for free. I've seen the exact same beign sold for $100-$150. If you get to know the projectionist you might even chance upon an extra "Dolby Digtal" or This theater equiped with DTS" sign.

Better still, if you hear of a cinema closing down, make a bee-line for it. They tore one down recently which I was too late for. I found out from a guy that they threw away some stuff that would have made brilliant decorations.

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