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Followed the directions from dgehred and it loaded the licensce just fine. WOW, absolutely amazing video. Plays back absolutely flawlessly on an Athlon 2500 overclocked to 2.1G on an Epox 8RDA+ (NF2) with 1G of PC3200 memory in a dual channel configuration and an ATI 9000 video card.

Will try on my HTPC (which is a lesser machine) tomorrow and report how things look.
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Reading on this thread, I now revise my estimate of number of people being able to see T2 in full glory from 200 to less than 50 globally.

Many have bought T2 Extreme for the novelty effect of WM9 release, rather than the interest in the T2 movie.

Having the curiosity satisfied my question is: Who and where is the target market for the next release of this type?
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Why are so many of us going along with this licensing scheme? Sure, we all want to support development of HD-DVD, but I for one have mixed feelings about giving up our own rights. Call me old fashioned, but when I buy something, I want to own it. I am no pirate and abide by the laws which prohibit me from distributing copyrighted materials. What is happening here will eventually lead to another pay-per-view scheme where we, the consumers, incur the additional onus of paying for the distribution medium and experience new inconvenience. Why is this different from the DIVX scheme that we all successfully rejected? I would urge the studios to do what they have so successfully done before - provide us with something of value and we will pay.

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I received mine yestarday and installed that crappy viewer. No problem. I used 960x540p on powerstrip and after dissabling reclock (was killing the audio) it played just fine on my Asus P4PE P42.0 overclocked to 2.76ghz. I shut it off after the first chapter change because this waiting **** w/black screen SUCKS! I wont watch it on future films unless this is corrected!
The standard DVD looks really excellent. Not as good as the HD version but only very slight differences.
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I watched 32 chapters last night and the only black screen came at the end of chapter 22. The cpu went to 99% and it lasted maybe 1.5 seconds. Sort of like a slightly longer side change on a dvd.

On the downside I had to reinstall my dvd software twice. It took at least 30-45 minutes of frustration to get it to play. Not a pleasant experience.

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I am very scared that a movie that I would want very much comes out in this f***ed up mess. I would be such a divided soul...

MS, forget about 1080p! It just makes it too impactical for the VAST majority of computer users...or is that a hint to upgrade?

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I read on this board months ago about this DVD. I went and upgraded my pc to a 2.4 processor, bought an audigy 2 sound card, new 6.1 speakers and a DVD Rom drive JUST SO I COULD WATCH THIS HD RELEASE!

Yesterday I get home from work and unwrap the DVD, I was so excited to finally see Hi Def in my own home.

I pop in the DVD, navigate through the menu, get to the upgrade license screen that Dan and others have explained and that is pictured in the screenshot above, and....nothing. It just sits there in IE saying it is "upgrading" but actually its doing nothing.

I am a professional software tester for a large internet company in real life, so I figure I can troubleshoot this easy, right?

I uninstall the crap DVD software that came with the movie and reinstall it and try again...nothing.

I cancel out of the IE license download and get a windows popup saying I need to upgrade my DRM and just hit "ok", so I hit "ok" and the same window pops right back up, ad infinitum.

I know I have some download blocker software running on my pc to stop popup ads and think maybe that is interfering so I uninstall it and reboot and try everything again... no go.

I figure maybe I should try installing Netscape and try that license download website in Netscape, so I do. That screen gives a message in Netscape "This page is only viewable in Internet Explorer".

So I think maybe my IE is outdated, I go to MSFT and get the latest and greatest and try it all again. No go.

I uninstalled WM9 and reinstalled with the latest from MSFT... no go.

Finally I give up.

I don't want to even think about how much money I wasted and I cant even watch the %^&** movie. Someone at Microsoft actually thought it would be a good idea to store the license for the movie externally??!! If this is their true business model, I know that I would not support it EVEN if it worked. But it absolutely doesn't work for me, and probably others.

I sent off an email to Artisan asking for tech support but I truly do not expect any help on this from them. I also cannot return the DVD because of the return policy on software. And it's not even the DVD's fault, it is 100% Microsoft with the external licensing.

What do I do?
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Dont forget about 1080p... Withing months a 2.4 is an entry level system... Why buy a title now that is for archival when it will be playable for years to come (providing license servers stay operational !!)...
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No its 100% Atrisan with a shoddy license implentation...

Did anyone even notice the license aquisition with the BMW clips.... Nope... MS had the power to do it right... Artisan have dropped the ball...

Have you followed all the tips to use WMP9 only and the files direct form the HD ???
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Can someone post a good proxy server pls
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Yes I have followed all tips to use WM9 only and it hangs at exactly the same spot. Also I have tried the command prompt fix posted by Dan and all that is, is a way of executing the same thing that is already working for me and again it hangs once it makes it to the web page. The page doesn't even TRY to work, the little IE icon is not spinning at all, although the page itself says it is "upgrading" please wait. I even left it in the upgrading mode and went to dinner and came back, but of course it wasn't doing anything.
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'upgradeing' ???

Are you talking about the license getting or simply upgradeing WMP9 ?? I had no upgrading to do on any of the machines I tried so far...

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If you click that upgrade button, it switches over to say "upgrading" but it doesn't do anything.
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Just wanted to tell everybody I was wrong about the 5.1 being 128k for bitrate, it is equal to DD.
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nebrunner, forget that and try to click on the wmv file again. That is what happened to me and I just bypassed and clicked on the T2_part1.wmv file and it worked after 2 separate times.
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Both going through this route and the WM9 route. And I tried it a lot more than 2 times, literally over 100 times. There is some software problem and it could be relevant to my setup, my area, my IP, who knows. That's the problem with a software solution like this, your license should be ON DISC. I paid money for the DVD, I own it, I don't want my license to be stored on an off site server, even if I COULD access it.
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Try simply upgrading WMP9 via the WMP9 website to the newest release version...

I never saw that security update but I do keep WMP9 up to date..
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nebrunner, what version of IE (specifically) are you using? It looks like you might need an update for IE
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Everything works fine for me now but WMP and the Iplayer is not playing 5.1 sound. My center channel isn't working. I can play multiple types of files with WMP and center works fine but not for this for some reason. I have a Hercules Game Theater XP sound card.

May be someone can figure out how we can put these files on their hard drive, remove the 5.1 sound, add the DD track from the 480p standard copy, disable WMP licensing and we all will be very happy.

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As noted in my first post, I upgraded both WM9 and IE to the latest versions available at MSFT.

Here at work I just typed in the URL for the license upgrade page in the screenshot and of course it worked fine here.

Is it possible to copy the license file that it downloaded to disc and move it to my home pc?

If so, what is the default path for storage of the license files?
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nebrunner, try this site: http://drmlicense.one.microsoft.com/...e/indivit2.htm

Also look at this that I found on MS's website:
Turn Off Browser Start Because of Script Command Processing and Turn Off DRM 1 License Acquisition
Insert the following text in a blank text (.txt) file, and then save the file with a .reg extension:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\MediaPlayer\\Prefere nces]

Double-click the .reg file to import it into the registry.
Turn On Browser Start Because of Script Command Processing and Turn On DRM 1 License Acquisition
Insert the following text in a blank text (.txt) file, and then save the file with a .reg extension:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\MediaPlayer\\Prefere nces]

Double-click the .reg file to import it into the registry.
If this registry key does not exist, script commands and DRM 1 license acquisition is turned on.

Note By default, this feature is turned off in Windows Media Player 9 Series. To turn the feature on, click Options on the Tools menu, click the Security tab, and then click to select the check boxes in the Content area
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Circuit City will match target's price - and take off a few cents from it. Bought one yesterday for 14.49 plus tax.

Annoyed that can only get a license for 5 days (assuming it works at all - and can get a license thru my proxy server).

Taking it back un-opened.

10 years from now I'll still like this movie - and the license server will be no where to be found.
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i guess it is presumed that everyone here who has it working is using 5.1 analog outs from of their sound card or an Nforce mobo? Hopefully there will be an easy way to play WMP9 5.1 audio as AC3 for people who only have SPDIF out on their HTPC.

I dont know why so many people are having problems with licencing. It took me less then 5 seconds to download the licence and get the HD version to play. Anyway, the only deal breaker for me is being able to hear downmixed 2 channel audio.
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May be someone can figure out how we can put these files on their hard drive, remove the 5.1 sound, add the DD track from the 480p standard copy, disable WMP licensing and we all will be very happy.

I sincerely hope that this thread, riddled with comments like these, teaches whoever is behind this DRM stuff a lesson:

When you utilize a copy protection scheme that is not effectively robust, the hackers of the world will eliminate it, and eventually everyone will know how to get around it. Many won't care, and will keep paying for the product. Others will, and will steal it. (DeCSS is a good example)

When you utilize a copy protection scheme that is SO robust that it becomes a point of annoyance for legitimate uses of the product, then guess what-- EVERYBODY tries to crack it. And once it has been cracked (and it will), EVERYBODY will ignore it. Stuff like this DRM only encourages hacking the program because it manages to piss off way more people than just those whose income depends upon selling pirated software. If we lived in a world where this WM9 HD-DVD format was a legitimately supported format, with an installed user base and this DRM scenario, not only would it be cracked quickly, but the legitimate end users would be very interested in implementing the crack because it would get rid of an annoyance that they are offended to have to bear. And then what are you left with? No copy protection. I have to wonder when content providers are gonna learn this-- go overboard on copy protection and rights management, and the whole world is against you. (DIVX is a good example)

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"I dont know why so many people are having problems with licencing. It took me less then 5 seconds to download the licence and get the HD version to play. "

For me it was because the POS IA player didn't properly see my sound card, so I couldn't get it to run, even though I HAD gotten the license.
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I went home over lunch to try your fixes. The link to Microsoft does the same thing as the other page, it says it is working but it hangs and doesn't actually do anything. I also tried selecting and unselecting each of those check boxes you mentioned and it doesn't have an impact either way. I also tried lowering the level of security in the internet zone in WM9 but that didn't make a difference. No luck yet. I do have an pm off to a couple MS employees who were in the thread, but no reply yet and I am not too confident that this can be fixed. I think the premise of downloading the license is fundamentally flawed.
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Originally posted by dgehred
Please keep the feedback coming!

We will take all of your responses and pass them on to the appropriate teams at Artisan Entertainment, InterActual, and here at Microsoft. Your experiences will help us improve future HD projects.

Some Troubleshooting Tips

For issues with the InterActual player, you can start by looking at their support site. They also have a customized FAQ for T2 up now with lots of helpful information.

General support: http://support.interactual.com/

T2 FAQ: http://player.interactual.com/help/s...icles/0134.asp

Workaround to acquire licenses

We have noticed a number posts on licensing issues and workarounds to acquire a license and/or play the movie from the Windows Media Player. Below is a description of a direct way to acquire a license from a command prompt and play content from the Media Player. Note, as already posted WM9S player is required, and chapter seek does not function in WM9S Player. Interactual implemented this and other functionality.

a. From a command prompt (StartRun"cmd"), navigate to the DVD drive root.

b. Run the DVDRUN.EXE program (type DVDRUN.EXE and hit enter). The program should exit silently if successful, or display an error dialog if a problem was encountered. For instance, if the PC is not connected to the internet, a dialog will display saying that an internet connection is required.

c. Once DVDRUN has finished, start Windows Media Player 9 Series. Do a FileOpen, and navigate to the folder on the DVD that contains the WMV files: \\common\\win\\lang\\en\ 2x\\esource. To play the entire film, simply open the CHAP_0.ASX file. You can also open the WMV files individually.

d. The license acquisition window will come up and a EULA will appear the first time through. Once you agree to the EULA, a license will be delivered. Press the play button to start the movie.

Just as with the InterActual Player, you will need to acquire new licenses, using this method from the DVD, every 5 days.


Dan, your workaround saved the day. I was regretting getting the DVD until I saw your posting. I hate the "friendly" player too. I did it this way and the licensing was painless and quick. I had to download the WMP9S as well. I hope others will not miss your post above.

The PQ is excellent. Like others, I am disapointed in only getting Pro-Logic audio through SPDIF. I hope Microsoft fixes this to "enable" this market. I hope we'll see more movies in this format as I am surprised that the hi-def version could easily fit in a standard DVD...

I used a P4 2.5GHz (overclocked to 3 GHz to be safe) with a M-Audio 410 card (worked fine from the start), and my processor usage was 50-60%, memory usage was under 200MB. It played smoothly from my 12X DVD or hard drive.
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Just wanted to make everyone aware that we have added a 1 min 42 second T2 trailer to our online HD showcase; there are two T2 files, one encoded at 1440x816 as was the DVD, and a second encoded at 1280x544.

For those who have not seen the showcase, it also includes a range of additional HD content, spanning 720 to 1080P.

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Can anybody confirm if they have the HD T2 disc running under Win2000? If so, I can try reformatting my HD tonight and downgrading my XP to Win2K and see if that makes a difference.
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Just installed my new hardware ( P4 2.4C, Abit IS7 springdale 800 FSB, one stick DDR400) HiDEF Terminator runs at 80% of CPU, no faults. Bring on the stuff that is recored with new HD cameras. This setup cost only $400. Thank you to all who have posted info especially on how to get the frickin disc to run.
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