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QN I am inputting S video from a mini DV video camera into both projectors
Can I clarify if this should be 480 i..

1) Given that x 1 works on Farouja scaler, would this s video input gives clearer picture than s video input into Sanyo Z 1 or Pana AE 300

2) I understand that on play back from Video camera into firewire into PC, we can use PowerVCR-II and iuVCR to VIEW THE MOVIE immediately on projector ,
a) Using DVI output from a ATI radeon 9000 or 9500 PRO, which input into projector would yield best resolution for the video camera playback (VGA or component for BOTH Z 1 and X 1)

3) same question as 2) , but for AE 300 users, would it be VGA, Component or DVI

3) I believe this resolution ( Via FIrewire than DVI onto projector) acheives a much better resolution that if ouputting the tapes from S video direct to Projector ?