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Polyfil in KLH Subwoofer  

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I have a KLH ASW12120 powered subwoofer. It is a little boomy. Has anyone had any experience with adding Polyfil to it? I have read threads that Polyfil can help make the bass sound better (tighter). What are the preferred application techniques?

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Since loudspeaker drivers produce sound on both sides of the cone it is necessary to design the enclosure to "deal" with these "back waves". If there is no dampening material (or poly-fill) in the enclosure then you will end up with standing waves. Plus some of the waves may reflect back onto the speaker cone causing distortion. Standing waves can also be combated by designing non-square sub enclosures. I assume that your sub enclosure is square shaped.

The density of the poly-fill is debatable. Some people like a lot, others like very little. Just make sure the poly-fill is not impeding the movement of the driver’s magnetic assembly.

The "boomy" sound you describe could easily be caused by standing waves. Try the poly-fill. It may be that the problem lies in the enclosure volume. Some manufacturers design subs to sound "boomy" so they sound more "impressive" in the show room.
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not with that particular sub,but i've polyfilled a handful of subs myself including the one i'm using right now (modified audiosrouce sw-fifteen)

i would bet money that stuffing teh sub would get rid of the boominess

just make sure taht you have some stuffing around the sides without teh driver and they stay there by either staples or spray adhesive or if the fill stays tehre on its own... thats fine too..

for me i used spray dampener and dampening sheets and stuck polyfil all around to teh spray damener as it was drying and it secured it fine without the need for staples or adhesive
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