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It's official - DirecTV to carry HDNet Movies, Discovery HD, ESPN HD - July 1, 2003! - Page 5  

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This dude is minutes away from losing his credibility. Get it together man!!
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I have never seen so many posts all at the same time. Wouldnt that be great if they popped up tonight???
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Yes it would be great but I am not hoding my breath
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PLEEEEEEEEEASE go easy on the compression D*! We won't accept compressed garbage and you'll lose to cable in the long run even with these new channels if you botch this.
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I'm salivating at the thought of it being on tonight. In fact I'll be back in a few minutes must check out what might be available for my viewing pleasure......
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DirecTV Fires Rogue Webmaster ;)
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Originally posted by RichYak
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DirecTV Fires Rogue Webmaster ;)
that was evil
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I should call him back and say where is that press release, you have no idea what kind of lunatics you are dealing with :)
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– DIRECTV, Inc., the nation’s leading digital multichannel television service provider, announced today that it will launch a new high-definition (HD) programming package on July 1. The HD package will include ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater™, HDNet and HDNet Movies, and is available by subscription for $10.99 per month.
In addition to ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet and HDNet Movies, DIRECTV will also provide its customers with special events broadcast in HD, similar to events broadcast in the past, such as USA’s coverage of the Masters Tournament, NBA games and NBA TV programming blocks.
“DIRECTV has been a passionate proponent of HDTV since it launched the first coast-to-coast HD-feed more than four years ago,†said Stephanie Campbell, senior vice president, Programming, DIRECTV, Inc. “Over the last year, as the HD category has gained tremendous momentum, our customers have told us they want more HD programming. The launch of this HD package reinforces DIRECTV’s commitment to the category, and to offering our customers the best quality high-definition programming.â€
The DIRECTV HD package includes:

ESPN HD – A 24-hour high-definition simulcast service of ESPN that delivers the best lineup of quality sports events, news and information and entertainment telecasts currently available, including games from Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association , the National Football League and the National Hockey League. More…
DIRECTV Launches New HD Package
Page 2

Discovery HD Theater – Discovery HD Theater is the new 24/7 channel filmed entirely in high-definition. The channel delivers programs about nature, science and technology, geography, travel and world culture – all designed to provide the highest-quality viewing experience available. It offers the world's most spectacular images delivered in the world's most stunning quality. Discovery HD Theater is like having a movie theater right in your own home.

HDNet – A 24-hour network featuring live sports like NHL® and MLS® games, boxing, drama series, concerts and original news and documentary programming including HDNet World Report and Across America.

HDNet Movies – Delivers a 24-hour schedule of blockbuster movie titles from Warner Bros., Sony, and other major studios, as well as made-for-TV movies , independent films and shorts.

With the addition of the HD package, DIRECTV will offer seven HD channels to its more than 11.4 million customers nationwide. DIRECTV customers are currently receiving HBO® HDTV and SHOWTIME HDTV® as part of their premium packages, as well as HD PPV movies for $4.99 each. In addition, under terms of its new five-year agreement with the National Football League for exclusive rights to NFL SUNDAY TICKET™, DIRECTV also plans to begin offering high-definition telecasts of professional football games during the 2003 regular NFL season.
To access HDTV channels, consumers may purchase any HDTV set with a built-in DIRECTV® Receiver or a DIRECTV-enabled high-definition set-top receiver, and a single 18 x 20- or 18 x 24-inch multi-satellite dish with three LNBs. HDTV sets integrated with the DIRECTV Receiver, DIRECTV-enabled HD receivers and triple-LNB satellite dishes are available from authorized DIRECTV retailers nationwide.
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HS! Looks like Swaan was correct. Wonder when the satellite guy will chime in:rolleyes:
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He does know what kind...
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Excelllent News! Where did you find it?
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Great News!!!
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I can't believe it finally happened. Now the big question QUALITY?
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I admit it Swann beat me on it.

Where's my hat so I can eat it. :)

Hey I was just going on what I was told. :)
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Thanks klick, and a nice find to mythical_phenix too!! :)
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Looks like no price break for Premiere subs. Time to start trimming my subscriptions.
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had to jab ya. twice in as many months......

Do you like 70's music? Cause I think you need some Humble Pie!!!
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Scott who cares bottom line is we got what we want
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Great News!

Anybody have a link to that press release?
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Ugh, July 1? Thats like an eternity away!!! I want it now!!! :D


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It IS Official the release just came over my Bloomberg Unit.
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I guess that means no free HDNet anymore. :(

Oh well, it's not like I'm not going to get the package. ;)
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Nothing on D*'s site, prnewswire or yahoo finance. Source please? Klick?
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Do you think the CSR's know about this yet?
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I think it was easier waiting when we didnt' know how long it would be. I'm going to have trouble waiting to July 1st.
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