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Welcome to HD cardfan!

Hopefully WPTA will be able to resolve the problem, the blurrieness can be quite annoying.
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The bluriness is still there. Grrr. I'll email them again about the problem and the fix that they need. I have a feeling that they will brush me off thinking that how in the world could I possible have a fix to a problem. Anyways, its worth a try.

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Been watching the game tonight and I haven't noticed the problem to the severity that it has been for the previous games yet. Still seems to be there, but not nearly as bad.
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Hello All,

Just got a STB & an antenna to receive OTA HD broadcasts in anticipation for football season(Bears Fan). I e-mailed WFFT this morning regarding HD for the football season and this was their response:

"We are not currently broadcasting any HD programming, and have no immediate plans to do so."

Short, not so sweet, and to the point.
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Most likely the only way you'll be able to see Bear's football in HD is if they play on MNF. I can't imagine that WFFT will begin broadcasting HD anytime soon. They currently are broadcasting a digital signal but it's at about the same wattage as a lightbulb, and based on other e-mails that have been sent to them they have no intentions of increasing their signal strength.

I'm personally a Lions fan and watch all of the games from the Sunday Ticket. Directv plans on showing all of the available games in HD from both FOX and CBS. Hopefully I'll get to watch a few of the Lions games in HD this way.

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Originally posted by CSAW
Hello All,

Just got a STB & an antenna to receive OTA HD broadcasts in anticipation for football season(Bears Fan). I e-mailed WFFT this morning regarding HD for the football season and this was their response:

"We are not currently broadcasting any HD programming, and have no immediate plans to do so."

Short, not so sweet, and to the point.

Wow! Just another fine example of how progressive (NOT!) the folks at Nexstar are. Does WFFT-55 actually broadcast programs in color, that new technology that emerged big-time in the mid 60's? Does Nexstar realize that television audio can be broadcast in stereo, which became quite popular by the late 80's? This feature still has not made it to Nexstar's WTWO-2 (NBC), Terre Haute. As long as you can hear something, I guess the added enhancement of stereo doesn't really matter to Nexstar.

It sounds like it will be a long time before these stations in these markets see much improvement towards HDTV.....


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I'm really disappointed in their attitude toward HD. I wondered why I could not pick up 55.1 - now I know. I currently have E* so sunday ticket is out, can't change because of the WAF. Hopefully the Lions & Bears won't be basement dwellers again this year. I'll just have to enjoy watching the Colts in HD on CBS.
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I agree. How disappointing. I basically watched zero local network TV before I got my STB...just watched E*. Now I find myself watching lots of local OTA stuff just because it's in HD. You'd think lack of HD would start to be noticeable in WFFT's ratings. Heck, I might even tune in if I could get a SD digital signal.
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Currently- there is no nielson rating system for digital channels. Although one might expect one would be on the horizon soon.

If WFFT-DT were broadcasting at a higher power we could have been taking advantage of the many programs Fox has been offering in 480p widescreen for quite some time now.
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Does WFFT have a delay server, or are they passing along an analog signal for the summer? I'm too far away to test and my e-mail go unanswered.
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I'd think its safe to assume that since they are only broadcasting at a wattage more suitable for a light bulb that a delay server would be a complete waste of money.

Stranger things have happened....
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I noticed that WPTA is in HD tonight. COOL!!! Seems like they have an HD server in place now. Good job WPTA. WISE, your the only one left...... I don't think you want to be the odd man out, do you?
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A.I. is in HD tonight as well. Hopefully this is a permanent thing and not just something they have for a demo. If this is permanent, THANK YOU!!!!

Don't forget about WFFT. Hopefully by fall when FOX rolls out HD nationally they'll boost they're signal and upgrade their equipment to HD.
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I agree its great to have ABC in HD! Although I mostly watch NBC so come on WISE - DT!!
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WPTA in HD, huh? Us Comcast subscribers wouldn't know anything about that!

C'mon, WPTA! Comcast!! Quit dragging your feet and get your HD signal on cable!!!
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Its nice that WPTA is in HD, but there have been a few times where it has clicked back to SD for a while. It looked like the top half of the picture was a grey checkerboard. Shortly after that it clicked to SD. This happened during George Lopez. It also flipped from HD to SD during Pratical Magic as well. At least WPTA is trying for HD.
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Hello All,
I have been on AVS for a number of months now and I just thought today to do a search for Fort Wayne and I found this thread. I live in Columbia City. I have just recently built an HTPC and I am using a DVICO fusionhdtv 3 pci card to receive my HD broadcasts. I have the card connected to an OLD rooftop antenna. I receive the PBS and ABC channels perfectly but have not been able to connect to the NBC, CBS, or FOX stations. I get about a 60% signal from both the NBC and CBS stations but only about a 20% signal from FOX. Do you think a new Channel Master antenna on my rooftop would make any difference in my reception? I did read through the thread and I see that the FOX station has a very low quality setup so that is probably why I am only getting 20%. That really stinks since my whole reason for getting the HD card was to watch the Bears games this fall in HD. Well tell me what you think about an antenna upgrade and reception.

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Getting FOX may be next to impossible. I haven't heard of anyone receiving it outside of Ft. Wayne. You should however be able to receive WISE fairly easily and WANE can be received if your antenna is aimed correctly. To align your antenna go to antennaweb.org and do a search for your location. It will tell you the direction of the antennas from your house and the distance to them. You can then use a compass to point your antenna directly at the towers. You will also find that pointing your antenna correctly will give you fewer drop outs and basically just lock on to the signal better.

Thats what I would try first before buying a new antenna.
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Howdy, I live up by tri lakes and I installed my HDTV two years ago and that was when Fort Wayne wasn't even close to upgrading to HDTV. I upgraded because South Bend was broadcasting in HDTV. At that time all of them were on ther air.

I spent many hours trying to get an antenna to get a good and stable signal. If I remember right, I'm 60 miles from South Bend and 30 miles to Fort Wayne, so I figured I shouldn't need too much to upgrade when Fort Wayne went online. Boy was I wrong, but later on that.

I used antennaweb.org and that was a good start, but they suggested at the first to use a directional antenna, the one that looks like a spear. I tried that but the signal bounced around too much and I would get pixalation too much. I baught Wal-Mart pre-amp and this helped but not enough. Still had signals down in the 50's. Some days it would shot up to the mid 80's so I figured it was the antenna. I swapped out the directional with a singal bowtie and this really helped, but still the signal was in the 60's.

I finally broke down and bought a channel master double bow tie(it looks like two flat bowtie antenna's side by side) and poof, signals from 85-90 consistant. No pixalization with the Wal-Mart pre amp. Now I was waiting on Fort Wayn to Come on board.

The first was WFWA (go PBS, I knew they would come through). The problem was I only had one antenna and no rotor. I wasn't going to miss the HD from South Bend because once you see HDTV, you never will watch analog again. I really didn't want to get a rotor becase I can only get two markets. So I bought another double bowtie and figured since I was twice as close to FortWayne then I wouldn't have any problem getting a signal. Boy was I wrong, I tried the same setup for South Bend and the signals was down in the 60's. I purchased a channle master pre-amp and hooked it up and now the signals are in the mid 80's (accept of course for WFFT and they are in the 20's. They are a dumb mule, some one needs to wop them upside the head with a two-by-four to get there attention). No problem about FOX, I get the South Bend signal at 82, so why would I even watch WFFT. There signal was terrible even when I lived in Fort Wayne.

So therefor my set up is:

Two channel master double bow ties($50), one pointed to South Bend, one pointed to Fort Wayne. Two pre-amps ($50) for each antenna. Two sets of RG6 coax feeding my TV that has two antenna inputs.

Please note that you cannot take both signals and combine them, it won't work. If you must use one set, then use a rotor. I like the conveniance of pressing antenna select button on the remote.

I get: 12, 15, 21, 33, 39, 16, 22, 28, 34, 46, 57 all in HD with out any problem.

I learned a long time ago, never do things the cheap way, cause you will pay for it in the long run.

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I have a weird problem with my HD reception. I only live 20 miles from the towers in Auburn and use a Silver Sensor. ABC and PBS come in at close to 100 percent (9 bars on my Sammy T151). WANE come in at about 70 percent (6 bars on the 151). WISE is the weakest at 40 percent with 3-4 bars. Fox only makes the signal light blink on my receiver. The really weird problem is that during the middle of the night WISE and sometimes WANE goes to crap and I don't receive anything. I don't change anything on my antenna or the wire, but the signal just drops. Sometimes I'll be watching Jay Leno perfectly and then black screen. It stays like this all night, at least until 3 or 4. Then when I get up in the morning, its back, with a perfect, consistant picture. I don't get it.

Since you are able to get the South Bend stations, do they delay their programming by an hour in the summer, or does it come through an hour earlier?

I've emailed FOX several times regarding their HD status, but no reply. I also tried the email of the general manager as listed on Nexstar's website, but still no response. As diehard said, they need a good whack upside the head to get them straight on their HD feed. Right now, I doubt that we will have FOX HD this fall, let alone a strong FOX digital signal at all.

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Yes South Bend does have an hour difference in their broadcast. Thats what makes it nice is I can see a program if I miss it. One thing nice about the South Bend market is that the stations up there take HDTV seriously. Most of the time I get 5.1 dolby broadcast from South Bend, but Fort Wayne seams to broadcast mainly in SB

About WFFT FOX, I remember the Fort Wayne newspaper having an article and the Manager of WFFT said they have no intention of boosting their signal. He said they plan on broadcasting at the minimum that the FCC requires. Sure sounds like a great way of shooting themselves in the foot.

My outlook on HDTV is that it compares to CD's. I remember when they were first introduced, most everyone said they wouldn't catch on, that records will always be around. Sameway with DVD's. I remember a couple of years ago when I got my DVD player, I went to the local video rental and asked the clerk and they told me they would never carry DVD's because they won't catch on. Now they are saying VHS recorders will become obsolete in less than a year. I predict the same will happen with HDTV. Just walk into a Best Buy and the HDTV section has grown 10 times.

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Thanks everyone for your replies.

I think I am going to try and move my antenna around this weekend and point it towards South Bend. Right now with the antenna pointing towards Fort Wayne I am able to pickup two South Bend SD channels so I am hoping when I twist the antenna around I will get all the South Bend channels.

I think the only difference between comparing HDTV to DVD is that the government is forcing all the TV stations to be fully digital and no more SD by 2006 I think. We may have to wait another year and a half but at some point WFFT is going to have to turn up there HD signal or they are going to lose all their advertisers. Who knows maybe if enough of us bug the manager at WFFT he might get the picture. I just wish I knew someone at one of their big sponsor because believe me if one of the big advertisers started griping the manager would turn around real fast.
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I just wish I knew someone at one of their big sponsor because believe me if one of the big advertisers started griping the manager would turn around real fast.

Very true, which reminds me of a saying my dad always said "money talks and bull $hit walks". But yeah, I'd say email the manager asking about HD. I may even call sometime and talk to him, but I doubt just me will be able to make a difference. If we all emailed and called, then as you said, he might get the picture. Here is a link to nexstars website link. Both management emails are there, but I don't know if they work, as I've emailed several times with no reply.

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jpesick, yea I know about the FCC ruling but my thinking is that once people start seeing the differrence in HDTV the popularity would be compared to the introduction of the CD and DVD. IMHO

The topic of WFFT is turning into being comical. I remember when FOX started DTV, they was pretty stubborn and said they were only going to broadcst in 480 instead of the 1080 HD format. They finally broke down and I think they raised there broadcast to 720. Now I see that FOX has added alot of NFL football games to the fall lineup to be broadcast in HD. Now what makes it comical is there affiliats like WFFT are so backward that they can't even get onboard with their main office.

On mass e-mailling WFFT, sounds like they are too stubborn to even let that effect them. But, if it effects the bottom line it might. Unfortunately I work with a bunch of people that are just like WFFT. If they had their way, they would still be buying eight track tapes and watching their black and white TV sets. LOL

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I received a similar response upon emailng WFFT
"We currently are not broadcasting in HD, and have no immediate plans to do so. Unfortunately at this time we simply cannot justify the expenses involved in upgrading to a HD signal. Thanks for the e-mail, sorry I didn't have better news"

All this talk about the Bears(of whom I'm a big fan)...but what about the world series? I can't believe we won't get that in HD...
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Straight from the horse's mouth, or other body part depending on your point of view.

thank you for your E-Mail
At low power you will not be able receive a good signal from WFFT .
Thank you
Engineering Dept.

Khris West
mobile: 260 471-5555
260 484-4331
260 433-1288

O well I guess my new goal is to pull in South Bend stations.
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I tried something last night just for the hell of it and I was astounded. I pointed my little silver sensor towards South Bend and punched in the digital channels from south bend. I didn't get anything from 58, 35, or 30, but I did get 42. I couldn't believe it. It was perfect with no breakups. I then checked the signal strength, and it was only 1 bar on my T151, but it was steady and thats all that counts. So I watched some conan and carson. Its weird that at night I can get the NBC station half way across the state, but I can't get WISE just 20 miles away.

On another note, have any of you guys noticed WFWA going off air at night? I know most of you arn't up duing the wee hours of the morning, but when they first started, they went off air at night, then they changed and broadcast 24 hours a day, and now it seems that they are back to going dark at night.

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Originally posted by oryan_dunn
....... Its weird that at night I can get the NBC station half way across the state, but I can't get WISE just 20 miles away.


Ryan, it's really not all that weird, especially this time of year. When tropospheric (atmospheric) conditions "enhance" the signal, usually during the overnight hours, TV and FM radio signals can sometimes travel hundreds of miles. Under normal conditions this usually does not happen but under enhanced conditions, it can be very prevalent.

As for your nighttime problem with WISE-DT 19, I have a hunch that there are two factors involved. First, WISE-DT is not very powerful at the present time. The second factor could very likely be that WISE-DT's signal is getting bombed by WTVG-DT 19, Toledo (approx. 90 miles). This station is kicking out 795kW @ 725 feet. I am 186 miles away from this station's tower and under the right tropo conditions I see it quite often.

As for locating another FOX station, does anyone in the Fort Wayne area ever receive WUPW-DT 46 (FOX), Toledo? At 90 miles this is too far for everyday reception but with a very good antenna installation it might be possible to receive it part of the time. WUPW-DT is a sister station to WANE (LIN Broadcasting). It is currently cranking out 110kW @ 1168 feet. The elevation in Toledo is a little lower than Fort Wayne but this very tall tower should help erase some of that difference.

Just my 2 cents........

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Wow, thanks Goldrich for the information. That is very cool to know. I wish I had a big antenna outside that I could point in different directions to see what I could get. That would be lots-o-fun at night. It doesn't bother me much, if the same conditions allow me to get 16 at night. I'd rather watch 16 anyways, because if Jay Leno is on, it would be in HD.

I agree with you that once it catches on, peoples credit cards will do the talking and they will want "the new fangled TeeVee sets" (lol). But another thing that would definitly light a fire under WFFT's collective ass would be to have the Neilson ratings for digital. When they don't even show up on the chart, their managment might decide to bump up the power.

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I know that I can go to antennaweb to find out information on stations local to me, but is there some other resource similar that would show, say the south bend stations in relationship to my address? I'd like to know which way to point my antenna for the distant stations and possibly the mileage as well. If im not careful, i'll get hooked on trying to pull in as many stations as possible.

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