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Don, A schematic would be great.

The electronic control is the only thing left for me to finalise before starting the building of screen wall.
Stepper motors is what I have been looking at rather than limit switch controlled motors.

Appreciate the Help

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i own a vutec lectric1 in a 103"D size. i had 2 horizontal and two vertical masking strips made in the same viewflex-pro fabric, w/same ink as my screens blackdrop and borders. i attach w/magnets the size of dimes which are very powerful and take two seconds to apply one on the front ,and one on the back. there is absolute flat contact w/ no wrinkles or shadowing. it looks great and cost next to nothing. no hassle and super quick to apply. electric screen masking that doesn't cost thousands. t
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Can you elaborate? Or even better, for those of us who need visuals, do you have a picture?

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skavinson, its to easy. just measured the sizes of the bars produced by various aspects,(set pj to side bar and turn on dvd player for example), and made sure the horizontals were edge to edge wide and then some for trimming,( 94"x 10" in my case), and the verticals are about 56",(my image is 50 !/2 " high), that way i have a nice finished look since the masking strips cover the borders on the sides and extend up into the blackdrop. magnets are called super magnets by a co. called the magnet source, but you can go to any good hardware store for them. these were the strongest but silver in color so i just got some self adhesive black foam pads they sell (same size). they just stick on. im now lense shifting up so the blackdrop is top border until i work out an ease snap on system for top band. once you pop em on they are easy to adjust. when thier down you just roll em up and put em in a drawer. a supporting straight edge might be worth trying but not necessary. 4 magnets across does the trick.
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Thanks, i get it now! I've been trying to come up with an effective and easy to put together system. Sounds like a good idea.
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Originally posted by camarillo_cinema
I just designed my own automated variable mask system. It uses a stepper motor and a microcontroller and stuff that are easily available at your local hardware store. It will be battery operated and have an IR interface. You will be able to hit a button and the mask will adjust to the proper aspect ratio.

I should have it going within a week. I will provide kits for those interested (cheap).

I would be interested in hearing more about this...


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give it a shot. it couldnt be easier or look better. advise me of any inovasions, but remember that the beauty of this is the simplicity. after all the title of this thread is manual masking systems.
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Hey Guys...

Anything new to report on this?

Craig :)
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Whatever happened to this project?
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Another bump to find out what happened - was supposed to be done in "a week" ;)
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No... MIA. :p
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tango dog im a bit lost . any pics?
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