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Best AV "Toy" Ever  

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Over the past 12 months, I've updated my "home theater" from a 13" TV + $60 VCR to a $6,000+ extravaganza. 50" DLP, nice 5.1 stereo, HTPC, the works. At the same time, I've added an XM radio to my car.

I am much more excited about the XM radio than my new home theater. For those people who spend time stuck in their cars, this is the greatest thing ever.

I spend over an hour a day in my car, and I need something to listen to. No matter how many tapes or CD's I own, they got old after a while, and picking them out ahead of time took more forethought than I generally had. So I was left with radio, which mostly annoyed or frustrated me more than it entertained.

I now look forward to that time in my car. Some days I'm into pop music. Other days it's classical or movies or Broadway. When there is something interesting going on in sports, I've got 4 sports talk radio stations to choose from. Then there is my favorite, the Old Time Radio channel. Time in the car flies by listening to Dragnet or Suspense or X-1.

This note isn't meant as a plug for XM over Sirius. For all I know, Sirius is just as good. It is a plug for the whole concept. If you spend significant time in your car, you owe it to yourself to seriously check it out!
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I agree with you. The idea is great and i'm happy to see that XMRadio has a Family Plan that gives you a reduced rate for multiple devices. The new XMRadio device for the computer is pretty cool too.
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My XM addiction started a year ago when I got XM installed in my car for a trip from Las Vegas to Denver.

Now I have 4 XM units under my name. One in my car, one in my wife's car, one Delphi SkyFi unit (Boombox) in my home office, and one I Delphi SkyFi Unit (Boombox) I got for my wife for her work (she loves XM almost as much as I do).

I work from home and didn't know what I did before I got XM in my home office. It's on from the moment I go to work until I end my day.

Sirius is ok, but I am a die-hard XM supporter as I just like the way the channels are set up and the better variety of programming IMHO. One thing that XM has that Sirius doesn't is Channel 27-Cinemagic. All movie soundtracks, all the time. I absolutely love movie music (like many here do) and that was the key in what service to choose.
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I couldn't agree more! I've only had my Delphi SKYFi for a week. I can't imagine listening to "regular" FM ever again. Now I understand why the churn in subscribers is less than 1%. Go XM.
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What do you mean by "Churn in Subscribers"? I have never heard that terminology before. Thanks.
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"Churn" means turnover. Lots of people dropping their subscription, jumping ship to another service, etc.
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