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What speakers do YOU own?

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I thought it would be nice to see how wide of a variety of speakers we have here on AVS . Might also help others who are shopping for speakers to see that somebody here has the same ones and maybe they can PM them to ask questions. Let's see them all, Vandy's, Def Tech, monitor audio, paradigm, the "R" word , B&W or whatever it is you call your own.

Onix Reference 2 Towers
Onix Reference 100 center
Onix Reference 1 for surounds.
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Oooh, I want to be the 1st person to reply to this future, monster thread. I own the Aperion Audio 5.1 setup w/12 in subwoofer.
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Nuts....I'm #2

Ascend Acoustics

CMT-340 L/R mains
CMT-340c center
CBM-170 surrounds

Hsu VTF-3 sub
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I'll beat Curtis to being the first Ascend owner on here. (doh! - he hit submit before I did)

I own:

Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 (x4)
Ascend Acoustics CMT-340
Hsu Research VTF-2

I also have a pair of Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 Deluxe speakers on the way for a new 2-channel setup.
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JMLab Chorus 706 front l&R
JMLab Cobalt CC800 center
JmLab Sib rear l,r,&c
Hsu VTF-2 sub
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But of course, I would own NHT T5s with 4 M5 for center/rears. 4 pair of NHT iC4 in-ceilings and a pair of NHT OutdoorOnes..........
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B&W N802 mains
B&W N805 surrounds
B&W HTM1 center
Velodyne FSR15 sub

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Wilson Watt/Puppy 7 -- mains
Wilson Cub I -- center
Wilson Watchdog -- sub
Wilson Watch Surrounds (2 pair) -- side surrounds
Wilson Watt/Puppy 6 -- rear surrounds

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ACI of course. The founding fathers of factory-direct speakers
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Vandersteen 2 ce Sig.
Kef 15.2 Two pair
Polk Audio center channel
Design Acoustic PS 12" sub
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livingroom 5.1 system:

Axiom Audio M22ti
Axiom Audio VP150
Polk Audio LS f/x
Hsu Research VTF-2

game room 2 channel:

Snell Accoustics Type K/II
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Main System:
  • B&W CDM7SE
  • CDM1SE
  • BIC Muro In-Celing for 7.1
  • Shiva based DIY Subwoofer
Bedroom System:
  • B&W DM301 x4
  • B&W CC6
  • Energy ES10 Sub
Garage and Patio:
  • Niles OS8
  • Niles OS10

The only possible changes I would make and may if we move and I can build a fully dedicated room. Upgrade to a complete Natilus 800 system and Dual SVS CS Ultras. All in all I am happy with what I have (quite suprising actually)
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RS750 mains
RS200 (bigfoot) center
RSS300 sides
RS250 rears

Almost forgot:

Pair of SVS Ultra subs

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Main theater:

B&W CWM 800 (pair)
B&W CWM Cinema (1)
B&W CWM 650 (3)
SVS 20-39 pci sub
B&W Rocksolid (2)
Magnepan MG1A (pair) for music

Family room theater:

B&W CM4 (pair)
B&W CMC (1)
Boston Acoustic sub
Niles surround speakers
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Boston Acoustics Micro 90 (x4)
Boston Acoustics Micro 90c Center
Infinity 8" Sub

Currently planning a move to Axiom/HSU
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Yikes! Nice system.

Mine is as follows:

Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v2 (L/R)
Paradigm Reference Studio CC
Paradigm Reference Studio ADP
Paradigm Servo-15

Should have waited about 9 more months than I did for V3! Who knew?
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Home theatre

Bolender Graebener
Adire Rava sub

2 channel listening

DIY electrostats (ML CLS like)
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Home Theater Setup

Fronts: Rocket RS750
Center: Rocket RSC200
Rears: Rocket RS550
Sub: Rocket UFW-10
Subs: Dual SVS 20-39cs+

2 Channel Setup

Starting Fronts:MBL 321E
Reserve Fronts: Onix Reference 1
Sub: Waiting for a Bird's Eye Maple UFW-10
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Rocket RS550 fronts
Rocket RSC200 Bigfoot center
Rocket RSS300 Surrounds
SVS 16-46 PCi Sub
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by next week (placing the orders today);

Center - Ascend Acoustics CMT-340c
Fronts - Ascend Acoustics CBM-170
Rears - Asend Acoustics CBM-170
subw00fer - SVS 25-31 PCi (22Hz)
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Japan Model Kenwood Floorstanders
JBL Center
Infinity Bookshelf Surrounds
Yamaha Sub
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Def Tech BP-2000 (mains w/15" powered subs)
Def Tech CLR-2000 (center)
Def Tech BP-X (sides)
Def Tech BP-20 (rears)
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B&W N802 mains
B&W N HTM1 center
B&W N SCM1 surrounds
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When I'm in a loud mood
Klipsch LaScalas -front
Altec Valencias -rear
Entec SW1 subs(pr)

When I'm in an audiophile mood
replace LaScalas with BG Radia 520

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Set 1
B&W 802 Series III - 4 speakers

Set 2
B&W 601s - 1 pair
I gave these away
Replaced with Vienna Acoustics Weberns x3
Genesis 900 subwoofer

Set 3
Paradigm 40s v2 1 pair

Sort of just accumulate these kinda things.
I promised the 601s to my wifes nephew as a gift. Don't know what I want to do with the 40s.
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CRT Theater:

Phase Technology Teatro 7.5 Mains
Phase Technology Teatro 6.5 Center
Phase Technology Teatro Surrounds (side and rear)
HSU TN01220HO sub (w/500 watt amp)

Living room/DLP Theater:
Just some old Infinities. No sub in there, so I suppose I should have anemic bass, too, or at least that is what I have been told...
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Glade rules!

Mains: Vienna Acoustics Mahlers
Center: Vienna Oratorio
Surrounds: (x4) Vienna Acoustics Waltz's
all in rosewood.
Sub .....still waiting for Velodyne to ship the DD-18 (HGS18's replacement with automatic room adjustment).
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Fronts and Rears: B&W N 804s
Center: B&W N HTM1
Sub: 2 Velodyne HGS12II's
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Monitor Audio Bronze 1 (front, center, surround)
Velodyne VLF-810 subwoofer
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Magnepan 2.7/QR L/R
Magnepan MGCC1 Center
Magnepan MMG Sides
Magnepan SMGc Rears
Velodyne FSR-10 sub

In the new theater, the 2.7's will replace the MGCC1 as a nice vertical center, and Maggie 3.6's will take over the L/R duties. Sub will be replaced by an 8 AV-15 IB.
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