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s-video vs component cables  

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Hello everyone, I have recently purchase a HDTV, and I'm thinking of purchasing a set of component cable for my ps2... I was wondering if there is a big difference in picture quality between connecting s-video and component...

In addition, do the monster component cable make a difference?? or are they just over priced....

I don't know if its worth my purchase since the ps2 don't have many progressive scan games, any advice would be great... THANKS
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Bottom line is that component would be better than s-video from a performance standpoint, but there are a few considerations.

1. PS2 does not have many progressive scan games, as you mentioned. However, I recently switched from s-video cables to component on my PS2 and there was a noticeable improvement in picture clarity (50" Sony GWII tv). So even though you aren't necessarily getting the benefits of progressive scan for all games, the picture still seems to improve.

2. I would say one of your biggest considerations may be your available input situation for your tv... If you have limited component inputs but you want to hook up multiple game systems (Xbox, Gamecube...) then you would be better off using your component inputs for the other systems as they have a much greater quantity of progressive scan and high definition games.

I got my PS2 component cable for $5.50 off of ebay just a few weeks ago and I really can't complain about it's build quality. From my experience, there is usually an improvement by moving to monster cables, but when I can get a basic cable that works well for $5.50 I really can't justify spending the extra money... (disclaimer: I am using monster video-3 component cables for all of my HDTV and DVD interconnects.)

(Note: I am currently playing the beta test for Final Fantasy XI on the PS2 and there was a significant improvement in text readability when switching from the s-video to component. Also, I am using an Audio Authority 1154 component video switch box to run all of my video game systems into one component input on the tv... )
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oh my gosh, you are beta testing for FF11??? you are one of the lucky ones, i unfortunately did not get in... hey post some thoughts about the game if you have the time =)

I only have one system but planning to purchase a gamecube over the summer or later in the year... So i guess component input should not be a problem for me as of now.... i'm deciding if i should go for the cheapo mad catz cables, or go all out with monster.... I don't mind spending the extra money on monster cables, IF the ps3 is capable of using it.... I know the ps1 and ps2 uses the same cable, but not sure if ps3 will be using it....
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The size of your tv makes a huge difference. If you have a 36" or larger tv you will probably see a noticable difference between component and s-video. I used to have a 32" set and I could hardly see any difference between the two cables. Currently I have a 50" GWII hook to a PS2 with monster component cables and gaming on it is awesome. I think in the near future PS2 will be releasing more HD games. So it would definitely be worth your time to get a set of component cables and if you run out of connections you can always get a component switcher.
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so will there be a significant difference in PQ between the sony brand component cables between the monster brand component cables.... the cost of the monster cable is far greater than the sony
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No, there is never a signifigant difference in quality when you jump up to monster component cables, but there is usually a small difference, especially in high interference situations... not that I even have an example of one.
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I have the PS2 component cables, and I think it was a good investment. While it's true that the other consoles have more 480p games, I think the quality of the picture steps up with the component cables. Tenchu 3 and Vice City still look better than on my old TV, but I haven't tried them on my RP HDTV with the AV cables. But then again, my old TV was so crappy, I couldn't even read the memos in Splinter Cell (on the Xbox, I mean) so anything is probably an improvement.
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I use Interact's component video cable for my PS2. Interact is now out of business and this cable is hard to find, but I think it's one of the best. It's actually made by Acoustic Research (says on the box), and is sturdy and very well contructed and shielded, unlike Sony's PS2 component cable, which has seemingly no shielding at all.
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... off topic, but I thought I'd comment a bit about the FF11 beta since it was asked ...

I need to check the beta agreement to see what I can and cannot write about in a public forum, but the basic story I would tell is that it IS the best MMORPG available today (I have played EverQuest and Asheron's Call 1&2 extensively) and it is the only one that I feel can keep you interested over a long amount of time. The beta is in excellent shape... I would say that the state it is in now is way better than when AC2 or EQ were released to the market for sale (in terms of quantity/quality of quests, skills/ability balancing, and general bugs). I'll read over the beta terms to see what I can write about, but until then, feel free to send me a PM with questions. I can go on and on about why this game has me excited about MMORPGs again when I had almost given up hope... =p

(Also note: I am currently planning to get the game for PC when it comes out, not PS2... the PS2 version is great, but if you have a decent computer the PS2 just doesn't compete at all for overall graphical quality and performance)
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hello all,

I went out and got the cables for my ps2... i purchased the sony branded cable as there were no other ones in stock.... I have notice some improvements in some games, but on others, I can't really tell the difference.....
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Just to chime in, PS2 has horrible component output in 480i. We did some tests and S-Video is much clearer. This is just the PS2 though, Component on xbox for example is much better. I can't explain it but svideo looks better on PS2 at least for my system.
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hm.... thats news to me, anyone experience what DashK is experiencing??

I realize on sports games like NBA LIVE 2003, and Winning Eleven 6, graphics appears to be sharper and crisp when using component... I have also tried guilty gear x2 and did not realize a significant different between s-video and component

this is off topic, but did anyone played guilty gear x2?? if so do you know how to activate progressive scan for that game??
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