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Buying an HDTV in NYC  

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Can anyone recommend a place to view/buy HDTV's in NYC or the vicinity?

Have most of you New Yorkers out there simply gone mail order?

Without yet seeing it, I'm leaning toward one of the 46" Mitsubishi's vs. other 46 - 53" models because of the promise module.
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I got my Sony 53HS10 from JandR but they dont have the sets properly calibrated. I drove to Harvey Electronics in North Jersey to see a properly calibrated HDTV set running the Discovery HD loop.

I dont know of any place in NYC.

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I just bought my Mitsu at PC Richards in NYC. If you're looking for the best price with decent service, that, IMHO, is the place to go. Of course, like all the big chains, the salespeople are useless if you have questions - but they will match any price. If you're looking for someplace where a salesperson could answer some questions, I would recommend Harvey Electronics - although you'll pay full retail there.

I would stay away from J&R - their customer service sucks, although their prices are extremely competitive. Same for The Wiz.
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Ed Betty - I go up there from time to time and went today. A couple of questions for you.
Is there a store called Sound&Vision or did you mean Sound City?
Also When I did go to Sound City they had the RCA Plasma set-up. Is that the one you saw? If you really did see the RCA LCOS5000 what are you full thoughts and where did you see it?

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Sorry about the storename..it is Sound City. I must have had that magazine on my mind http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif The unit that I saw was on the Left Corner as soon as you walk in the store Caddycorner.. I am 99% sure it was the LCOS but I will check back tomorrow and ask the salesman if they indeed had it then.

Ed Betty
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Ed -

I have had the RCA LCOS/L50000 on order for about a month from copperbox and am anxiously awaiting delivery. I hope that the expected ship date of 9/10 holds. We'll see...

I am very encouraged that it is finally out on display commercially.

I am very interested to get more detail on your impressions of the set -- most importantly black levels. There is really no mention or info available about contrast ratio on this set although another member here had said he thought 300:1. If this is true it may be no better than some of the older plasma sets? Sounds as though you were impressed though.

Thanks for any info,

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Thanks for the replies. On Saturday I' m going to check out Harvey's and Sound City on my way to some further uptown clothes shopping for/with my fiance.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of the sets in action. I'm going to bring a few DVD's w'me that I know well, along with some commercials I directed and/or shot. Hopefully, I'll be able to view these as a control, understanding that these sets probably aren't fully calibrated.

I want to look at Mits./Tosh/Pioneer, and am curious to see the LCOS as well but it is probably too expensive. I'll go to Jersey if I have to in order to see the above roster.

Still am concerned about the whole digital transmission issue which would point to MIts., but maybe it'll go the way of an audio digital transmission standard -- promised/threatened for a long time, but slow to concretly materialize. Competition between DVI and firewire might exacerbate this happy possibility.

Man, they're making it hard to spend money these days!!
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On 45th street between 5th and 6th Ave you have the best of both worlds, Harvey Electronics and Sound&Vision. I was at Sound&Vision a couple of weeks ago and they had about a dozen HDTV's up and running including the new RCA LCOS5000.
Sound&Vision should be very competitive with pricing but I can't vouch for their service/support since I have not purchased there. A word of warning...Don't look at the LCOS for to long...you won't be satisfied with anything else!.
Good Luck in your purchase..
Ed Betty
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Greg - As that date does approach, I hope you will keep us all up to date. Would love to hear your impressions. Also what did it end up costing you?
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I am getting the set for $5520 delivered. Stand is $300 but not yet available. I sure hope it comes soon. I'm frothing at the mouth and hearing what ed betty said really got me going last night.

As soon as I get the set up and running I will post details ASAP. I am working on an oval dish installation now to get HBO-HD/509. I'm not sure it will work due to so many trees.

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Beware of Harvey's- prices are very high. Another great place, but not in NYC is 6th Ave. Electronics-Woodbridge, NJ and Springfield, NJ--close to NYC. Beware of the Wiz--horrible return policy on large screen TVs. Return policy is very important and I would pay a little more knowing that I can return it for a different set if I don't like the one I bought.
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Thanks for the tip. I was thinking about doing an NJ swing as there are bigger stores out there. Any suggestions in addition to 6th Ave?
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Anybody saw a Hitachi Ultravision in action? I saw one in Stereo Exchange and it was amazing! It was a 16x9 53" CRT RPTV with a special "magic" auto convergence button. the pq on hdtv material was way better than any rptv that I have seen.


"The Real HT Newbee"
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CC - Where did you see the Hitachi?
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I purchased a Mits from P.C. Richards about 2 weeks ago. Got the WT-46809 for real cheap - $1700. Added the Mits TV stand, tax and delivery for an even $2000. If you want a Mits in NY, I believe only P.C. Richards, Sears and The Wiz carry them. Circuit City and Best Buy don't. Remember you can haggle with the guys at P.C. Richards. I did try The Wiz first, but the salesmen there just seem really shady.
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Bought my Mits 55907 at Samman's in Wayne NJ. Very competitive pricing. Will match any internet price you can find. Has quite a few HDTV's on display.

Another huge advantage for NYer's is that he will not charge sales tax and will deliver (even to the city).
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I saw the Hitachi at Stereo Exchange on Broadway between Houston and Bleeker...They only sell at MSRP I believe. But the picture on the Hitachi set is the best I have seen on any crt rptv, better than Toshiba, Mits...check it out. I'm also impressed with the Autoconvergence feature, very useful indeed if you are not a tweaker.


"The Real HT Newbee"
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