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New HT carpeting, etc.  

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I just went through the ordeal of finding
carpet. I had to visit several places to
find the color I was looking for. I first
looked at Milliken carpet, ruby red color
with a pattern in the carpet. I just
happened to run into a place that carries
Karastan carpet and they had a cut pile
carpet about one half inch thick in a color
called cabernet, almost nearly the same ruby
red color. I bought the Karastan mostly for
the thickness and sound absorbtion. The
Milliken was a short pile carpet almost like
a commercial carpet. My advice would be to
shop around and take home samples galour
before you decide. I heard there are but
only a few manufacturers of carpet and they
kinda sleep together and quite possibly
there will be an increase in price this
spring. I'll bet before tax refunds start
going out.

If you don't get any replies about the
Armstrong ceiling I'd find a dealer nearby
and check out their display and get a
booklet that has all their (commercial)
ceiling in it. The booklet tells all the
noise reduction info, etc. The booklet is
free the last I knew.
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I'm looking for recommendations (color, fabric, weight) for carpeting in new HT. Also, what about non-suspended acoustical ceiling tile? Anyone familiar with Armstrong acoustical ceiling planks? And, what is the best way to connect components (projector, etc.) that are located about 12 feet away from power conditioner: heavy-duty extension cord, or have electrician hook up an permanent extension cable through walls?
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Contrary to what many ISF people will tell you, dont' go with too much neutral or grey colors. It may have some good effect on the perception of colors, but it's damn ugly!
I originally set my room up with a grey color scheme and it was kind of depressing. I re-vamped my entire room and this time went with a dark maroon fabric on the walls with a gold tone carpet. I had a black piece of carpet seamed in at the front of the room where the screen is. It's cut in a half circular pattern reaching from one side of the screen to the other and extends about 4.5 feet out.
I dont notice any difference in the perception of natural colors, but the room sure does look more inviting.
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When it comes to color, even SMPTE spec's out black or neutral grey; but, I agree, that's an ugly, uninviting environment. The key, really, is darker, non reflective colors and surfaces.

D. Erskine
DEsign Cinema Privee
Imagine what you could do, if you could do all you imagine.
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