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Concert dvd recommendations

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There have been a lot of concerts coming out on dvd lately. What do you recommend?

Ideally they would meet this criteria:
Anamorphic widescreen
Excellent surround mix, preferably DTS surround.
Great performance.

Thanks for your suggestions,
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The Band - The Last Waltz....awesome!
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Roger Waters "In The Flesh" - Excelent concert from begining to end (one of the rare concert DVD's that can watched as a complete show). Very good picture, excellent DD 5.1 sound. Great mix of Pink Floyd classics and Water's originals - staged with top notch guest musicians.
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This is being released today (7/15).


We saw the tour this concert was part of in Fort Worth last May. It was excellent, so I'm guessing this concert DVD, which I'll buy this week, is also going to be very good, and one to recommend on this thread. Jerry Douglas on dobro is awesome, and Alison's voice and violin playing are beautiful, as her fans know.

Per the Web page, it's anamorphic (I assume when they say "anamorphic ... or ... letterbox," it's the same DVD, not two separate editions) and has DTS as well as DD 5.1.

LIVE 2-Disc DVD!

Pre-Order Now!
DVD Ships July 15th, 2003.

LIVE is the first DVD from Alison Krauss + Union Station. Shot in High Definition, the LIVE DVD will be available in anamorphic wide screen or in letterbox. Audio options include DTS 5.1 Digital Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, and a two-channel stereo PCM mix. The DVD is not region coded and will play in any region; however, it is a NTSC video and will not playback correctly on PAL televisions. Includes the LIVE concert, exclusive interviews, on-the-road footage and much more.
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I've seen the most recent Pearl Jam DVD and it is excellent. I don't know about the specs that you have requested but I'm sure you can see them on Amazon.com.
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Everyone says STOP MAKING SENSE is the best concert DVD, bar none.

Is this true?
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"Everyone says STOP MAKING SENSE is the best concert DVD, bar none.

Is this true?"

Depends on what you like. This is a great performance, but a little bizarre. It's not for everybody.
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If you like this kind of music-Diana Krall Live in Paris, is pretty good.

Video wise it is o.k. but sound is great.

eweiss, Thanks for the A.K.U.S. info.
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The 2 Metallica DVDs (S&M and Cunning Stunts) are some of the best concert DVDs I have heard.

Lars' drums really kick!

And everything by The Corrs is great too...

The upcoming Slayer: War at The Warfield should be a very good production too....

Rock on! :-)
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Roy Orbison "Black and White Night." Phenomenal!!

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Sting's 'All this time' is probably the best Dolby Digital dvd gig I've come across not even including the excellent documentary !

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the cure, trilogy
anamorphic WS (filmed w/ HD cameras)
and dolby 5.1
best PQ I have seen on any concert DVD bar none.

additionally Red Hot Chili Peppers, off the map
catches them on a very good night, nice DTS but 4:3

allison krauss, diana krall???
wake me when its over..
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My nods go to the afore-mentioned Sting, along with

Yes: YesSymphonic, Live in Amsterdam
The Who: Live At The Royal Albert Hall
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Hey Tren diversify man, Diana Krall and Allison Krauss do wonders for good speakers.

But just in case I have watched and greatly enjoyed Tool's dd 5.1 dvd and Depeche Mode's numerous dvd's (not concert dvd's but good nonetheless).
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I actually own more concert DVDs than movies. I look for audio quality first and PQ second. The Who Live At The Royal Albert Hall
is reference quality, however, the new Zep is my favorite. One thing I look or listen for is if the DD5.1 or DTS sound track is true multichannel. Most live concerts are 2 channel - 5.1 upmix. For the rears, the stereo mix is altered by removing the vocals and adding reverb or echo. Then the level is lowered by 6db and phased delayed. This basically gives the same effect as Dolby Pro Logic II. The LFE channel is passed through a filter which removes the high frequency sounds. For the center channel, they simple take the stereo track and make it mono and add emphasis to the vocal range. This compromises the strereo effect in the front. Listen to Dazed and Confused on Disk 1, during the bow parts you can hear the guitar moving form the front to the rear, a good example of true multi channel mixing.
Other good concerts, Both of U2s, Roger Waters NIN ,The Eagles, Don Henley, The Stones Bridges tour. It really depends on your taste in music. There are some really disappointing ones too. Most of the bad ones are early releases, pre 2001.
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I would add John Fogerty:Premonition to that list. Great sound!
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Led Zeppelin DVD
While I pick and chose which songs I watch/listen to, it is in DTS and Moby Dick alone is worth the price to me!
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Originally posted by Luckie
Sting's 'All this time' is probably the best Dolby Digital dvd gig I've come across not even including the excellent documentary !


I'll second the Sting recommendation. It's incredible.
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I agree with htomei on the Roy Orbison DVD. Fantastic !!!

Roy Orbison Black & White Night

Accompanied by:
Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costella, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Waits, Jennifer Warnes, k.d. Lang, JD Souther and Elvis Presley's famed 60's and 70's touring band.

DTS sound, Full Frame, in B&W (really looks good against the Art Deco stage backdrop).

Roy was one of the best that ever lived, he was respected by every musician in the business.

And yes, I kind of like this guy
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Another one of these threads huh? Well, here goes:
ACDC-Stiff Upper Lip, incredible, but the DD mix sounds better than the DTS one (??)
Journey 2001, wow, incredible sounds, its in 4x3, but still worth it
Billy Idol - Storytellers, great sound, I cant believe how good he sounds both acoustic and with full band around him, definitely pick this one up!
Scorpions - A Savage Crazy World, its great that they restored this old concert footage, sounds pretty good too
Bee Gee's - One Night Only, and you all thought I only liked the hard rock... Sound is too good to pass this one up

To anyone who is working on bringing these wonderful old concerts to DVD, keep up the great work. I look forward to picking up Led Zep tomorrow, as well as the Iron Maiden video collection that just got released.
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Here are two live performances by Dave Matthews: Listener Supported and Live at Folsom in Boulder Co. I'm not much for Dave's CD performances, but in concert they do alot of jammin and that's what sets them apart for me.
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For Those who like the Classical side of music as well....

There is a DVD called "German Brass Goes Bach". It is a live concert from the St. Thomas Kirche in Leipzig. It has DD 5.1 and the transfer is surprisingly crisp and clear. And the music.....Oh, the Music!!!

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The Beach Boys "Good Timing" Knebworth, UK

Roger Waters-Live in Berlin w/o Pink Floyd
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The Led Zeppelin DVD is awesome. I didn't include it because it's full-frame.

The same goes for most of the classical DVD I own; they're mostly older releases. (So much to buy!!) Bach's Greatest Organ Works Vol. 1 is anamorphic and DTS and can shake the walls though!!
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I have a Panny RP-91 and I use the zoom function for the zep DVD, the MSG footage is letterboxed, but the rest of the show looks fine with the zoom footage. With concert footage you don't lose much with the zoom option unlike a pan and scan movie. I believe Queens Video Collection DVD is in 16x9, but I think they just cropped the oringinal footage.
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Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live is pretty terrific, and seems to meet your criteria:

Anamorphic widescreen
Excellent surround mix, preferably DTS surround.
Great performance.

Couple of thing to note however. While it is anamorphic, it appears to have been cropped down to 16x9 proportions from the original 4:3 video. Picture quality is less than stellar to say the least! It looks like a standard TV broadcast to me on my plasma.

Sound is great (both DD and DTS 5.1), but almost too good. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was overdubbed, but I haven't bothered to confirm this.

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My favorite concert DVD by far is Springsteen Live in NYC. I bought it for it's picture and sound quality, and it converted me into a Springsteen fan. I have been spending the last year catching up on his music.

Anamorphic widescreen (Yes. Shot originally in HD).
Excellent surround mix, preferably DTS surround (DD5.1 only, but excellent use of surrounds).
Great performance (outstanding - Springsteen's music is meant to be heard live. Also, good production value).
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You will never get better than Scorpions - Acoustica DVD. Not sure if it's 16:9 but it simply is the best unplugged performance I've seen (and I am not a huge Scorpions fan). Maybe 13 cameras, but the discrete use of the mix should be a standard for all other concerts.

I also dig Joe Satriani - Live in SF.
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The Beach Boys at Knebworth, UK 1980.This concert shows both of the now dead Carl and Dennis Wilson performing as well as Bruce Johnston. OAR is 1.85:1 in color at night.

Roger Waters Live Berlin, Germany without Pink Floyd 1989 OAR 4:3.

I lock in no stretch wide screen view, by using a Sony brand Progressive Scan DVD Player .
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I just picked up HEart: Live in Seattle.

It is 1.78 anamorphic and DTS.

Haven't watched yet but Mark from Servodrive (sub manufacturer) says the bass is pretty intense.

I'll post what I think soon!
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