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I've been fine all day in nyc

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110 Sat tp 12---43
tp 10---35
tp 8---41

There is definitely something going on in Massachusetts with sat c!
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Originally posted by MJburt
Guess I'm glad I don't live in Mass. Haven't had any problems all day except for a couple drop outs during Dead Like Me on ShoHD. Why would it only be in certain areas? I've had full strength all day here.
It's a world-wide conspiracy to ensure that New Englanders never get to see their teams in HD! Still getting "0's" on 8, 10 and 12 as of 12:32AMEDT.
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In Seattle I am getting ESPN-HD, Discovery-HD, HDNet and HDNet Movies all fine right now. I was not home to look earlier.
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I live in Massachusetts also and the 110 satellite has been a 0 since last night.

I talked to D* and they had no clue what they were talking about.
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I am in Fairfield County, Connecticut and SAT C is out completly..I tried resetting my DTC100 and nada...Still out..Sat 101 and 119 are fine...
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i live in everett ma (next to boston) and i (still) have no satellite C either. well, at least it's not just me. i thought my dish was busted and i'd have to hit the roof to fix it.
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I'm also getting ZERO signal strength in MA on all three 110 transponders. Things were fine as of Thursday night, but Friday night and Saturday morning, it's out. I had just recently had DirecTV out to do some work because I wasnt getting any even transponders on the 119. When they came, they replaced my entire dish, and everything was working fine when they left ... up until yesterday. Is this really a New England thing?
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I am in Syracuse, NY.

All channels are OK but 0 signal level for ESPNHD.
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Same thing here in NJ, not getting anything on 110W/119W.

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In RI I am also not getting a signal. There was nothing when I checked last night, but a thunderstorm had come through, and I thought I would check the connections to the Sat C LNB this morning. At least last night I was getting an occasional signal in the low 30's on transponder 8 on Sat C. Today I am getting nothing.

I'm glad I saw this thread since it saved me a climb up the ladder to the side of the house.

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Still not a peep (or bleep) on 110 in Southern NH.
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Interesting. As of 11:12AM EDT, I have all 3 tsps at 98%. Highest readings ever.

Something DID happen overnight, as my Zenith box was wrecked, this morning (I'd left it on SHO-HD to record "Dead Like Me"). When I turned it on (about half an hour ago) it would tune nothing on B/C and showed 0 signal levels for both. But, it's been rebooted and appears fine, now.

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I Had buku issues last night but I was attributing them to a nasty Thunderboomer that came through from about 8:30 until 11:30 pm.

Transponders on Sat C were anywhere from 0 to 40'ish for all 3 last night.

As of 11:25 am today readings are back to normal (from 78 to 89 or so).


Edit: I'm using an E86 STB with a Phase III Triple LNB dish
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In Central Mass...Mine were down to about 35% last night, and are about 50% this morning, but thats still not near what it was...hopefully they fix it soon.
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HDTV or Bust..
You may need to repoint. Even though the 2 birds are technically in the 110 slot, they're actually quite a ways apart. I don't know how much more drifting they plan to do, but if your signal level doesn't come up any more, you might consider bumping the dish a bit.

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I just called a D* supe. They had no reports of 110 being out except for me. She said for all with a problem to give them a call. It may be a NE thing - I'm in Maine.
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Originally posted by DrDon
HDTV or Bust..
You may need to repoint. Even though the 2 birds are technically in the 110 slot, they're actually quite a ways apart. I don't know how much more drifting they plan to do, but if your signal level doesn't come up any more, you might consider bumping the dish a bit.

How can you point to 110 without affecting 101 & 119? 110 should max when the other 2 max.
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I don't know that he has the other 2 maxed. Plus, as we know, they're not in perfect alignment, anyway. It's all a game of give-and-take.

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Mine seemed maxed and 110 has been out for me completely (not even weak). I think they may be drifting it more (hopefully). I'll give them more time before messing with the dish.
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I think D* should have told their support reps up front what was going on. There are a lot of people here in New England that are not receiving sat c. Like a lot of people I just subscribed to the HDTV package and it is not watchable at the moment. I can wait while they drift the satellites, but they should tell people that call what is going on.

Not knowing any better I called D* and they scheduled a service call for next week. You would think they would not want to waste their tech time if the signals are going to come back after the drift is over. None of the support people at D* seemed to know about this.
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I find that I am able to clear up my Sat-C reception problems temporarily by tuning from a Sat-C channel to a Sat-A (101) channel and then back again to a Sat-C channel. I tested this procedure again this morning, and it seemed to clear up dropout problems that I was having on Sat-C. I suspect that the dropouts will be back before long, so I can only sadly report that little has changed for me in the past few weeks.
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this morning i was getting 0% signal on sat c. in the afternoon now I'm getting around 40% signal on sat c on all 3 transponders
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Still "no signal" on 110 here.

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I'm getting around 40% on Sat C, down from 85% here in RI. Will this effect image quality in any way?

Java Junky
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Still zero in Maine. :confused:
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I'm getting mid-40's on all 3 "C" transponders. As long as it doesn't get any lower it should be fine, except for rain fade.
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Getting Zero on Sat C. Since I see some of my brothers here in New England getting some readings, I fear we all may have to adjust our dishes.
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Right now I'm getting a strength of 86 on transponder 8, 88 on 10 and 78 on 12. I have made no dish pointing adjustments in the past several days.
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FYI - Sat C signals in Chicago region.

8 - 76
10 - 78
12 - 73

All Sat B signals in the 80 - 90 range.
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