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The best answerer I got in the main 6412 forum was this one bellow.
I am hopeful that it has been fixed, and is not the wave of the future.

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I posted about my DVR problem with "24" in another thread, but I thought I would take a moment to add to the collective knowledge here.

Just a quick refresh: I recorded "24" on Monday and when I watched it and attempted to FF, was presented with a circle-with-a-line-through-it icon telling me, "You can't do that."

I called Comcast yesterday and had my concerns escalated from the initial ("There was something wrong with the signal") phone-center person to a ("I'll look into it and call you back") supervisor.

Today, I received a call from a different guy who was very knowledgeable about the technical issues faced with the DVR's and their recordings. In short, he admitted to me that this was a bug in the TV-Guide software which incorrectly marked this episode of "24" to disallow certain functionality. (The same thing apparently happened with "American Idol" last night, but I was not aware of that until he told me about it.) He told me that it would be fixed in an upcoming version of the software and, based on the large number of bugs that have been discovered, this summer's scheduled release of the next version may get changed.

Bottom line: Yes, the DVR features can be selectively disabled as a feature of the IGuide. No, this was not intentional by any party involved in the presentation of "24" on Monday.
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That's good information. Now to convince Buckeye that it's an issue and they need to stay on top of the firmware releases. I just shot an email of to Judy C. over there. Let's hope she gets the word off to the right people.
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FYI, I had no function with House on Fox...
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Here's the email reply I got from Buckeye this afternoon:

"Our technicians are working with Motorola to try to get a fix on this problem, it seems to only be with the Network programs on Fox."

Judy Carter
Research Department
Buckeye CableSystem

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Sounds to me like we need to contact TV Guide, not the local cablesystems. (Read about these issues on the main forum- happening to Comcast also) Looks like I-Guide is more powerful than showing us just schedules. TV Guide has control over what we are allowed to view (making us watch commericals), its no technical foul-up. Plus if it was, now they know how to block controls and can sell that to the networks. OK, I am digging in deep, but I how TV Guide, they are not nice to work with. I am sure they put in a few back doors in case the FCC came in & said we must not be able to skip commericals.
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I'm trying to get NBC 24 and Fox Toledo HD OTA. So far I haven't been able to receive their HD feeds. I have no problem with ABC, CBS, and PBS, but NBC and fox are a no-go. I'm currently using an indoor, set top antenna. I'm located in bowling green.

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My Ex's Dad uses over the air, and I think that he gets NBC and FOX, I would try a different antenna... Correct me if I am wrong, but with the Digital signal, it is all or nothing, so a very weak signal won't come in at all.

Try www.antennaweb.org

According to this you should be able to get FOX 36.1 but not 24.1 with a small outdoor antenna... to get 24.1 you would need a "medium" size outdoor. They don't really talk about indoor so your guess is as good as mine.
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My HD experience with Buckeye has been anything but stellar. My first DVR box that I received was defective. It would reboot at random intervals. For example, when I pressed the guide button, bam, reboot. Or if I changed the channel like 5 times.

I had the box replaced and some of the problems went away. I now an unable to get Fox 36 and my HD channels have the tiling effect. Worked great on Super Bowl Sunday though. Go figure. After than, I get the message on Fox "Channel available soon." That has been there for 4 days. Buckeye is coming out tonight to check my line. Will keep ya posted.
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Sorry to hear about your troubles with Buckeye. While I think it's highly unlikely there is the chance that you got two bad boxes. I haven't experienced those issues myself and I have two boxes 6412's in my home. Checking the line to rule that out is probably a good move. Do you have any splitters on the line besides the one Buckeye probably installed at the point of entry? If they tell you your signal is sufficient find out what is the minimum exceptable range and ask the guy for specifics around what your reading was. You might want to call and make sure the service guy coming out has another 6412 on the truck just in case you do need to swap it out again. By the way, I'm assuming you have the 6412 DVR box but the same holds true if you have just the plain vanilla HD box.
Good luck. Technology can be frustrating at times.
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It looks like everything has been solved. We discovered some old 900 Mhz splitters that were in line to the DVR box. There were replaced with some newer signals and the the problem was fixed. Since I have a cable modem with Buckeye, they are going to come back out this week and install and amplifier on my line to boost the signal by 15db. The HD picture rocks.
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Welcome to the forum.
Wait till you see how the DVR changes your viewing habits.
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Thanks for the welcome! The DVR has already changed the way we watch TV. I even have my wife saying "wow" to the HD picture. She is always the skeptic. Like when I tried to explain to her that the cable modem with change here Internet habits. I got the customary "Yeah right". Hehe. I win again!!!
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Is anyone picking up WTOL 11-1 OTA? It has been dead for me for about the last week or so.

I have a call into their Senior Engineer but he hasnt returned my call yet.
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11-1 is coming on for me OTA but it's coming in over it's actual station number 17-1. You may need to do a rescan to pick it up. For some reason they're not sending the virtual channel mapping (whatever it's technically called escapes me now).
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I am a little lost on this topic.
Are you referring to over the air through the 6412, or OTA through another HD receiver?
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My reply was based upon pulling in over the air via a Samsung SIR-T150. I don't think the 6412 has the capability to pull in OTA. Wish it did though.
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Thanks, I get OTA over my Voom stb, but use it so seldom for locals I did not notice anything re: 11.1

A cable\\ota dvr would be great.
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Let me ask you folks with OTA setups a question.
Are you receiving both Toledo and Detroit DTV?
I am set up for OTA only for Toledo with a small stealth antenna not amplified.
I was told it would be useless to try for Detroit since I am pretty much in the middle(Lambertville) and had to choose one direction or the other.

Any thoughts?
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Being in Perrysburg I can get Toledo and Bowling Green on a regular basis but have only on occasion picked up anything from Detroit and I have a roof top double bowtie with a rotator. The occasions I did pick up Detroit were hot and humid summer days when troposheric ducting (short skip) conditions existed. These times were pretty rare for me.
Being further north though I would think you'd have a shot at getting Detroit with an outdoor antenna pointed in that direction.
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buckeye is going to be releasing a phone service called buckeye tel. i have the ability to sign people up before it's publicly released if anyone is interested.
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Do you know the pricing and features? They haven't communicated much publically yet.
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I would be verry interested.
Is Lambertvile, Mi covered?

And of course I would need details.

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Pricing and features are on the web site.
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http://www.buckeyetel.com has pricing info, I also have an entry on my site, http://www.warpedthoughts.com , with information. you can also email me here: jashansen@gmail.com
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Guys... here's the lastest on NBA-HD channel.
See you full time next fall,

Turner Broadcasting System and the National Basketball Association have reached an agreement under which NBA TV's domestic and international channel and commercial integration operations will originate from Turner's Atlanta network operations headquarters.

Through the new arrangement, the NBA will distribute NBA TV in high-definition 24-hours a day beginning fall 2005. Turner's network operations center will manage NBA TV program integration and handle domestic and international distribution. NBA TV programming will continue to be produced at its Secaucus, NJ, facility, which houses all of the NBA's digital media initiatives, including the NBA.com Network of 60 Web sites. NBA TV will also be distributed in standard-definition and international formats.

The arrangement allows Turner to advance its equity stake in NBA TV, and it places NBA TV in an elite group of networks broadcasting full time in high-definition.
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Thanks for the information. Unfortunately they can't go into Michigan yet.
They are still working on the legal stuff.

I'll keep an eye on the web site.

Thanks again,
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Sorry, I will look out as well. I wasn't aware of that.
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I have tried to call WNGT 48, the UPN station wondering if they have any plans on going digital.
All they have is an answering machine and they do not return calls.
I know some of you folks work in the business. Anyone heard of plans for UPN?
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Originally posted by KentStater72
I have tried to call WNGT 48, the UPN station wondering if they have any plans on going digital.
All they have is an answering machine and they do not return calls.
I know some of you folks work in the business. Anyone heard of plans for UPN?

Don't hold your breath.

WNGT is a "Class A" LPTV (low power TV) station. Only recently have LPTV stations been able to convert to digital based on new rules, and so far, only a handful have done so (translators in the Norfolk, VA market). And even then, those stations are only SD digital.

LPTVers are generally run on a much tighter budget, and even though all of 'em will eventually have to convert to digital in the next few years, nothing mandates that they have to do HDTV.

The most likely LPTVers to be first with the digital, then HDTV conversions would be owned by other full-power stations in the market. WNGT-LP seems to be a standalone.

So...not even remotely any time soon.
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Inundated is correct. WNGT is a stand alone operation. It will be a long while before they are digital. They are currently using 3/4 and VHS for program acquisition and playback.
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