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New test/review of DVD-R vs DVD+R  

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I really hesitate to incite what has become a bit of a religious war (at least in other relevant sites), but CDR-info has just completed a comparative review, and I would appreciate any technical (standards based) commentary or elucidation of the known affiliations of the CDR-info team.


They tested two samples each (not as statistically adequate sample, unless the effect is very strong) of eight different media on five different recorders and then tested playback on 27 stand-alone DVD players and 20 DVD-ROM drives. This is, as far as I know, the most comprehensive survey to date, and they chose DVD-R as the clear compatibility winner. Admittedly most of us only need to care what works with our specific gear, but I think this could be a useful asset to this forum

They found DVD-R to be more compatible than DVD+R, which accords with my own experience in the Read-Only sector. As far as I can recall, the FAQs here recommend DVD+RW over DVD-RW in the R/W secotor, but I don't recall there being a clear recommendation for Read Only (which has better cross-platofrom compatibility with DVD payers than Read/Write does)

As I said, I don't want to start a religious war, and I fully respect that the experiences of others may differ, but I value empirical evidence first, theoretical analysis second, and anecdotal experience (which verges on being empirical evidence, but is too subject to details of implementation) third. The article provides the first, but I'd really like the second as well.
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From the beginning of the beginning, I have been all-but sure -R is more compatible than +R. The relatively slow development of +R has further enhanced that belief in my mind. This report all-but cinches it for me.

I have never been intereested in the rewriteable formats, although if I were a camcorder user I guess I might have a different opinion... Still, even in that case, I'd just want my discs to work in my player and in that of my loved ones.
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I myself have found that -R is more compatible, but I also found that some players that will not play -R will play +R. Technically they should be close, because once they are burned they look very similar to a player.
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One member here or at HTF ran a business (legally) duplicating and distributing some kind of training/educational/informational videos.

He had a small amount of returns for either, but he was about six times more likely to get a (otherwise fine) +R disc back than to get a -R disc back as being unplayable on a given DVD player.

Personally, I believe that the "+R" folks have done a very effective job at spreading propaganda that their format is the most compatible with home players.

I own both kinds of burners, and am not biased. I too have found -R to be somewhat more compatible.
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It is not only the "+R/+RW" folks spreading this so called "propaganda". Consumer reports, whatever you may think of them they are completely independent, listed +R and +RW as far and away the most compatible format. I think it was their March issue of this year, my point here isn't that I always agree with Consumer Reports, but I would believe their compatibility statistics with almost 100% certainity, whereas I have no idea about random internet sites like cdrinfo.com Sure, you'll get stories about different people having different success rates with different formats, and I don't think you'll ever be able to get everyone to agree on one format. In my experience +R and +RW have worked much better for me and my family. And, I personally like the fact that with the +R and +RW formats that the disc picture menu travels with the disc and is visible on any player.
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Never rely on Consumer Reports for electronics ratings. They're more often off the mark than on. Info from these forums & a/v magazines are far more reliable.
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Originally posted by Brajesh
Never rely on Consumer Reports for electronics ratings. They're more often off the mark than on. Info from these forums & a/v magazines are far more reliable.
Depending on the on the sample size and the brands tested, you can get totally different results. It really comes down to this, with newer DVD players, the -R and +R playability will be about the same. However, since -R has been around longer than +R, more older players seem to play -R.
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I agree that Consumer Reports may not be the best place to get user ratings on AV electronics. I once looked at their Hi-Fi VCR reports and found them off the mark.
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I would not put too much stock in the cdrinfo.com study. The study did not use the bitsetting function that is available with DVD+R. If the settings were to have been changed, the compatibility would go way up.
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Just to clarify, I don't agree with CR's ratings of products, especially electronics, but I do believe their indivdual tests. Either way, here is another interesting link on the - and + debate.

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