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Early last week I lost the local stations HD broadcast. I called Comcast and they said they've got quite a few call about this and would get back to me. Over the weekend I called back, this time they knew of no problems. I rescanned and two of my three TV's found 11.1, 4.1 (moved back from 106.something) and 2.1.. One of my TV just can't seem to get anything below 11.3..

Now for even more strangeness, my TIVO with cable card has no signal for all of the local HD channels except for 53? I've setup the TIVO and rescanned the cable card but no luck. The local stations are still missing. All other channels including HBO are fine.

And I'm not sure if this is related but one of the TVs (without additional hardware) kept resetting during channel scan on channel 11 - coincidence? After multiple tries and resetting to factory mode it finally picked them up. But very weird.

I'm in Ross is anyone else having similar problems with a Digital tuner in a TV or Cablecard?
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Yep. I'm in Ross also. I have two TiVos with cablecards. Last Thursday one of them lost all the local HD channels, except 53. The other TiVo is just fine. I tried all the usual repairs for it, including re-pairing and re-authorizing the cablecards, but no help. They sent a guy out to fix it with no luck. He said that last Thursday they changed the transmission frequency for the HD versions of 2-4-11-13 and it has caused some problems. He gave me the phone number for his boss to call him today, but I lost the number. Guess I'll just call them tomorrow and see what's up.
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JRM01, I'm curious to hear how your call goes with Comcast. Please PM me or post when you know more. Are both of your TIVO's and Cable cards the same? I have a Series 3 TIVO with only one cable card (one of the early cards). Strange that one can receive the local HD channels but the other one can't. This is making me rethink about getting FIOS or just pulling the plug and going all IP based content.

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Both of mine are Series 4, one the basic unit and one the Premier XL4. The Premier is fine, but the basic one has lost those channels. I talked at length with the repairman and suggested that they may have messed up the PSIP data on the changeover, but he said that only some are having the problem. I had him check my two boxes and he found that they appeared to be on different servers. So they were going to try and isolate the problem.

I'll let you know.
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my clear QAM tuner failed to record Big bang theory (thurs night its on i think). Then on sat. i re-scanned, found ch 11 HD so i could record SNL, and I think all the locals are there. SNL recorded fine. (ross/west view area also)
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After several phone calls I checked and still had the problem at 11 p.m. last night. I decided to call again today. The rep decided to re-pair the cards and viola it worked. All channels are now fine. My guess is that they fixed the head end problem last night and I needed the re-pairing to activate it. Whatever, it now works.
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Apparently at 5:47 AM this morning (6-12-13), KDKA CBS 2 has developed the same disease its sister station (WPCW CW 19) had a while back. Everything is "jagged" looking. Hopefully, it doesn't take the engineers at the main channel as long as it took to fix WPCW. It was that way for months before they finally fixed it.
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Since the Ohio service is an off-shoot of this, I figured I would post that as of today Comcast has encrypted all their service to this area.
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Does anyone see fluctuating brightness with some hd channels? For example, when going from light to dark scenes in the walking dead, there's a brightness flicker. I see it in premium channel shows as well. Last night, SNL was really bad.

I have a TiVo romaio with cable card.

I don't see these issues with bluray, so I don't think it's the tv.


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well, if comcast imposes a $1.50 surcharge for over the air tv channels, its time to cut the cord and put up an antenna for free TV !
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It seems the X1 service is available now in Pittsburgh? Has anyone upgraded?
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X1 is available in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately I have not seen it yet.

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