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Were you able to tune KSTC? If so, what channel is it on? Thanks
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KSTC 45TV is still on 5.2 in Plymouth after the rescan.
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No clear QAM channels here in Burnsville mad.gif only a few fuzzy local analogs rolleyes.gif
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FYI - There is a problem with TPT Life 2.3 in Plymouth after the Comcast changes last night. This channel was broadcast in 1080i HD but it's now back to 480i SD. Other areas in the metro are still 1080i HD on 2.3, so something is wrong with the TPT Life re-transmission. I will try to open a repair ticket with tech support and have it fixed ASAP.
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all QAM lifeline here in Shakopee. Just scanned again

Interesting that RF12 has 5-1, 9-1 & 5-5 (Livewell...5-7 for the OTA folks)
Highest channel now is 91-11 TBN. Use to be tons of channels in the 90's and 100's before

oh and 2-3 is 1080i here

no CNN HD but the other cable stations are in HD..
are all in HD
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Here’s a quick update on TPT Life 2.3 in Plymouth being downgraded to 480i SD last week. After numerous attempts to open a trouble ticket with the local engineering group, Comcast tech support claims they can't (or won’t) submit a ticket on TV service that doesn't utilize a cable box or adapter since Clear QAM is being phased out in all markets by the end of this year. One rep I spoke with today also claims to have communicated directly with engineering staff in the Twin Cities area who said the 2.3 downgrade to 480i SD was intentional as part of the ongoing “digital enhancements”. So at this point, Comcast is basically refusing to assist any Basic Tier TV customers that are not using Comcast provided equipment.

The only thing that makes a little sense is that 2.3 TPT Life (KTCI) was never offered in HD to full tier customers (just 480i SD on Ch 13 or 17), so transmitting the channel in 1080i HD was something only available with a Clear QAM tuner.

It's a sad state of affairs in Comcast territory!
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Just had our new bill and as of July 23 we get some new HD channels in the SW Suburbs (which includes Richfield where we are)

CSPAN HD on 912
Indieplex HD on 931
Ovation 935
Retroplex 932
Sportsman 914
Smithsonian 918
Disney Junior 929
and Coooking Channel HD on 933
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For anyone interested, it also looks like (at least in the western burbs) that we are going to be getting FXX (which is replacing Fox Soccer) as part of the Digital Starter Package, as well as Fox Sports 1 (replacing Speed) as part of the Digital Starter Package. AMC is also moving to the digital starter package, and it looks like they added Fuel as well, which is rumored to become Fox Sports 2.

I wonder how much of a rate increase we will have this year?

It also looks like SoapNet is finally dying at the end of July, and they are dropping a few Showtime channels.
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That's good news about FXX, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2. I was hoping that they would be widely available at launch.
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Now that most Football (English) has gone to NBC Sports I am o.k. Watching all the games in HD will be awesome. I just wish fox had left Fox Soccer alone too instead of converting it to FXX and moving the football to Fox Sports 1.
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FYI saw on the Movies! site it will be on Comcast starting July 30th

Comcast 221 - launches July 30
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Originally Posted by rej4sl View Post

Now that most Football (English) has gone to NBC Sports I am o.k. Watching all the games in HD will be awesome. I just wish fox had left Fox Soccer alone too instead of converting it to FXX and moving the football to Fox Sports 1.

To be honest there's little reason why to keep running Fox Soccer. All they really have left at this point is UEFA Champions League, CONCACAF, and the Gold Cup to my knowledge so might as well just move it over to Fox Sports 1 at this point.
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TPT Life 2.3 is once again 1080i HD after a rescan (Clear QAM) and it's now available in HD for the first time with cable box / card on channel 800.
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Anyone know if the X1 box is available yet in the west burbs - ie minnetonka?
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Finally we get TPT Life in HD .... channel 800 in the SWBurbs
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Two more Clear QAM HD channels appeared in Plymouth after a rescan this week; CSPAN HD on 19.1 and TVGN HD on 19.2
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X1 now available is the Twin Cities, if you haven't seen it elsewhere.

But only if you have Triple Play.
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So what's the deal with the X1, The news article from the Star and Trib said there is no additional charge. What exactly does that mean? No additional charge from the cost of a DVR, or HD box?
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I just called and got an appointment to upgrade from our old box to X1 next Wednesday. The only charge she quoted was a $25 installation fee. It is part of our package smile.gif

We are in Richfield, and classed as the SWburbs if that helps. But if you call you have to selection Option 3 and speak to the upgrade department. It took ages to get to the right place.
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I'll have to give them a call. I'm in Bloomington so I'll post what happens.
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REAL nice!! I am on hold trying to schedule an appointment to get X1.

"Your estimated hold time is 1 hour and 30 minutes".

Finally got an appointment for Saturday morning.
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Yup Hold times are atrocious and have been for a while. Minimum hold time I have heard was 20-30 minutes. I was lucky I got a call back after 22 minutes. Today I just called the appointment line to check something and it was instantaneous. It must be the upgrade line with a problem as everyone wants the new boxes.
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Hey - I just found this site. I've been using Comcast QAM with a couple tuners on my PC for a few years now. Only recently had issues. I'm in the Blaine area.

I'm really only interested in the network channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW and ION specifically), but Comcast keeps changing something and I don't know a ton about this.

Currently, when I run AverMediaCenter (which came with my tuners) it finds all the channels easily. e.g. 4.1=CBS, 5.1=ABC, 11.1=NBC, etc

When I'm in WMC, I try to add these channels manually (CBS 4.1 @ QAM256) but it doesn't find a signal. However, I can add CBS as 79.1 @ QAM256 in WMC even though 79.1 doesn't show up in my AverMediaCenter software.

How can I find these channels in WMC? I'd appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
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Thank god after 2 years with Directv we are switching back to Comcast! Directv always went out during snowstorms and thunderstorms not to mention their recievers were crap! Come Monday its back to Comcast and again all I can say is THANK GOD!!!! biggrin.gif
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Well today was a bit of a disaster. Tech could not install X1 box said our contract had given us an outdated plan ? And to cancel it and pay penalties ? We have only just renewed our term so that is a NO NO. Called numerous people and got more and more frustrated until someone admitted they had put the wrong codes on the order. Whatever that meant. And it was now to late for the tech to come out to day and then next slot was August 13. Well I went like a naughty school kid, and kept saying NO every time they said it. In the end they said they would put a request to tier 2 dispatch and to accept the August 13 date. Later in the evening dispatch big wig called with appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully all is well this time.
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Today it got installed. The tech today was amazing. He told us in detail about what was happening. And boy was it a long process. He said initial set up can take 30-40 minutes to authenticate the box. Everything is working o.k. now. It will take us a while to get used to it but it looks fantastic and so easy to use. Only things are we miss the skip a day in the guide and ca'n't find a way to set a reminder. hmm.
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Wonder if and when there will be an option for self install for X1. Do they need to add any additional equipment besides the box itself? Seems ridiculous a truck roll is necessary for this...
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Our tech added something outside about the xize of a cigarette lighter - no idea what it was. That was the only thing beside the box he installed. But he had to get authentication codes sent to the box and also a refresh to the box to get all the services working.
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My install went fine on Saturday morning. It was the installers first X1 install. I can see why there is a truck roll. There is a certain amount of work on each box to get them configured properly in synched up. The install took about 40 minutes for two boxes. He installed a new cable splitter in my wiring box.

So far I am happy. Yes, the new interface is completely different -- it will take a little while to adjust.
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Yup it is taking a while to get adjusted. Some things are not obvious at first. I could not find the live button - and found out it takes two clicks of the down arrow button to get a new kind of bar with different functions on including live. I love the mini guide button and the ability to right arrow and get the channel lineup while seeing the tv on the left. So much quicker to find shows than using the main guide when there is no day forward function. We are really loving exploring it.
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