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Markito- how did it go? I'm scheduled for Friday evening. What cables did they supply, and are they quality or crap? I'm assuming they're not going to be supplying a digital audio cable?
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I had my install on Monday. They did supply component cables that look good, but not audio. In my case the component cable that they supplied was bad so I replaced it to get HD cable working. Depending on your installer be ready to do much of the work yourself. My installer was clueless on HDTV. He left it working with S-Video only.
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He arrived at 10am this morning. He was a very nice guy, but this was his first HD install and he was quite nervous. Plus I think he was rather intimidated by my 12-foot diagonal projector screen and receiver. He admitted that he and the other installers were brand new to HDTV and really were very clueless about the whole thing.

He came and installed the Motorola 5100 box... o.k., I installed it. Plugging the stuff in was easy, now I just have to check signal output on the 5100 and change it to the ideal setting for my Panny PT-L300U front projector.

He came with the Moto 5100 cable box and two generic looking (off-white) component cables (one long, one short). I needed the short one, so that's what we used. I asked him if he could leave the long one too, he called into his office and they said no, so I said no biggie. For audio the component cable actually has a set of red and white composite audio cables attached to it, but since the 5100 has an optical audio out, I used one of my Toslink cables to connect audio to my receiver.

HBOHD looked great. Most of the other of the handful of HD channels were running non-HD content at the time, so I couldn't enjoy them at the time. But it was nice to compare the clarity of HBOHD with the less crisp standard channels.

The installer seemed relieved that I did the install and that all went well. He said that he had several more HD installs today and was worried that it wouldn't go as smoothly. His buddy/co-installer on the other end of his cell phone was having troubles at some other location. He was a very nice fella and I felt sorry for him that he didn't get enough training and was just thrown out there.

Anyway, life is good!
Thanks for your interest DaveMN.
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Must... wait.... until.... Friday....

Thanks for the info. I just got my Zektor component switcher today. All I need now are a couple of toslink cables, and I should be ready for my installation Friday. One thing I won't have to worry about is the installer being intimidated by my system!
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I have a general question about Comcast's HDTV programming, and since I live near the Twin Cities I'll ask it in this thread:

Is the HD version of a channel a different channel (number) from the SD version? For example, KARE-11 has an HD signal and also SD. Are they two different channels, or is it just one, and when it's an HD program (like "The Tonight Show") you'll get the HD signal, and when it's a SD program (like the news) you'll get an SD signal?

My family gets confused enough with all the buttons to press for analog cable, the VCR, and DVD. Having two channel-11's may be too much.

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They are indeed different channels.

NBC(SD) is 11 and NBCHD is something like 112.

Incidentally, everybody check out channel 174 it is a visually stunning loop of stuff for INHD (whatever that is). It took my breath away. I think the loop runs 24/7, but it said that from 7-11pm every night they will have a preview of the real programming that is supposed to launch on Sept. 15th.

I just stumbled across the channel and boy am I glad I did. It is perfect for demonstrating how beautiful HDTV can be.
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Incidentally, I learned from a Moto 5100 FAQ on the web that the way to get at the service menu to change the output is to...

Turn the 5100 off and then press the menu button on the remote. Then after making changes, just press the menu button again and turn the box back on. Pretty sneaky.

Thought y'all should know.
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Here's some more info on INHD:

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By the way, I know in most markets there is a PBS HD video loop with beautiful HD images. Does anyone know if we have access to it in Saint Paul (via Comcast)?
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I got my HDTV box setup and installed yesterday. The installer was very nice and seemed to understand how to get everything setup. They even supplied a set of component video and analog audio cables of very good quality it appears - Nice!

I ran my component video out into my projector and fed the composite and S-Video out through my receiver into a 27" TV. I figured the S-Video would be better than the composite when watching SD material on the TV, however there is a severe redness to the picture using the S-Video but not when using the composite. Anyone else having this experience or know how to fix it? I would prefer to use the S-Video output, but if it's going to have this red-push to it then the composite will have to do.


By the way, ESPNHD, HBOHD, and INHD look fabulous. Should I change my box setup to 720p from 1080i when watching ESPNHD? I have it set at 1080i now and it looks great, but I'm wondering if it would be best to manually switch it to 720p when watching ESPNHD. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Originally posted by berg0449
I had my install on Monday. They did supply component cables that look good, but not audio. In my case the component cable that they supplied was bad so I replaced it to get HD cable working. Depending on your installer be ready to do much of the work yourself. My installer was clueless on HDTV. He left it working with S-Video only.

Unfortunately it happens down here in Florida also. I work for a local A/V company and the local cable service calls us on the customers phone (if we sold them the Tv) to find out where to hook up their component cables. Its good that we can work with them instead of fight with them.
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In case it hasn't been listed lately, here is the current local Comcast HD channel line up...

112 KARE (NBC)

114 KMSP (FOX)

173 ESPN

174 INHD (Not officially listed by Comcast. Beautiful loop of HD vid. clips until it launches on Sept. 15th)

551 (HBO)

576 (SHO)

If you know of any others, please add to the list. Oh, and I am still wondering if there is a pbsHD channel anywhere.
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Oh, and by the way, I still get a 2-3 inch band of black across the top and bottom of my 16:9 screen while watching HDTV via Comcast. I heard that this is to be expected. Does everyone else have that too?
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Huh? Do you have links to discussions on the black bars? Is this a limitation because of the aspect ratio of the source material, or is this Comcast altering the aspect ratio?

Why does everything HDTV-related have to be 2 steps forward and one step back?
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I believe it is the picture sent. I watched OC a few days ago and that picture filled the screen. Most TV I have watched otherwise does not.
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I got my Comcast installed last night. The installer actually seemed to know what he was doing. I asked him if he had done many HD installs and he said he hadn't. Turns out he was a repair tech that was called in to do installs because of all the HD business. Activation of the 5100 took a call into the office and a trip through the service menu but all of a sudden it blinked on and worked.

He brought a long component cable that looked of good quality - I asked him if I could have it even though I was using my own, he said sure. The optical out was plugged so I used the digital coax and it seems to work fine. Picture looks great on the HD channels. I didn't have a chance to compare Leno to my OTA T151 but I will tonight. HBO had a couple movies on last night that looked great and the INHD loop was also impressive. I just hope Comcast gets the rest of the locals and HDNET soon, I would like to ebay my Samsung 151.
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Re you sure that the optical out is plugged on your 5100? I think it is just the hinged doggy door on it. Just push in on it. My optical out works beautifully.

I stayed up until 3am last night because I couldn't tear myself away from my new HDTV signal.

I watched Leno and was amazed by the crisp, clarity and rich colors. I won't say that it looked almost 3D, but it did have great depth to it. And this was all on my 12-foot diagonal projector screen, so you know it is clear and crisp if it can be beamed 15 feet across a room and stretched that much and still look to die for.

Then I watched a few movies on HBOHD.

ESPNHD's aspect ratio looked stretched, so I think I may have to change the "override" output setting to 720.

Man I love having HDTV.
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Yeah it's possible that the optical is just plugged I didn't try it. My receiver recommends digital coax over optical so I am going to stay with that for now.

I asked about the DVI port being active but the installer said he didn't know. I have a digital projector here at work that I bring home sometimes - would love to try it with HD.

I am planning on watching some HBO movies tonight. ESPN-HD is definately stetched and I can't override it with my TV - annoying. Is this how ESPN-HD shows all their upconverted events??? I will have to figure something out because the quality is still better then regular ESPN.
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ESPN-HD conveniently adds the stretch to its SD content. They say that their customers prefer it. Read the last question at http://espn.go.com/espnhd/ask_expert.html
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Well it's nice of them to make that decision for us...... Just like those local station that likes to add the black bars to SD content and ruin our screens with burn in...
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I was re-wiring last night and ran out of digital coax cable - ended up using a optical cable I bought for my CD player back when they were like $80. Tried it on the 5100 and just like you mentioned there was a doggie dog and it worked great.

Anyone know if the DVI port works?
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I heard a rumor that it doesn't, but give it a try.
My projector's DVI port isn't HDCP compliant, so it can't do HDTV via DVI, only component. But I'm fine with that because I am using the projector's DVI port for my DVD player and we will be watching more DVDs than watching the tiny handful of HDTV channels for now.
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klaus, I'm glad that the optical worked out for you.
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Klaus, if you're interested in selling that T151, I'd be happy to buy it. I'm local, you could save yourself the headache of shipping, etc. Unfortunately I'm stuck on Charter cable, and their lineup of HDTV broadcasts consists of HBO and Showtime? Anyway, e-mail me mike@fastec.com if you're interested in selling it.


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I still need it for Monday night football

But as soon as Comcast gets all the HD locals added I will hit you with an email.
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Wow - true HD content looks fabulous! InHD's preview loops are just stunning! Can't wait for the Vikings game on Sunday night!

I have found that all my non-HD channels look much better through my s-video connection than through the component connection. Has anyone else had that experience?

And okay, here's probably a dumb question... How do I change the output format from the box? I can get into the diagnostic menu (by shutting off the power and pressing OK) to see the user setting status, which reflects that output is currently set to 1080i with the 4:3 override set to 480p. But I can't figure out how to manually change the settings. The setup menu doesn't seem to have any of those options. Can someone tell me how to change those settings?
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There's a detailed FAQ on the Motorola box at:

See if it helps you out. (I get mine tonight)
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Thanks, Dave! For anyone else who doesn't already know, you access that menu by turning the box off and then pressing menu.

Good luck with your install tonight, Dave!
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Originally posted by cielo
the 4:3 override set to 480p.

Is that what we are supposed to set the "Override" at?

Dave, I'm very excited for you.

Earlier today I watched the beginning of "Across Enemy Lines" (I think it's called that) on HBOHD and it looked fabulous and the 5.1 surround sound kicked butt with the jetfighters zooming by!
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Markito, I assume that 480p is a better override setting than 480i. The disadvantage is that the menu and guide won't show up when you're on any input other than the component input. I also use the s-video input because the non-hd channels (especially the analog ones) look like crap through the component input. I think the only way to get the menu and guide to display on other inputs is to set the override to "off."
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