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I have a collection of PAL format DV tapes and an NTSC Sony DCR-TRV20 camcorder. The Sony camcorder (and all Sony DV camcorders near as I can tell) plays PAL tapes in color on it's LCD display. The problem is that it outputs a bizzare video signal when doing so - PAL's 25 frames per second, but with NTSC color encoding. So, pure NTSC sets like my crappy old Fisher monitor in the bedroom display it fine (after I've fiddled with the vertical hold). But my Sony PVM-1944Q multi-standard monitor cannot figure out what this signal is supposed to be.

But the main problem is this: DTV, running in my HTPC on a WinTV card cannot figure it out either! I've tried every standard, and none of them can produce a full-color signal.

Are there undocumented INI type settings to DTV that would let me force one frame rate and another color encoding?

Is it possible to read the FireWire stream in real time and convert the real PAL DV stream to a full-screen display?

Is this a common enough (or interesting enough) problem that DTV developers would like to figure out a solution?

This is very important to me, as my projector is multi-standard and my video input card is multi-standard. So I have no way of viewing these tapes in my theater. Please help.