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My apologies for the lack of timeliness here. Just got around to the ATI player after straightening out the Radeon custom resolution issues last weekend.

First, I installed the player from the driver installation disk, then updated to the downloaded version Aside from the weird image size, which can be corrected with either DVDGenie or YxY, DVDs play fine. The problem is that when I click the menu item "setup," it always causes a "This program has performed an illegal operation" error. Has anyone else seen this or know how to fix it? The Dvd.dll file says version 7.1.017, the Radeon driver is 7093, and the OS is W98SE, if that is relevant.

Curiously, Cinemaster plays perfectly and now looks and sounds better than ever, probably because the ATI software installed a new engine or because of the Radeon card. Also, it was necessary to delete the atitvo32.dll (macrovision) file to get either player to work.