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Delta DiO 2496 and WinME sounds  

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Is anyone able to get the DiO card to reproduce all of the Windows media sounds? I only get the sounds occasionally, usually when one sound is followed immediately by a second sound, I will hear the second (but not the first sound).

Like the windows.wave, I never hear that when starting my computer. Nor the "You've got Mail" sound.

Help! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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I have both a DCPro 24/96 and an Audiophile 24/96 and both of them play windows sound without any problems. If you are using WinME or 98, try this:

Open Windows Sound Recorder
go to Files.properties
Choose All Formats in the drop down box
Click on Convert Now button
Choose CD quality (PCM 44.100 Hz 16 Bit stereo)
Click OK to finish
Close application
Re-boot and see what happens

Good luck

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Renura, this helped a little, but not much. I performed the steps you detail above, and what varied is that Windows Recorder would not let me exit without saving my changes as a .wav file. ???

Anyhow, it did help a little... but there is still a delay. Such as:

Instead of the wav "You've got Mail!"... all I get is "...Mail!". The beginning of all wav files is cut off!

Can anyone help? My receiver is an harmon/kardon AVR-65 if that will help, and I am using the fiber optic connection.

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If your HK receiver has "auto format detection" then the receiver could be the problem. We receiver manufacturers are caught between a rock and a hard place. It takes some time to identify the incoming data stream and to select the correct decoder. If we err on one side, we cut off the first sounds. If we err on the other, the user is bombarded by what could well be full output white noise.

Understandbly, most of us choose to err on the quiet side.

Jeff Hipps
Sherwood America
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Ahh, Sherwood... that name brings back memories from my Car Audio freak days of years ago! I still remember the car that got me really started, it had a pair of Rockford Fosgate "Punch" 12's in a ported box, being run by a Sherwood amp. It was LOUD! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Thanks, Jeff. I had considered that my amp could be part of the problem... I sure wish it weren't though.

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Yup, my Marantz AV9000 has a delay before it recognizes the format. The first place I noticed this was on Toy Story 2. When the main menu screen displays there's a second or two of white noise "static" as the old fashioned TV starts up. Using an old Dolby Pro Logic preamp being fed analog signals, I hear the static just fine. When I play through my Marantz feeding it S/PDIF, the preamp doesn't kick in until after the static has played.

I discovered this with a standalone Toshiba DVD player. Same thing happens with my new HTPC.

Tom L.
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