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HTPC -- final display device CRT or projector  

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Hey guys!

Newbie here. I spent a few hours last night and tonight reading the various forums here. Even read the FAQ! I am intruiged by the idea of taking advantage of the way computers can decode DVDs.

I was wondering whether most people or what proportion are watching DVDs from their HTPCs on
1) standard-def TV
2) high-def TV
3) data-grade projector (thru VGA monitor connector).

Also, how far are most people's TVs/Projectors from their HTPCs? I would think having loooong Y/C or VGA cables would reduce quality.


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I'm using a HTPC with a data grade projector. A high quality cable from bettercables.com or custom calbles.com wont deteriorate the signal much if at all. A RPTV doesn't make much sense because the the HTPC can put out vertical refresh rates greater then 60 which these TV's can't handle.
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4) Presentation Monitor
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The minimum data grade Sony 1031 projector. More than 15 meters from the pc to the projector. No problems whatsoever.

See my post own htpc in the making" for more infos
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Electrohome Marquee 9500LC with my HTPC (DVD and scaling using dTV)...


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Hi Gabe:

___An HTPC to a SDTV does not make much sense today. A simple $125.00 STB DVD player could probably do a better job. Once you hit HD though, than the HTPC is the current “King of the Hillâ€. HD RPTV’s can be used but their disadvantages are numerous when compared to a HD FP. For which HD FP you may want to consider, you can begin your search in both the CRT Projector forum and the DLP, LCD, or DILA Projectors forum. You will have a ton of reading ahead of you but in the end, I believe you will very satisfied with both the results and the sense of accomplishment with this solution.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
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New E-Mail address for the time being ... waynegerdes@earthlink.net
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